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  1. What kind of special needs does OP have that he cant access games? I mean specifically. Because lets be ****ing honest here, this thread has basically nothing to do with pillars because OP finds almost all games inaccesible. Therefore this thread is 5% about Pillars and 95% about OP being handicapped. And dont get offended OP, I love you and we all love you, but its the truth (if you claim so?). So Pillars is not responsible if you will find it inaccessible. He ddint even say how Pillars is inaccessible and thats because he cant, he hasnt played it. Neither have most of us I suppose. If we were talking concretely about how to make pillars more accessible, we'd have something to talk about, but since we dont, we need to wait till the game is released. Since accessibility by itself is indeed a good thing. On the other hand sacrificing depth for accessibility is almost always pretty horrible, especially since it is never really neccessary. But I mean just crying that Pillars is inaccessible before you even played it...wow. if Pillars is going to be more accessible than BG or IWD2 too, which is likely, dear lord thats simple, for me at least. So basically OP, learn to take other people itno account. Just because you would find Pillars inaccessible doesnt mean everyone else would find it enjoyable to play a hatchet jobbed Pillars.
  2. Lets talk about concrete ****. Did you play ifninity and find it inaccessible? What RPGs did you play that you found inaccessible? Because may be the backer beta players know if Pillars is complex, we dont know.
  3. Did I say that really ? But if you consider I am ordering the devs to do things, when in fact I'm just pointing a potentiel problem, I'm giving up, I can't help you understand english. Yeah you implied that and still are. Your second sentence is you protecting yourself over it. Means you have reason to protect yourself, which means it was true.
  4. No there isnt actually any fundamental difference at all. Its fundamentally the exact same thing, just different position on the scale. So again we are at this, where do you want the position to be on the scale? I understand 10-90 is too much. How much is good for you?
  5. I didnt call anything at all. You are the one who is calling and who still feels the devs have to do what you want them to do.
  6. Nice post high fiiiive! Translation: I am worried about the quests
  7. Havent ever seen that, but thats fine too. Not optimal, but fine. In fact I think its wonderful if this has already been done before, those guys knew what they were doing. Who were they?
  8. What the hell is wrong with that? I want to compensate for the poor wizard because he has special talents and can be useful in some situations (you know sometimes you cant get past a point at all without some certain talents) and will be the core of my damage in late game. Having him in my party is worth it and I dont care if I have to take care of him at some points. I mean you have to take care of a wizard either way to keep him from getting raped in melee, for example. If we play online, you can be the wizard in my party so at least you dont have to compensate for others if you hate that so much.
  9. They dont care and they cant do it, they got like 300 000 left and the combat needs fixing alot.
  10. Soccer is a game with strict rules, infinity is not. Theres tons of possibilities to help you. If you have a party of 6, it doesnt matter that one character is slightly weaker or stronger early game and another is the opposite. No I dont want to feel powerful. Healing 1hp per year is just not worth my time, its not about power. Lephys we are talking pure theory. Who even said that when you do what we talking about the game will become impossible or hard? I am not even talking about a specific game at all, the game doesnt exist and you have no idea whether it would be hard or not. And those extreme examples...what are they useful for? I brought you an 80-20 example, I dont get where you are coming from. Do yuo even speak about the same thing I am talking about? Feels like you want to subject the game to socialism, forcing everyone to be equal.
  11. It takes more effort to make a detailed map and therefore more money for the artist.
  12. That's only two letters away from "thinking". Close enough for me. No its not. Everything he wrote is pure delusion. At least he admits he was drinking, but honestly I would have preferred he start with saying that. If you guys are so depressed and anxious to not be able to think well without alcohol, do something good with your health not bury it with symptomatic remedies like alcohol. And it shows, once again, what sort of content this thread attracts.
  13. Its cheap because the artist that painted it did not spend extra effort to work out every detail and bring it all together, he just sketched some pretty random scenery.
  14. Yeah I am talking about it too here. And I think the thread has been **** and is cotinuing being **** so either way it isnt working. You dont solve a problem by containing it. You solve it by working your way to the core issue and doing something with it which is what I am doing now and here.
  15. No, I love you, as a fellow human being. Btw thanks.
  16. You know that calling out trolls is trolling right? Except you are not brave enough to even admit it? And you blame others for doing something that they are not doing, but instead you are doing? Thats pretty horrible. You have no idea what the OP expected or did not expect. You also do not known if it took the OP bravery or not. Bye the way, I love you.
  17. And he played for 32 hours, great value for money!
  18. I agree with this, but on the other hand I enjoyed a game called Tactical Ops despite it not having dynamic gameplay.
  19. Im trying to say I dont really give a **** about graphics as long as they represent whats happening in the game well enough to keep me occupied with its gameplay. What that means in practice is meaningless because everyone has their own level and opinion regarding what is needed to do that and I believe they just go by that and the end. Peace.
  20. Cant be done, the end. Thread was baseless from the very beginning or at least since we have known there will be no romance in poe.
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