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  1. Muslim immigrants in Europe and Americas muslim president. Other religions compared to islam. Islam in general. Government, welfare, politics regarding people in general.
  2. It already has happened. We need to segregate people based on real concepts such as religion and personality (which is tied to genetics), not imaginary concepts like race. The muslims religion and genetically derived personality (dont like to work) will be their undoing, not their race. And of course we need to use real systems to discriminate against people such as natural selection (you dont work, you die, no welfare), not artificial government systems like what the Nazis used. That is what is really going to work. Sure, I made a topic if you wanted to continue it: Off topic
  3. That he is worried. So worried that he doesnt even dare to look into the matter, fearing of whats there.
  4. Jews and christians are people of a mainly spiritual faith, muslims are people of mainly worldly faith. Which means it is not a faith at all, its a cult. Like the cults mentioned above. I dont want to play ingame as a cultist, I want them to be enemies whom I can slaughter.
  5. So whats versatile about being limited to wearing armor and using close quarters spells?
  6. TLDR NWN2 strongholds were ****, therefore project eternity strongholds will be ****? This has nothing to even do with eternity, you didnt even talk anything about eternity strongholds. Have a little faith in devs. Worrying is always pointless. Live in the present.
  7. Demonic, no thanks. Muslims in Stockholm have gotten to your head yet?
  8. Good for you. Women are just as important as men and femininity is just as important as masculinity. I feel they were very easy.
  9. Mage is magic oriented not melee or ranged oriented.
  10. Yes To visualize the game world indirectly. That indirectly is why it could work.
  11. He didnt ask anything, he said something. Look at his ****ing sentence. Would have been a question.
  12. You dont know what they want to do. In fact your whole thinking of what Obsidian is thinking is codependent because Obsidian doesnt need you to think of how they think in order to think. Feminine, not female. Female is a material concept, femininity is a spiritual concept. Yes it is true, the end. A company as such is always motivated by money. People in the company may have other motivations, but the company is the defininig factor because you work for the company, the company does not work for you. That means the company, which wants to make money, controls you not the other way around. We were talking about codependency, not dependency. Codependency is an addiction. It means "I cant have what I want unless I also give you what you want, but what I dont really want to give". If you still dont understand what codependency is, google it. I am not going to explain it anymore because google has it. Dont be codependent on me to know what codependency is.
  13. No. They could look like giant space ducks as long as they looked good and while the map still was able to serve its function as well.
  14. I bet he could if he wanted to. But the moderator is perfectly capable of deciding that on his own thank you. If he wanted to, he would have already done it.
  15. So, lemme get this straight... You really can't tell that that green mass is supposed to be a forest, or those blue lines are supposed to be rivers, or the background is supposed to be grass? You're just so lucky that you guessed all three of those correctly without having any idea what they were supposed to be based on your eyes' visual input? Also... have you ever seen an aerial photograph of the earth? I'm just curious. Also also... you're saying that this image is bad because it lacks detail, but that less-detailed image is better? Dont care what they are supposed to be, I am not a mind reader. I want them to look good and beautiful and enjoyable. What they represent makes no difference. Yes Yes because it is not something I would feel the need to try interpret.
  16. For the people, the point of the company making products is so that they could use that product. For the company, $$ and thats all. They do not sell games because we want them, they sell games because they want $$. No its not. We dont have to make a kickstarter project, you dont have to back it. Its purely voluntary - the very opposite of codependency. They are not dependent upon our pledges because they dont have to make the project if they dont get what they want. Your thinking of reality is codependent, the reality isnt.
  17. Lol you jews. I am just out of things to say. Can I be honest what this is about? The honest opinion is, femininity is associated with the material world and masculinity with the spiritual world. You money worshippers are all feminine as hell and you like money because you lack the ability to make it yourselves. The point is, your lack of ability to make money and your being feminine does not equal to obsidian feeling the same way and being feminine. If you want ot take care of Obsidians finances, go and work for them. Until then, the only valid thing for you to worry about is if the game will be good. Because you are the customers, not Obsidians board of treasury. Let the big boys fully take care of their own finances. What you are displaying here is codependency with Obsidian and I frankly think its absolutely disgusting. If you, in any way at all, are concerned with whether Obsidian makes money, its codependency. And codependency is bad, very very bad. Because its not in your direct interest whether they make money. Its in your interest whether you like what they sell to you. If you think like "I hope Obsidian makes money so they can make more games that I like", its plain and pure codependency. Think about it.
  18. Yeah I agree OBSIDIAN WANTED TO MAKE THIS GAME not wanted to make profit. And it was a great success because they made this game. High five!
  19. Because classes of magic are an imaginary concept which have no basis in the reality inside the game world. Its just a rough imaginary conceptualization to approximate the spells into groups/clusters based on observational values. What does have reality is what the different classes use to cast spells - their soul or other things and how they use these things. In other words types of magic is wack. Or if it isnt, whats the basis for segregating spells into types of magic?
  20. I already did. They get in the way of each other indirectly and only in practice. In theory they are not connected. What this means is that practical circumstances such as making profit are nothing but a burden on the core point of making a game - to enjoy it and need to be treated as nothing but a burden that needs to be dealt with, not obsessed over.
  21. Beta is a state thats ready for a public test run. Alpha is the state where such a public test run would not be very functional yet. These are one thing. Demo is a very small part of the content of the game. Full game is all of the content. Thats a second thing. Backer beta is both a demo and a beta.
  22. No Doesnt make any difference whether it makes profit or not. Profit and enjoyability (of the product) are not directly connected at all, only indirectly. In other words in theory they have nothing to do with each other, only in practice. But practice is something that can vary wildly.
  23. Thats a good way to look at what the game offers the player. For me, the most important is one you didnt mention: World/environment immersion. You can have many more "x/y/z immersion"s, almost infinite in fact. But the most important ones can be summed up in about 10 or so.
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