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  1. Why dont you post this in the backer beta forum? Did you pirate the game also or what? I just feel like this is..... .... like whatever ..
  2. I dont understand much and Im pretty sure that its because there was nothing said at all.
  3. Not neccessarily. Elder scrolls is just a horrible execution of this. Give me salary like lead designer of Obsidian and I will give you a system that works .
  4. Terrible thats your judgement and do you even have any basis to go by? In which game have you experienced this and felt it was bad? If it works in Pnp, I dont see why it wouldnt work in crpg. That would only be if it was very very exaggerated. The fact that your class is weak at any given point does not mean you dont need to overcome challenges. Its the overcoming challenges thats interesting to me, not feeling powerful. So you agree with me, we just dont neccessarily agree on the strength of this difference. Where shall we put it on the very same scale of 100 to 0? If we put it at around 80, it means in early game wizard is 80% as strong as warrior and lategame is the opposite. Thats where I would put it. Thats probably sort of where it was in Icewind dales and that worked well. Personally I would go more like 60-40 or 50-50 if I was making a game. Yes it is. Sucking does not mean the game is not fun, in fact, quite the opposite. Sometimes the game is harder, other times easier, thats great fun in my opinion. The way you seem to see it is "sometimes, the game is less fun and other times more fun". I dont agree that being powerful is equal to having fun (or the game being easy equal to having fun). This is where it comes down to pure opinion I suppose. You like to feel powerful, I dont so I dont agree, probably? Im not sure. But what needs to be seperated is two things: 1. The wizard needs to be of different power levels in different parts of the progression of the game than the warrior. This has two answers: yes and no. I say yes. 2. How much they would differ in this regard. This has infinite answers and further negotiations are needed to determine how much we agree on this (or not).
  5. Thats what I thought was a reference to the blurriness, but I understand now it wasnt. The artsyle is indeed cheap.The background would need alot, lot more detail. As for detail I like the following maps as inspiration: Not sure what the green means by itself, but the whole point is probably that the "area statue" (aka the locations) placed on top looks unnatural because the locations and the background look very different in style, so they dont naturally fit together very well. I agree with this criticism, but I think the map still fills its purpose of being a functional way to grasp the piece of land that is the gameworld. So while it could be better, its alright. It would be better if the whole thing was simple painted by the same artist, but the locations were still made subtly distinct in some way and brought forth, made slightly bigger, exaggerated compared to the rest of the map. This is sort of what I mean: I also think the map is very important because it gives you an overview of everything that has happened, is happening and will happen in the game, ever, in a certain way. So if the map is well done it means you can be at peace because you can feel you are in control of the game!
  6. Ookay sorry about that, another misunderstanding on my part.
  7. Okay, thanks and thanks for letting me know of this as well. I apologize to grumpymoose once more for portraying him as unable to defend himself.
  8. So when you disarm a trap, you do not recieve experience for your character, but lore? How do you recieve lore? What does it mean? What lore?
  9. Then you dont do the quest. Or you pretend yuor character has some side motive for doing the quest and is really upset that he has to do it, but does it anyway. One of the options of roleplaying in this situation is that if the character does not want to do the quest, he just goes back to menial jobs instead of adventuring, Which means you quit the game and play another character or just do something else and leave the computer. If the game does not give you enough options t realize the roleplaying of your character well, the game is at fault, not you or your characters you made up.
  10. Possible. But I will continue to do so, if I feel there is a need to, for preventative purposes or to overcompensate.
  11. That's not what the thread was started for, so let's not. Also, it could be in the sequel / expansion. Yeah but this is poe forum, not poe sequal / expansion forum. And predicted future with the help of a crystal ball is not a good basis for discussion in my opinion. I can predict that poe sequel is going to take place directly in our brains without the help of computers or our senses, is it worthwhile to discuss the implications of that too? /thread So what was it made for?
  12. QFT. Not every developer has to bend over to you OP, you are not the only person in the world playing RPGs. Also Boohoo its too hard - you can take things into your own hands and just learn to play you know? And if this game is still too complex to your liking, you are obviously not really interested in it in the first place. That is the truth. And dont worry, I still love you and we all love you OP.
  13. Yes, totally. Thats great because its very immersion enabling. And thats wonderful too, even if there isnt any actual variety in story paths in gameplay. Although that would be even better, on top of that.
  14. In Deus ex perhaps you are apart of telling the story, in BG1 and IWD1/2, totally no.
  15. Immersion #1. If the world is not believable then I do not believe I am playing anything other than some 1s and 0s (because I know that so well at all times that I am), my two feet are on the ground so well. Narrative is probably the biggest thing creating immersion (setting = story) so its important. Good. Ive never played an Obsidian game before but that makes me look forward to PoE even more, ty. Also, momomomorpegers .
  16. Wizard = weak early, strong late Warrior = opposite Thats called variety/depht. Not every class or any game element have to be the same in any concievable way at all. In fact its best if they are different to some degree in all concievable ways.
  17. Yeah but unless you are speaking from practice, telling us we need y to achieve x is really ****ing useless. Everyone can find their own way to achieve x through y or through z or whatever and you just dont ****ing know that x through y is THE ONLY way as you both claim. You dont know that.
  18. The question is not whether we want to play nonlinear games or not (we do), but how to implement this nonlinearity to achieve the most nonlinearity as is possible. I think though we always need to be looking to do things better and not be shy to go with innovation to achieve this. Hello, welcome and I love you! But how do you propose to know this - have you done game design and writing in practice yourself?
  19. Yeah but you dont need good quality graphics to not have artifacts.
  20. So...purchase it. I think Haavok wants confirmation that what happened for the Wasteland 2 physical release won't happen with PoE's. It definitely will happen. No problem.
  21. Regarding walking animations, they are obviously far better in toremtn but I honestly dont care too much. Yeah. Graphics make almost no difference as long as they portray what is in the game functionally.
  22. IWD 2 and lesser degree 1 Reason is: *Immersive story *Snow *Character building gameplay (2 only)
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