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  1. Try rereading this sentence and see if it makes any sense to you. It doesnt to me. I have not "taken any issue" with anyone, not sure what "taking an issue" even means. My opinion about this is that you were still trying to justify your codependent views. With this sentence you were coming from a codependent viewpoint and arriving at a braindead and meaningless sentence because you dont have anything to say. There is no way you can even try to justify codependency. Its just empty. I have never justified my lectures because I dont feel I need to justify my lectures. I can just come right in here and give them exactly as I please, which is what I am doing because I can give - you dont have to read. How do you justify reading them and becoming upset even though you didnt have to read any of them? Protip: You only need to justify anything if you are being codependent. In other words, you dont have to justify that either. Your codependent glasses. Justifying anything is a thoroughly codependent thing regardless of context because somebody always came up with that justice in some way or another and justifiyng means you are being codependent with him.
  2. This hurt me in my science gland. Science is a study of the material world and therefore can only teach base information, not how to use that information. We need to use our spirits to find that out and if you use science for that, you will be mistaken. Those 4 are all fundamentally the same thing, especially in the context of this topic. Science has nothing to do with it at all. Science as such does not exist in the world of poe because the world of poe does not materially exist.
  3. I've been thinking this ever since Sheikh started. I don't think he's a troll though, just someone with different and strong viewpoints . Still, I do wonder whether he's not a little bit codependent on his fellow debaters. And we wouldn't want to that now, would we? Explain how and we will see because I dont see how at the moment. I dont have to/need to come and debate here and I know that and neither do you have to respond to me at all on this forum and I know that also and I dont expect you to, I dont care if you dont because if I did, that would be passively forcing you to. Thats what all codependency is - passively forcing, and I am a very big fan of personal freedom and individuality and the libertarian ideology so I wouldnt want to do that at all. Matter of fact you have people like Osvir who are so into me that they get real angry at me through PM, say they are done, quit responding and say they have ignored me and then continue to both respond to my posts later on and send me new PMs. Fascinating. He is codependent though, I think. But he is also from the extremely socialist sweden where the government does some hardcore brainwashing. Government as such always by definition has a codependent relationship with its people and thats why we need to cut all government down with a battleaxe. Since its inherently codependent, everyone will be weakened and nothing will ever work out in the end. You see if you are all so into me, I dont even need to worry about people not responding to me or otherwise ignoring me. So there isnt even any need for codependency. I dont need to prove myself to "survive". The weak ones tend to, but they just dont realize that just because they are weak does not mean codependency is useful to them. They just tend to not know as well so they are tempted to enter that trap. Thats what I am here to just help you realize, if you want to accept my advice.
  4. Then we're not worried about Obsidian, either. Po-tay-toh, po-tah-toh. Yeah you are because i can explain why I am debating your worries but you can not explain why you care about obsidians finances (the only explanations you have had are codependent ones).
  5. It doesnt describe much at the genetic level, but it does describe some.
  6. You sure are worried about our worries, Skeikh. Does this mean you're addicted to us? No because I am not worried about your worries. I am here to learn how the 99% operate, which is all of you that have argued with me about codependency. If you were part of the 1% that can think, you would never argue with me, just discuss. I want to argue with you to find out how you guys work.
  7. Thats better and more functional. Now try to express why YOU give a **** as to why obsidian gets suitably financially rewarded and driven to give you a sequel and we might be getting somewhere. In other words, express what you mean as your views - which is what they really are - not as some general truths - which any humans thoughts never are.
  8. No you are not. You could buy them from somewhere else, catch your own fish, whatever. Hey, that's true! Why, just the other day, I found myself heading to the store to buy some Aspirin because, well I had a headache. But then I thought to myself...why am I addicted to the pharmacy? So I turned my car around (we'll discuss that in a minute!), went back home, to my kitchen, and proceeded to cook up my own aspirin. Anyway, To make a long story short, after my entire apartment complex exploded, I decided that next time I'll just give in to my addiction and make use of the pharmacy, like a normal person. Of course, there's still the matter of my car...and my addiction to it. I NEED it. To get to places. Yes, yes, I suppose I could walk the 8 miles every day to and from work...in the rain and really cold temperatures here in the St. Louis suburbs. But again, I think I'll just (shamefully?) accept my codependent nature, like a normal person. I'm pretty sure I'll be all right. Freak. You could just buy the aspirin from the pharmacy without thinking of the pharmacy as your only possible source of aspirin or worse, your only possible solution to a headache. That is doing it without an addictive mindset and when you do it so, you are not addicted to your pharmacy or to aspirin. I dont recommend it though, taking aspirin for a headache is like taking cocaine for depression. Theres no fundamental difference. Both ruin your health and vitality at the benefit of temporary symptom relief - they are an escape, not a solution.
  9. They are dependent. This is not an addiction. They are not codependent. This is an addiction.
  10. No you are not. You could buy them from somewhere else, catch your own fish, whatever. With the local supermarket in reality your relationship is like this: They can sell you, you dont have to buy. They dont have to sell you, you cant buy if they dont. That last part is why its not an addiction in reality. The reality is nobody has to do anything for you. If they do, its purely from their free will. Addiction involves alot of nonfreewill. So the reality is one thing and it is not codependent. The supermarket does not have to enable you to be dependent upon them for food and you dont have to be dependent on them for food. Even if there was no other source of food available in teh world than that supermarket (there is), you could still say no to their offer and just starve to death. That is possible, which means there is in reality no codependency. You dont eve have to be able to survive. When you want to desperately grasp this thought that you, for some reason, absolutely have to survive, thats where all the codependency starts. Its simply ignoring the fact that you could die so as to feel more secure and comfortable and thats exactly what codependency does - it creates an illusin of goodness. Ignorance = bliss = codependency. If you want to continue being ignorant, so be it. Just remember that any codependent thinking involves ignorance and a delusion of good without any actual good. So you can be delusional that worrying about Obsidians financial security means they will eventually be able to make more and better games, but thats false. Thats your delusion that it achieves it, in reality it doesnt achieve anything. The only thing it achieves is that you become addicted to Obsidians games. Similar to when a crack addict at some point has to give up their addiction it is tremendously difficult because they have been severely weakend by their addiction to it, you too, in a lesser sense will be weakened by your addiction to Obsidians games. And any codependency weaknes you in the exact same way. If thats the way you want to think and you want to become weakened by things you like, so be it. But its purely your choice.
  11. I did. Its an addiction. The moment you start worrying about obsidians anything (financial well being, for example), the moment you become addicted to obsidian. But you can still enjoy everything obsidian does anyway without being addicted to it. Addiction is just a delusional way to think of something, it doesnt do you any good.
  12. Nor do they exist in the real world outside delusion. Death of the real world as well.
  13. And why You cant explain that without devolving into coedependency
  14. I need to only find one word in this sentence to KNOW why its false: After reading the second letter, whch is above, I already know the sentence is full of **** and I know why - no basis. There is never any basis to saying x/y/z should...
  15. No there isnt. That would be racialist of you to think so. They are basically the exact same as humans. In fact, race in Poe doesnt exist. Its just a meaningless biographic classification purely for esoteric roleplay purposes.
  16. Its because Obsidian needs to be more politically correct in todays politically correct world and diminish the differences between all races that they can, otherwise it would appear racialist of them to suggest that elves are in any way different from humans. Because obviously they are just as good, not that they couldnt otherwise be as good in any other way than actually being just like humans )))))))))))
  17. So it's okay to feel positively if Obsidian does well, while it's simultaneously preposterous that we would care about Obsidian running a successful development studio (aka, making profit/having generally good sales)? I'm so confused. O_O No its preposetrous when you project your own good feelings onto obsidian instead of expressing them directly. Always express what you feel, not talk about other peoples feelings because you feel your own feelings and therefore can not legitimately care about other peoples feelings. You can only care about other peoples feelings through sensing and feeling them yourself, which again is really your feelings. In this case your feelings relate to their feelings heavily, but its still really your feelings you know. Alot of you are stuck in some delusional codependent thinking and I think you need to do something about it. Go to a competent psychologist and have this explained to you, for a start, perhaps. Yeah, you want 3-4 Obsidian games, not want obsidian to develop them? Do yuo get what I mean? So the lesson is, stop telling Obsidian what to do and start telling them why you care about what they do which is basically why you love their games so much.
  18. No it is not codependency. I care about people, I care what happens in the world. The relationship between Obsidian and gamers is not codependency but utilitarian dependency. We need them to make games and they need us to buy games. That is it pure and simple. Aristotle rated friendship as the highest good of humans, the binding force of society. It comes in various forms but all the forms contribute their bit. I not only have a right to care about Obsidian it may even be an obligation. Yeah but it is only possible to care about other things through caring for yourself. So it is functional to express yourself through yourself, not through others. E.g. I care about obsidians well being because I absolutely love the games they play and I feel they are awesome people so I would feel well if they did well.
  19. PoE a big success for Obsidian = More games like PoE from Obsidian = I care. i would like a situation were Obsidian was financialy stable, have moved away from publiser funded games, kickstarting new IPs twice a year while having the money to pay for sequels and expansions to said IPs from their own pocket. In short, i want them to develop 3-4 games like PoE at the same time, all the time and be able to afford it. No you dont. You want to play 3-4 games like poe, not want obsidian to develop them.
  20. And thats where the codependency starts! You do not need to worry about Obsidians well being honey, they can perfectly well do it themselves! If you do it for them, you are demotivating them from doing it themselves so please dont do it because that does not work, its dysfunctional. Everybody need to take care of themselves and help can only be served on a request basis. if Obsidian have not asked you to worry about their financial wellbeing, they dont need you to and you are forcing your "help" on them by doing it and so instead you are doing the exact opposite of helping them. You are doing Obsidian a big disfavor by worrying about their financial wellbeing.
  21. I don't understand why they're such a huge problem for some people. They don't look any worse than the 2D (models) of olden times. I mean, I don't think they look "bad" at all. I realize, though, that on a technical scale of 1-10, they are not the most gorgeous models ever created. Also, the PoE ones look a lot better than the Wasteland 2 ones, even. Ideally, they'd all be 100% as detailed as possible, but I realize why they aren't. And I don't think they look bad enough to impair my gameplay experience in any way. They're plenty detailed enough for me to imagine they're my characters and such. But, I don't see the point in going through the trouble of showing just some custom portraits, THEN still showing the character models, but from farther out. Might as well just leave the up-close view. Also, I think they're still improving them, for what it's worth. I know we got some much better-looking heads in a recent build. 2d ones were better. We need either crysis level graphics for every game or something completely different like alot of 2d graphics. Both will happen in the future at the same time.
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