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  1. Well, "bought", is a big word, but these are new to my (Gog) library: Freespace 2 (giveaway) Stygian - Reign of the Old Ones (backed a long time ago)
  2. Someone had to go with the "average Obsidianite"... Gets me a free way to regain sanity through...entertainment This was initial character creation, game hung after it so I had to start over, current character is Middle-Aged rather than Adult, everything else remained the same though.
  3. tl;dr Bottom line, if you have a beefy CPU with a bunch of bored cores (so any CPU with more than 4 cores for Arkham Knight) then Denuvo is likely to have little impact on your average FPS, while it does have a minor but noticeable impact on loading times and very much impacts initial game game startup time. There's also a minor increase in memory usage with Denuvo. No testing has been done with any hardware that has 4 cores or less (like i5 CPUs which are quite common still), as far as I know, and no testing has been done where the impact on the CPU has been measured either (as an alternati
  4. Been a while, but I've been busy building stuff (surprise!) My humble abode: By night: I've sort of slowed down working on it (which was mostly decorating the inside and removing some of the leftover T1 stuff) because it, errr, kinda starts to break the server (collision won't properly load, stuff like that). Inside: As I've never lived in the jungle before I started looking for a good spot there, which I found, at least for a humbly sized vacation home. The building to the left, in the back is the actual house, to the right (with the gate) is the Derketo temple
  5. I'm not too far in (somewhere in the second major area, the Waterworks), unlike Legend of Grimrock you play as only one character. You have an exoskeleton that you wear which specializes in certain areas (tech, combat, tankyness. The choice is permanent too, fwiw) but as far as I can tell it doesn't lock you out of anything, relying entirely on gadgets if you're not tech specced appears like it would just be inefficient. Weapons are a mix of melee and ranged so far, haven't bothered with the ranged weapons yet so can't say anything about those, except that they require ammo. And then ther
  6. Been playing some Vaporum, feels like the first Grimrock, but steampunk, so far. Also got Elite: Dangerous because it was on sale and I got curious. Game insists on ignoring my keyboard settings and instead setting the layout based on my locale (which I verified by changing my locale, and I don't even have the layout it insists on installed). Not sure if I can be bothered dealing with that level of wilful incompetence so I might just refund it (which would be my first refund ever on Steam). Game is complex enough that having to deal with the keyboard mapping not matching my keyboard
  7. I doubt it will destroy Steam, despite you wishing it so. It will, however impact other digital storefronts as well if this is upheld.
  8. Never owned a console, never been good playing most things with controllers either (might be some correlation there) and MS thankfully releases through the Windows Store as well so the few games I care about (aka Forza) I can get that way as well nowadays. Even better now that some things have been coming to Steam as well, because, honestly, the Windows Store isn't exactly good.
  9. It apparently also retroactively turns GTA V into a always-online game, even for the single player. This is supposedly a bug. Also appears to make the game unplayable on Linux through Proton at this time.
  10. Yes, yes it is. My Witcher 3 playthrough has been dragging on since its release. Not sure why but it doesn't seem to drive me forward. When I do play it it's a case of "Whoa, is it that late already?" but once I quit the game I feel no urge to pick it up again. Kinda weird. Anyway, so far I've only ever had to do sections as Ciri, which wasn't bad at all, and none of those have been particularly long.
  11. Hmm.. (gets interesting around halfway), or you can just read the Polygon article. The parts about technical issues are rather interesting as the game is supposed to be out rather soon...
  12. Dragon Knight Saga was pretty fun. Don't remember the inventory being that much of a pain though. Of course, it's been a while since that was released, wonder if they're every going to finish up that story someday. But I guess they're too busy messing with cult classics to care anymore.
  13. Hmm, must've been the realm, honestly. I've only really had one negative experience pre-LFG and that was some troll in Uldum. The reason I remember was because, well, it was like the only time. People throwing tantrums etc happened, but nothing eggregious, certainly not people randomly dropping groups. There were no blacklists (that I'm aware off), if players were big enough pricks people would just remember (and as long as one person in the party remembered, well that was usually that). I do remember people stating that Horde attracted a more mature audience early on, so that might have
  14. It's mostly a social thing, honestly. I guess it's hard to grasp the impact it's introduction had if you weren't there when it was introduced. It's also hard to explain when you were there though I gave it a shot earlier in this thread, I believe. But one of the major disadvantages (aside from socializing) was realm reputation, if you were a jerk you'd just not be able to get into groups before long, so communities washed themselves of undesirables quite quickly. With a LFG you just get lumped in with randoms and if the Realm's local jerk joins you're stuck with him (or her). Conversely a
  15. Hmm, something seems off here, but I can't quite put my finger on it...
  16. Were the expansions fixed in the Platinum collection? If I'm not mistaken they were standalone expansions and were not brought up to the same engine patch level as the base game, resulting in serious issues on newer systems. If they were sorted out I might be tempted to buy that game again so I can play the expansions without fear (no pun intended) of my PC locking up...
  17. Your fault for picking the inferior faction Anyway, Inside Gaming actually got a reply from Blizzard on the topic of WoW classic, nothing really mind blowing there, but here anyway. Summary of couple of points I thought might be interesting: they try to not launch too many servers at once since realm community was important so they'd rather not have empty realms down the line. They do have spare capacity though that they will (and are) using to make sure there are always realms without queues available for new players that join. To me that seems to indicate they expect a siz
  18. Well, Warframe released a new, err, Warframe, so messing around with that. Also played around a (very little) bit with the Wasteland 3 alpha, combat has a very XCOM feel to it, not yet sure if I dig it. I should note that many things were locked (like skills etc) and that it definitely will need quite the optimization pass before release (which is sort of to be expected with an alpha).
  19. I'm not so sure, from talking to guildies in Guild Wars 2 quite a few people are tired of trash being just inconsequential filler fluff between bosses, and not posing any challenge at all. And quite a few people would enjoy "pulling" as a tank to be an art again, not to mention that less AOE spam and more CC weren't exactly considered bad things either (each class having ridiculous amounts of very effective AoE was a WotLK addition, if I remember correctly). So some more focus back on environmental awareness and actually playing as a team (CC/aggro mechanics) definitely resonated by younger ga
  20. Buffing random people was pretty common during TBC, at least on my realm (Wildhammer-EU), as was conjuring water for thirsty Paladins
  21. Well, given that it's one of the games I regularly play a session of I figured I might as well share whatever I was running when I last logged out:
  22. I am not building a new base in Conan Exiles. And I can stop whenever I want! (also, I mean, only, Destiny 2 since the current event allows me to rather quickly catch up gearwise with my characters)
  23. Halo Infinite will deliver an "AAA player investment experience", which, as far as I can tell is MS-speak for "a sense of pride an accomplishment". Guess selling people subscription services wasn't enough for Microsoft after all.
  24. You play on official? Not sure if I could stand that given my building urges... I just dabbled on official to compare it to the latency on my own server. Bearers do less damage than fighters though (didn't use to, but they got the nerfbat to the face once word about that got out), not sure whether their armour values got reduced, if they were then that extra HP might not count for as much (and even a naked NPC has some armour as that's what the multipliers work with). Generally speaking Thralls are the answer to every problem, if you can get them to actually fight as the AI is derpy as a
  25. Say "Hi" to the Avatar of Derketo: Sepermeru for scale: Bye bye *blows kiss* So long suckers, I'm outta here! (I did make a backup of my save before doing that) I don't think talking about the "Leave the Exiles Lands" step is spoilers necessarily, but just in case: There's supposedly a major update coming out in September, curious what that's going to be. I'd mostly love more areas to explore but that seems unlikely as the devs have said the current map is already pushing the limits of the Unreal Engine. Only thing I still have to do now is the climbing up
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