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  1. I think Grieving Mother would not be a fan of Bleak Walkers... she is rather compassionate and is one of the few companions that would even leave you, if you hurt children. Zahua, Maneha and Pallegina don't have very strong views on most things. Pallegina cares deeply about her home country, but otherwise she rolls with the punches. Maneha had been indeed a raider, but dislikes cruelty nevertheless. Zahua considers pain to be important and that it teaches a valuable lesson, so he is a spiritual sort. None of them change significantly along the course of their quests. For all of them the main theme is "let go" vs. "remember".
  2. Not sure if Durance and Grieving Mother truly count, but added them anyway. I suppose their conversations are the quest, after all. Otherwise, let's hear what your favorite companion quest was! I myself loved Hiravias and Aloth quests, but after finishing today Zahua's quest I have to say that his mission was absolutely the best. Visual effect may have been over the top, but I myself loved them. And the visions were really awesome at subtly lead to the revelation Zahua had to make. Great stuff.
  3. You want to tie in resting mechanic to wealth management? That is a terrible idea. As it is most RPGs completely fail at creating meaningful economies and PoE is no exception. I have 100k gold right now near end-game. Adding resting supplies for a lot of money means that you will be either: a) starved of camping supplies and your characters will have to stay wounded & lack spells or b) you have more than enough money, resting mechanic becomes completely meaningless. Most likely it will be the first case in low level gameplay and second in high level gameplay.
  4. Didn't remember this dialogue. Still: D'aww^^. It's two dialogues: Pallegina: You seem… preoccupied with details, Aloth. Almost consumed by them, I’d say. Aloth: Once you’ve seen a colleague misuse Arkemyr’s Capricious Hex, you learn an appreciation for details. Pallegina: This sounds like wizard talk, so I’ll just take your word for it. Pallegina: Aloth, never before have I met an Aedyran man so hesitant to speak his mind. Aloth: I’m not hesitant. I just… like to consider my words carefully. Pallegina: You should really hear yourself talk, aimico. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it feels to me like Pallegina is a little exasperated with Aloth and hopes he would grow some backbone. It's really along the lines of Eder's "We need to take better care of Aloth" when Aloth gets knocked out. Also, back on topic, this conversation with Kana and Aloth was both cute and funny. Kana Rua: So you really didn’t know about the Leaden Key’s activities? Aloth: You think I- look, I knew nothing about their attempts on your life, I swear. Kana Rua: What? No, no - I’m just wondering how the Leaden Key parcels out information. I did notice that the younger sorts didn’t seem to wander off sсript very often… Aloth: …Oh. You would find that more interesting, wouldn’t you?
  5. Well, that's why I think he cares so much about the watcher. I always had the feeling, that the relationship between him and the watcher ist closest, you get for a best friend. And he warms up, they group likes him. They like him more than Durance . That's not a fair comparison, the group likes more several types of diseases than they like Durance. Even White March companions immediately jumped on board the Durance hate train. Devil of Caros plans murder with Eder, Zahua offers Eder to give Durance some mushrooms and scare the hell out of him. Also, from some dialogues of Pallegina with Aloth I get the feeling that Pallegina is a little worried about Aloth and his insecure personality. It's kinda cute.
  6. There is an option to make Aloth make peace with Iselmyr once you do his personal quest (and get through Act 2 if I remember it correctly). I'm happy that Aloth at least got that, I really wanted him to be happy and confident for once.
  7. Better hire adventurers. By endgame you will build up keep to maximum anyway and swim in gold (I went into last mission with 100k gold). Adventurers are more useful than the keep, too.
  8. I have tried to stealth past the groups of mobs, but that was really challenging and I gave up rather quickly. My rogue could have gotten to the main tent maybe, but sneaking the rest of the group through was just too difficult for me.
  9. I think that Ondra did not keep up her part of the bargain here. The cultists were promised peace and to forget their misery. Instead their anguish only intensified and their memories still torment them. So it's completely fair for them to change their mind and seek freedom. Killing innocent High Tide cultists seems to be over the top, however. And besides, the mad Low Tide cultists will likely not survive their freedom (they are high in the mountains, it's cold, the journey to nearest village will take some time, most are too confused to get there, they may attack people and get killed, etc.). Just rising the tide just rubs me the wrong way, though. It's really the kind of decision that is easier to answer from the perspective of the character you roleplay than from "let's choose the best option" perspective. My Watcher values freedom and knowledge, so she released the Low Tide. They should have the chance to live and die on their own terms and not drown after years of suffering.
  10. Oh, thank you! It does seem to work only in combat. Had to set up a race against Pallegina to notice the difference. The movement buff was definitely nerfed though. Back in the days my character could run out of the room so fast she left combat because the other mobs could not keep up with her. Now the difference in movement is barely noticable, a shame. I am sorry but what do you exactly mean by the above? Probably from my tumblr, I gushed about the boots of speed back in part 1 of WM and then complained about the change in part 2. Here is the post, in case you care to read about it.
  11. I have same issue. I used to have awesome Speed 3 boots, but now the buff is indeed doing nothing. Not sure how to fix that.
  12. I think there is an unique appeal in having a lot of spells. Sure, in the end most people will choose a couple spells they will spam every fight, but those couple spells will be different for everyone. Part of the Kickstarter promise was this exact type of gameplay with ridiculously many options. It's not something you can find in any other game released these days and that's what makes it unique. I myself love the idea of having so many tools. Sure, I may not use debuffs/buffs overly much, but when I run into a difficult fight I may reassess spells I considered useless and find out that they are immensely helpful. That kind of discoveries are what makes the system excel. Even after putting 60 hours into the game it's still possible for me to create new strategies. With a more limited ability set I would know it inside out after 20-30 hours maximum.
  13. Wait, so companions actually interact with each other in WM Part II? There is regular banter with the new companions, yeah. It does not trigger all too often, but I got Devil talk to Eder, Durance and Pallegina at least once. Maneha was so far pretty silent, but she talked to Pallegina once too.
  14. I enjoyed a lot Maneha's banter with Pallegina, so probably bring her along for part 2. With Devil of Caroc I think Eder and Pallegina have most interesting dynamics. Eder gets along fairly well with the Devil, while Pallegina and Devil disagree pretty heavily (idealistic vs. cynical worldview) and that is pretty interesting too. Durance was pretty silent in part 1 and part 2 (so far). Eder has some pretty cool moments in both parts. Aloth said close to nothing in part 1, so probably drop him.
  15. Or they could just go with a canon path for the protagonist. Games like FO2 (and new vegas), MoTB, and WL2 went with this route. I really dislike this kind of thing. If I make choices I want to see them reflected in future games too or at least not to be completely canon non-compliant. If exporting saves to the new game is too much effort, then one could at least go the Kotor 2 route with organically choosing the state of the world in conversation. (Like: "I heard Revan was a guy" "What? I served under Revan, she was a woman", etc.) It may be too much with so many variables from so many quests, but I guess in the end there are not so many things that would matter to people outside Dyrwood. If Doemenels rule the capital it may be important, but what happened in Gilded Vale would be largely irrelevant in Living Lands or in Rautatai.
  16. I certainly hope we will get more short stories and will see theme eventually printed. A hardcover PoE book would be awesome. I liked all short stories so far. Sagani story felt perhaps more like a quest summary than a story, but I enjoyed it still a lot. Simple, action-y, fun. The story about the Orlan and the elf was probably the best one from literary standpoint. Well written and interesting with clear structure and good theme. I liked Eder story the least, though mostly because I'm sick to death of Gilded Vale. Too much grimdarkness for my taste. Was still nice to see more of Eder. Had to suspend quite a lot of disbelief about him getting away with all this, though. He resisted the guards (two of whom still live), killed another two guards and being an Eothasian on top. A miracle he was not under the first five on the trademark hanging tree.
  17. For me even Dragon Age: Origins felt too grimdark. You often get the choice of saving one or the other bad person and will be spit on by them in the end anyway. Everyone (alive) is cruel, egoistic and I tired of it very quickly. In PoE there are a loot of good people in bad circumstances. You can't always save them, but you can always help at least in some way. It felt pretty nice, because it added realism and you still got the feeling of being a nice person. Perhaps the game could use more humour, but I personally prefer more serious tone rather than forced humour and wacky characters with no substance. PoE has a very nice atmosphere and I would have hated to see it ruined.
  18. Who did you Awaken? I chose the maid in the inn. It seems that the Awakened persona will either make her a much richer dwarf or bring her in big trouble. I hope for the best, but I still wonder if there was a better person to choose for the Awakening.
  19. Anyone in the party can pick it up (assuming they pass the checks in the scripted interaction, I think).
  20. Did you go right? If you did, that was the right way. I went there too and got everything I needed.
  21. You have to find the Sigil of the Helm. Clear the whole level, then come back to Hall of Remembrance. That's how I did it. I did not even remember picking anything up, so it was a pleasant surprise to find out I had all three sigils by the time I reached the room.
  22. Thank you for help with the first verse! I would never have thought to look outside of White March. The sword is damn awesome. I gave it to Pallegina and now she summons Undead helpers every fight (usually even at the beginning of the fight). From reading the description you'd think it woul be far less frequent than that, but apparently I was wrong.
  23. Yes, please see yourself out. Yes, she will be romanceable, but only by folks with high enough Mechanics.
  24. OP is asking a really specific question. I'm not sure how one would answer it without at least mild spoilers. And in this forum people often mention names of companions all the along with various locations and monster types, no?
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