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  1. Poe sales = Obsidians wallet = your care? I sincerely am trying to understand why do you care how much any game sells?
  2. Steam is on the internet. If you have the internet, you can. Meaning it doesnt make any difference whether its on steam or not because steam requires internet and if you have the internet, you can download digital poe regardless.
  3. Yeah, I've been wondering about that. 6 months ago, one of the top people at Obsidian (either Feargus or Josh, I can't remember which) flat out said that the game will come out in winter of 2014 because 'that's when the money runs out' (their words). Now they're saying 2015. Well? Did the money suddenly not run out? Or are they paying for it out of their own pockets? We dont know. Only Obsidian know.
  4. They probably hardly even read this forum. You do not contribute to eternity at all by discussing on this forum and if, then in an extremely tiny and indirect way. That is just the truth, whether that is a good or bad thing is your judgement, I think its a very good thing thank god because I do not like to be codependent with Obsidian. I post here purely for my own fun. I am saying that I dont need the devs reading this forum to find discussing here worthwhile. If you did, that would be codependency which you are very fond of I think. Codependency is never good for anyone. Absolutely. You spend on wot you realize wtf am I spending all this money on and thats where it all starts. Worked like that for me and extremely well. Thank you wargaming, awesome company.
  5. The less intuitive the gameplay the more tutorials are needed. If theres like a tiny tutorial thats fine by me though I never felt the need for it in IWD2 and that one was a complex game in many ways. It was intuition combined with depth.
  6. I wasnt, until now that he says good word about Wasteland 2, which is probably a similar project in essence to Eternity: Ah is good. I was rather skeptical about Eternity. I do hope its rather good. We will worry about that ourselves, you dont need to depend upon our opinion to decide whether to post something or not.
  7. Yeah it is good. If you want to be addicted - you can and you can spend according to it. If not - you dont have to be. Simple. It actually teaches people not to get addicted to stuff. So its is good and it works too because I feel good to not have to pay and to be able to choose how much I pay.
  8. This topic title is written on some first emotional impulse (that is horrible) and dealing with it does not deserve anything better. Meaning that is what the topic is about. The topic and what it is about is the OPs decision, not yours. Meaning if the OP decides this topic is about being codependent with Obsidian (which it is), then it is. That is because when it comes to marketing this game, there is simply nothing to discuss without codependency being present. In fact not only is the OP having a codependent affair with Obsidian by thinking that Obsidian cant market the game without his thoughts about the subject, but you are having a codependent affair with him by thinking that the OP cant decide on what a topic is about without you suppressing your emotions and "helping" him along on that. You are both dead wrong. And additionally, you Osvir think I am incapable of thinking and expressing my thoughts in a refined fashion without you letting me know when I am not doing it. I mean this is just unbelievable. This sort of codependency is not going to get you anywhere good, ever.
  9. However the **** they want to. Sweetheart please let Obsidian do their job, marketing it is not your job unless you actually work there. There is nothing to discuss here, only for Obsidian to do.
  10. Perhaps youd at least need to have one small, auxiliary exciting thing every now and again though and a sign to be able to find it. But youd need to keep your eyes open to to find it so you would be more tense and have more fun exploring the nothingness as well if you cant find anything at the time.
  11. I dont ever buy games nowadays, I either back them or buy ingame value (wot gold, etc). There are no games that are worth buying because games that you buy as such are never actually good because the busines model where you buy them is tied to a bad design model. And that has actually happened with eternity? I think what you mean is that we can give feedback/ test the game in the midst of development. Devs are still the ones coming up with the ideas of how to solve problems or redo things for the most part. That is still good though, yeah.
  12. The only thing I want from the story is that its believable. It can not be good if its not believable.
  13. I dont see why they couldnt use that. If they havent planned to use it for the initial release, perhaps they could look into getting their game translated into portuguese and other interesting languages through that website in a patch soon after release. I dont see why not. Id gladly gather people to translate it into my own language (Estonian), but since there are only a few million speakers worldwide the vast majority of whom speak good english, it may not be worthwhile unless just for fun, but since its alot of work, probably not.
  14. Intuitive gameplay and game mechanics > tutorials. We dont need to reeinvent humanity. I dont see how serious tutorials would ever be neccessary. This is what many games around 2000 got right and again we have forgotten how to do this. Sadly it looks like Eternity has not gotten around to unforgetting it yet either.
  15. The generation of retards was/is a storm before a breeze though, no need to worry about that. Indigo children are now growing up and they wont go with noattentionspan games.
  16. You are right though that the excessively built, elaborate and clunky game mechanics do aim to seperate the player from the world and that kills alot of the immersion and that is PoEs biggest downfall.
  17. In the future, let's please leave out ethic/religious group debates from the game suggestion/idea threads. It tends to be off-topic and may lead to thread pruning. It was offtopic, but it was thread developing. High five!
  18. Its a home for a noble. I would first like to know in game what kind of noble I am and what lands I rule over and whats power do I have and who are the people that follow me before I inhabit a stronghold. Otherwise Id live in a cottage like typical person.
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