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  1. Took me 150hours to "complete" the game. That is: one playthrough, all the (marked) side quests (minus the boxing ones, those can go diaf. Not counting the cars either) and went through all 4 main endings (Sun, Star, Devil, and Temperance). It's definitely short-ish if one ignores all the side content (some of which could borderline be considered main quest, though), but I don't think I'd necessarily want it to be longer just for the sake of it, if that would result in something like Witcher 3, which I thought felt seriously dragged out at points to the point that I ended up forgetting
  2. That's for quests, where they want to force you to walk up to the quest area. I have noticed those barriers tend to not always go away once you finish the quest, even though in some instances they are not there before the quest (eg. the Pyramid Song location) Stealth didn't bother me too much, aside from Cool feeling a bit useless. Hacking seems a lot more useful to get around without being seen than most Cool perks and I've gone through the game with only 3 points in Cool (think I only grabbed the skill that makes you go faster in stealth) As for the controller, I just use m+kb and
  3. There was also the DLC for the second one where you start with basically nothing and have to go out on expeditions to make progress. That one was pretty neat.
  4. Wish they'd just push more regular, smaller patches. There's enough little frustrations that would be nice to get fixed rather than having to wait for a big-bang "big patch" that likely will not live up to (inflated) expectations and/or break other stuff. In good news, maybe graphics card prices will go down to something reasonable by then. Heh, who am I kidding...
  5. Well, story is a big case of "your mileage may vary". I thought the main story was pretty darn good, just frayed a bit at the endings (imho) because they really wanted to set it up for continuation in a certain way instead of taking it to its logical conclusion. Most of the characters are also very well done, and believable, with motivations that make sense based on what you know about them. An example is the way Jackie, which presents like a typical "mr cool", handles the stress when you're on The Heist. Annoyed the hell out of me, but it was very ... human in a way I feel most character
  6. If you go into the game with no expectations it's a pretty good game with a lot of technical issues. Won't argue with anyone who wants to wait things out because of the technical issues/bugs though. As for "deeper running problems" without specifics that's not saying much. I do take issues with some of the stuff in the game, but it's generally not what most people/media keep hammering on.
  7. Well, finished Cyberpunk 2077, and I gotta say, the endings were kinda disappointing. I wasn't expecting a "and they lived happily ever after", but unfortunately the game decided to commit one of the biggest narrative sins there is (imho, anyway): they changed the rules in the ending to force a desired outcome. Major spoilers inc, obviously:
  8. Well, I'm not particularly good with controllers, and I sure as hell ain't chaining combos like this guy... I just got by on the basic combo set, like most people, I imagine, which, at least on normal difficulty, is perfectly adequate, albeit probably crude. I haven't stuck my neck inside the arenas yet, I sort of doubt I'd fare very well. If you're not enjoying third playthrough then I'm not sure it gets any better, honestly, but my memory after Ending B is kind of fuzzy of what happened when. I do know that A&B are the longest chunks though, so might as well make it to the end at th
  9. NieR: Automata's combat is of the easy to learn, hard to master variety, which suits me just fine because I'm bad at it. If it were actually challenging I'd never have made it through the game. However, the DLC contains some arenas with supposedly harder bosses and I've seen some clips of people that mastered the combat system do things I didn't even realize were possible...feels like I barely even scratched the surface of it, really. The first two Routes (or playthroughs, if you prefer) just give you different perspective on the same situation, ever so slightly lifting the veil of w
  10. Ah, reminds me of the underwater sandstorm of Conan Exiles Mostly playing Cyberpunk 2077. Think I've done all the major quests I had left (so the ones that aren't Gigs, or just NCPD markers), barring finishing up the Kerry quest chain. Whoever calls this game short must've been skipping most of the side content because I'm 118hours (and 51minutes) in according to Gog, and there's still plenty of Gig and NCPD markers to go around. The way I played is basically by not manually skipping time, ever. I did use the "wait here" feature of certain quests, and I did sleep a few ti
  11. Missed your chance to just answer with "No!" and confuse everyone Anyway, been rather hooked on Cyberpunk 2077. I've been saved most egregious bugs it seems (well, unless the game is yet to slap me with some broken quest chain down the line...), and graphical glitches have been very much limited (there were only 3 occasions I can recall: one floating person, 2 parked cars stuck in the ground, and some untextured terrain). Ran into one item glitch which is an invisible item, it doesn't have a picture in the inventory (does have a name though) and no textures, so if I can find a fe
  12. Oh, quite a few people claim the game is unplayable on a GTX970, turns out it is, at least for me, perfectly playable. As for the bugs, yeah, there's quite a few though it hasn't quite gotten to the level where they're enough for me to shelve the game.
  13. Made it past the Heist in Cyberpunk 2077 and getting absolutely bombarded with quests (and Gigs, just by walking around...), a lot of them "urgent", do any of them have actual timers, other than possibly failing by pushing the main quest too far? Because if they do, it's going to be an interesting (and frustrating) ride...
  14. Hotfix 1.11 out for the progress stopper introduced in the 1.1 patch: https://forums.cdprojektred.com/index.php?threads/hotfix-1-11.11077733/
  15. Well, not going to post a lot of these since they're already all over the place, unless something extraordinary happens, but this is CP2077 on a GeForce GTX970 (on an AMD Ryzen 5900x, so the CPU certainly isn't a bottleneck), getting between 30 and 50 FPS. Would love to upgrade so I could get a stable 60fps but given the drama online I expected this to look like trash and be barely playable. So far it's been a pleasant surprise, at least on the graphical front.
  16. Quick update, restarting the game got me past it without the bug. But yeah, there be dragons...
  17. Might want to make a backup of your current install since downgrading basically requires a full re-download. The patch appears to have totally broken hacking of cameras for me, I'm now locked into the "camera mode" and the only way out is to reload the game. Exact same thing happened after the reload. Will have to test on another mission to see whether it's a structural issue.
  18. Wikipedia seems to point in that direction too, indeed. Interesting, I'm pretty sure I read 1 and 3 of the reboots were basically the same team. They sure feel that way with the return of the QTEs and the overall writing style in Shadow. I felt both 1 and 3 suffered from the "Hey, let's do something obviously dumb, or have another character do so, just so we can move the plot forward", which 2 didn't quite have (well not bad enough that I can recall instances anyway). Guess it being another studio could also explain some of the "regressions".
  19. Well, been playing it a bit on my GTX970 and it runs just fine. Not great, but fine (~30-40fps, depending on area). At least on whatever it picked as default settings for my system. Probably of note that while my GPU is old, the rest of the system is not, as I recently upgraded to a Ryzen 5900x and the game is on a rather fast NVMe SSD. GPU prices, however, are a bit too rich for my tastes right now so the GTX970 will have to hang in there a while longer. Game definitely has issues (I'm sure this surprises many people), had a bunch of CTDs already, always when taking screenshots thou
  20. Should just get the story people from Rise, which I felt was the best of the three in that respect, by a long shot. Both Reboot and Shadow had a lot of seriously eye-roll moments. Rise far less so. Shouldn't be too surprising as Reboot and Shadow were made by the same team, while Rise supposedly were other people.
  21. Well, it's paywalled, so guess I'll never know...
  22. Hah, got that one in the sales as well. Should be interesting to read some opinions while I play through Sense.
  23. NG+ in Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story. So this is where they disable the quicksaves. So far it's been retreading the same path as on the original playthrough. So the lack of quicksaves is mostly annoying when you want to quit and do something else, but hasn't, so far anyway, been much of a hindrance otherwise.
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