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  1. Wow! That is beautiful!!!!!! I just want to drink it for some reason.
  2. Hmmm...opens up possibilities like Few stated. Certain characters get bonuses or penalties when interacting with others. Wizards get bonus when speaking with wizards...etc.
  3. Hmmmmm back on to the topic of Elves... are Elves going to be unique? Or just the same ol' classical elves?
  4. Stop with the pause argument already. Why do the actions of someone playing a SINGLE player story game affect you. Don't like pause? Don't use it. Don't force it down our throats, it hurts.
  5. Well, like Falkon Swtchblade before me posted : Why not use stamina to our pacifistic advantage? When we(the char) gets stamina down, we get knocked out...why not knock out the npc's as well, and only 'kill' or finish them when you search/loot their bodies. I would love a pacifistic playthrough. Skyrim killed my barehanded character when I noticed you can't level up your fists.
  6. Yes! Sounds like a good idea. Doesn't seem that hard to implement... Is it?
  7. I don't know...cipher assassin? EDIT: Now that I think about it...that would be pretty darn cool. Think of Serenity , the movie. I usually play an assassin or thief. Mage being my second option, i'd like them different from my other initial characters. I agree completely with Ogrezilla This is what I want in my rogue,...this and cloth physics on hooded cloaks...and daggers
  8. I would love a boxed edition. I have slow internet, and I don't currently have a job.
  9. Am I the only the one who loves the kick-starter's openness. Gotta love the interaction, feedback responses
  10. Your examples of original universes are ME and TES? Wow. e: Pick up something by Mieville sometime. Or Rajaniemi. Or Peter Watts, or Scott Lynch or Felix Gilman or hell even Pratchett or Herbert. If you've been so starved of good, creative genre fiction that Bioware and Bethesda are your go-to for originality, these guys are going to give you a spectacular ride. I think he meant examples of the universes implemented in game form, not all of them. Could have interpreted wrong though. Yes, that's what I meant, a vast universe within a game or series. To Confetee : Haven't heard
  11. Good Idea. Walk up to a door. "Knock" "Pick Lock" Choose either one.
  12. I just want Obsidian to know this... You have a new IP....take advantage, make a rich varied universe with many creature types, lore, environments, morality types, etc. Don't get bogged down on a specific visual theme. So your going for a Romanesque style? Have a book that talks about Persian style homes...etc. This will make the universe vast, allowing for more games over a broad range of places and times. Giving a plethora of possibilities. Think of ME or TES universes. Ooooh the places you'll go.
  13. So in summary. One of you wants to reduce linearity by giving options that ultimately lead to the same conclusion. The other wants to reduce linearity by giving options that ultimately change the conclusion. Why not a little of both? So are the following examples a correct depiction of your respective approach? Enter an abandoned mine to retrieve a map by ... A : going through the front and retrieving it or going through a much faster but dangerous cave and retrieving the map. OR B : going through the front, they destroy map thus eliminating the quest related to the map, or going thr
  14. Exactly, I can't wait until my rogue gets a hooded cloak and walks around with the cloth moving and wrinkling with every step.
  15. Shows why we love RPG's to immerse ourselves in a different world. And to become some one else , no meta gamers?
  16. Just read any of Shakespeare's plays, there is a reason he has Comedy and Tragedy close together. Either to simply be funny Comedy in contrast to the tragedy is pathetic and sad, a tragedy. To 'soften' up the crowd, to make them more susceptible to tragedy. Source : Shakespeare's Use of Comedy in Tragedy : http://www.jstor.org/stable/27530731?seq=3
  17. Pazaak, Dice (The Witcher or regular), Any board game (Chess,poker,etc.) Chess simulators are not that big, you could easily squeeze in a couple of Mb into the game. However, make them completely optional , don't make it part of a quest to advance...etc. Don't want to play Dice, don't go into the "Game House" (naturally that's the building that houses all of the games.
  18. No tutorial during a major game set piece. Think of how ME3 failed in their intro with the tutorial.
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