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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. As for everyones suggestion to talk to tech support, I have numerous times. I wasn't asking for tech support; rather I'm wondering if anyone had knowledge about the subject. Other people have this issue; it isn't a unique case. There is some theory that its related to Windows update itself releasing something corrupted that messes with the engine. I can only hope that the problem will have been addressed when PoE releases.
  2. Hello, I have been a very long time Black Isle\Obsidian fan, and have been following PoE since the first information has been released about it. But I'm worried about something. I have two computers, both which refuse to play Shadowrun Returns, Space Hulk, and Wasteland 2. They either immediately crash to desktop with a "Opps the game crashed" message, or shortly after the first couple of developer splash screens. After researching for hours every month or two, I have tried everything to get these games to run, such as searching for corrupted fonts, etc. The games just refuse to run. I was able to get Shadowrun to run for several months last summer, but after a patch this problem surfaced. This is incredibly frustrating and gives me anxiety that I will not be able to play PoE or Numenara when they are released. I specifically created my account just now to ask if anyone can help alleviate some of the doubt I'm having about the engine.
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