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  1. As long as they don't kill the modding scene they'll be fine unless a game that is simply better comes around with at least as good modding support. So far nothing like that appears to be on the horizon. I mean, the modding community is arguably what has kept their games relevant in the first place, bit weird that no-one has attempted to capitalize on Bethesda's stumbling yet by providing good modding support...
  2. As I said, I've had issues with it with each and every game I've bought through it, all of those being MS first party titles: Forza Horizon (FH) 3, Forza Motorsport (FM) 7 and FH4. All three suffered the exact same issue having me re-download the games multiple times to try and sort it out (these are not small games either, for those unaware), on top of some other issues specific to some of the titles. Moreover FM7 also had the great idea to tie language settings to the Windows Store, meaning that since I play most of my games in English, but don't have an English Windows this means my Wi
  3. So far each Destiny 2 session has ended when the game booted me to the login screen. The game's pretty good or I'd have long since given up but its sure trying to make me quit. As for TOW, well, not touching Epic Store and the Windows Store has given me nothing but grief in the past so not touching that either. EDIT: for some reason felt like picking up my Nier: Automata playthrough. Turns out the game erased my progress. So well, there went that plan.
  4. I was playing Shadowrun: Hong Kong, but I got distracted by Tyranny. I'll show myself out. Mostly still messing around with Conan Exiles, been building more stuff. Had a Purge spawn inside my base, nasty surprise. That's supposed to only happen if they can't reach whatever they set their sights on, so I'm guessing maybe some of my mob building components aren't correctly recognized by the game since there was kind of a massive gate that was easily reachable... Or the AI is just too stupid to figure out doors and stairs, that's equally likely, really.
  5. Keep having connection issues in Destiny 2 and I'm simply about to give up. The last three missions I've done I've gotten disconnected partway through each time and I've pretty much had it at this point. Can't even blame it on the new expansion rush either as this crap had been going on prior to the Steam move. Ugh, well, new dungeon in Conan Exiles, let's go check that out instead I guess.
  6. If it takes their entertainment being affected for some more people to wake up to how the system works then I'll take that as a win.
  7. EGS does not allow reviews, nor does it have forums, ergo the Matrix quote. Whether Mr. Sweeney's words carry any weight when it comes to their events will remain to be seen when push comes to shove. So far he's been about as reliable as your average politician, I'm going to just assume there's no public events coming up anytime soon with any risk of him having to eat his words (iirc the "big" Fortnite event already happened this year).
  8. "What use is freedom of speech, if you are unable to speak."
  9. More Destiny 2, tried some Gambit. Seems like the improvements to connectivity don't extend to PvP. Nothing's as demotivating like getting booted from a match because the game's networking is trash, especially if you've been doing really well too. Wouldn't be nearly as bad if PvP wasn't basically mandatory in Destiny 2 (but then I would never play it as the terrible servers suck all the fun out of it)
  10. Weird, many in my clan (mostly US, afaiu) also had queues, wasn't a problem for me (EU). Though the game was constantly "connecting to servers" (meaning it was teetering on the verge of timeout, as far as I can tell) but I managed to get through the first two missions on the Moon fine and also completed the Black Armory mission I got disconnected from before (non-Moon areas appear to run a lot better, so I might just go and level my Titan for now) Bit of a shame about them being unable to handle the load but honestly the game experience has, barring the fact that everything requiring netw
  11. Are you telling me that Fat Larry or officer Chunk weren't serious characters?
  12. Depending on your needs the supported file systems are also something to look at, modern Synology products supports Btrfs which can protect your files against corruption, the only other file system with that functionality is zfs, as far as I'm aware.
  13. Oh yes, technically I also bought Elite: Dangerous on sale, but after putting in a support request due to keyboard layout issues that didn't get a response in over 5 days I've just submitted my first ever Steam refund request. Congratulations, Frontier Support.
  14. Well, someone must've brought that Kickstarter to my attention, I'm betting it was you!
  15. I'm sure that was earlier in the year, when those new year's resolutions were still going strong
  16. What both Microsoft and Sony "sell" is a walled garden, the hardware is usually sold at break even. Moreover modern consoles are basically purpose built PCs with a custom OS (not unlike a Macintosh, really), so difficulty in porting is mostly a thing because it benefits console makers. Meaning that if you ignore the hardware what MS and Sony do isn't particularly much different from what Epic is doing. People just accept it because consoles used to be purpose built devices with custom hardware, so the segmentation was somewhat justified. This hasn't really been the case for Xbox and PS fo
  17. Well, "bought", is a big word, but these are new to my (Gog) library: Freespace 2 (giveaway) Stygian - Reign of the Old Ones (backed a long time ago)
  18. Someone had to go with the "average Obsidianite"... Gets me a free way to regain sanity through...entertainment This was initial character creation, game hung after it so I had to start over, current character is Middle-Aged rather than Adult, everything else remained the same though.
  19. tl;dr Bottom line, if you have a beefy CPU with a bunch of bored cores (so any CPU with more than 4 cores for Arkham Knight) then Denuvo is likely to have little impact on your average FPS, while it does have a minor but noticeable impact on loading times and very much impacts initial game game startup time. There's also a minor increase in memory usage with Denuvo. No testing has been done with any hardware that has 4 cores or less (like i5 CPUs which are quite common still), as far as I know, and no testing has been done where the impact on the CPU has been measured either (as an alternati
  20. Been a while, but I've been busy building stuff (surprise!) My humble abode: By night: I've sort of slowed down working on it (which was mostly decorating the inside and removing some of the leftover T1 stuff) because it, errr, kinda starts to break the server (collision won't properly load, stuff like that). Inside: As I've never lived in the jungle before I started looking for a good spot there, which I found, at least for a humbly sized vacation home. The building to the left, in the back is the actual house, to the right (with the gate) is the Derketo temple
  21. I'm not too far in (somewhere in the second major area, the Waterworks), unlike Legend of Grimrock you play as only one character. You have an exoskeleton that you wear which specializes in certain areas (tech, combat, tankyness. The choice is permanent too, fwiw) but as far as I can tell it doesn't lock you out of anything, relying entirely on gadgets if you're not tech specced appears like it would just be inefficient. Weapons are a mix of melee and ranged so far, haven't bothered with the ranged weapons yet so can't say anything about those, except that they require ammo. And then ther
  22. Been playing some Vaporum, feels like the first Grimrock, but steampunk, so far. Also got Elite: Dangerous because it was on sale and I got curious. Game insists on ignoring my keyboard settings and instead setting the layout based on my locale (which I verified by changing my locale, and I don't even have the layout it insists on installed). Not sure if I can be bothered dealing with that level of wilful incompetence so I might just refund it (which would be my first refund ever on Steam). Game is complex enough that having to deal with the keyboard mapping not matching my keyboard
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