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  1. But svef makes you immune to int afflictions. So it should not even trigger. That's not true svef makes you resistant to afflictions and the fampyrs in the gave dominate so you are still charmed. Modwyr should work however as well as Captain's Banquet. That's what I've been using. I tried using devil breast plate, svef and a potion to stop it. My experience is that ressistance doesn't stack.
  2. I've come across the same issue with your first issue. I just thought ressistance effects didn't stack, cos the affliction only gets downgraded once. I think it's a 3rd lvl affliction. On a unrelated note. I accidently clicked through the naming process of that island, and it's now the last uncharted island and I can't name it. No achievement for me.
  3. True, I'm tired of all my characters being green. I'll think of a good solution and add to the OP. Because the game has 0 replayability due to being trivial AF atm? You need to be a grownup and find your own ways to challenge your self ingame.
  4. I'm trying to decide which build I'm going for my first play through. I'm either going a Crusader or Brute. Looking at the preview tree, I see Berserker won't be able to get the Blood Storm upgrade to Frenzy. Is that intended? Seems like an obvious fit for the subclass, since you all ready force it to go down that path, which makes sense. It's also one of the most thematic flavor wins, I would be sad to play without it.
  5. I just got an e-mail saying that I could pledge now and get early acces. I'm wondering if I pledge for the digital download (cheapest pledge). Will I get early acces? Thanks for replies in advance.
  6. You can already do that by buying a level 1 character from the inn and level them up. I guess BG2 was too much for you. BG2 started at around level 8 and your starting party was a melee character, priest and thief/mage. Very similar to the PoE beta. Except I played and completed the first BG game. I knew all of the characters you started with in BG2. Plus, if this is just to play and test the combat side of things. I mean, the combat feels more alive in the old IE games. My characters here seem more like machines than alive human beings.
  7. I just want to explore the areas and quests through lvls 1-5. I feel nothing for this side quest area. Even though it is beautifully done! instant lvl 8 is way to much info for me to process. On top of that, we have a full generic party, with no connection to or whatsoever. What makes this game is missing in the beta. Playing the game as it should be, from lvl 1, meeting new characters along the way. I know some ppl don't want spoilers, but can't we have both options available?
  8. I recently got the same issue, it also lasted ingame while I tried to lvl up. But last night, I downloaded the game and tried it out for 60 minutes... There was no problems there. I'm geussing it was server overload.
  9. I feel the exact same way. It's abit to much to start like this. One doesn't get to appreciate the small things.
  10. Is it possible to do a solo run in the beta? I tried to find a way to kick or kill the generic npcs. I just can't get into the groove with a whole party. I wanna a character, and see how that character measures up to the challenge. Figureing out all the small details about said character to overcome the obstacles infront of him. That's what I really wanted to do.
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