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  1. Yup, my CPU is from 2010, so slightly younger than yours, but not by much. Did upgrade GPU in the meantime though, because it wouldn't run The Witcher 3 at all with what was in there initially... Currently I have the impression I/O busses are starting to be a limiting factor. On another note: Shenmue 3 turned on its backers and decided to go Epic exclusive despite prior promises. Another nail in Kickstarter's coffin.
  2. No pre-order bonus bollocks for Cyberpunk. Heh, now I'm even tempted to preorder Minimum system requirements still to be announced tho (at least they're not on Gog), which is the thing that worries me the most about the game, to be honest... As for Bethesda, I don't get all the hate the engine gets, the engine isn't the problem, it's just a piece of software that can be refactored, the problem is Bethesda's engine programmers appear to not be up to snuff, changing engines won't help with that, I'm afraid.
  3. Well, we also know what Swen has said in interviews, how that will translate to the final game is anyone's guess, of course, but it seems that he is trying to avoid BG3 being considered a direct successor, which is odd as they could have called it "BG: The White Dog" (I'm so witty it hurts), and gotten a free pass on that front, but for some as of yet unknown reason they chose not to do so and name it BG3 instead.
  4. No, I meant the unreleased one (due out October) Swen referred to in the interview and which is the reason he won't say more about the story at this point. You missed one, fledgling.
  5. So, Destiny 2 is: going (partially?) F2P, iiuc year 1 content will be F2P, which if I'm not mistaken means the base game. coming to Steam (and Google Stadia), alas not Gog doing away with lootboxes doing away with PS4 exclusives adding cross-play between all their platforms (this needn't be a positive, for Warframe it's mostly been a negative when they tried it as the certification process for consoles makes it impossible to respond to issues quickly, which was a huge issue during the first, and very badly received, iteration of their "Nightwave" battle-pass-thing
  6. Isn't that the module Larian mention in the article as their BG3 being a direct continuation of?
  7. From the article: I thought BG2 was easy to learn, albeit hard to master. It having been my first RPG I had no trouble finishing the game without external help (which was good since I had no internet), something I cannot say from D:OS where I already got a headache at character creation (in a manner of speaking) Also from the article: Coming from the creators of D:OS1&2 I find that statement worrying. The type of challenge offered by those games was entirely different from what I experienced in BG2 (much more frustration in D:OS) and I rather have it stays in D:OS.
  8. Swen already made it very clear what the thinks of exclusives, and unlike a bunch of others I expect him to stick to his principles. (as far as I know they've always delivered on their Kickstarter promises, despite sometimes rather major bumps (*cough* Linux *cough*), unlike many many others who just canned promises when things got rough)
  9. Welp, hard to get hyped about this after all this time. The Saga was complete, after all, so I can't help but feel that this is just cashing in on the cult following this series has garnered over the years (not necessarily by Larian though...) Doesn't mean it can't turn out to be a great game, but tying it to the Baldur's Gate name sets extremely high expectations as far as I am concerned (BG2 is still the standard I measure all my cRPGs to and none have since matched it, in my eyes) But we'll see, we know nothing about the game right now (except that something called Baldur's Gate 3
  10. Installed some mods to avoid going crazy from some of the building limitations, so figured I might as well go over my (short) mod list and explain what they do: Pippi : mod to manage servers, allows setting up teleports etc. Only reason I have it is because it allows you to edit your character without starting over, picked this one because it's popular enough that it won't go away anytime soon. SP_Boss_HP: knocks boss HP down to sane levels for single player, only touches boss hp, so they'll still hurt like before Pythagoras Support Beams: ran into a whole lot of issues with
  11. Just pointing out that bits do actually jiggle/dangle by default, though the defaults for the fairer sex are rather subtle, as far as games are concerned anyway (no breasts flopping about from a stiff breeze). Though "the trunk" doesn't "move", afaik.
  12. People have been asking for a conclusion to the original Divinity as well, which would be Divinity 3. I kinda liked D2: DKS so I wouldn't mind that at all (probably rather have D3 over BG3 to be honest)
  13. Larian has never done a RTwP game before, right? So yeah, that's a worry right there. That and, well, BG3, after all this time it's just bound to disappoint, no matter who makes it. As bummed as I am about that cliffhanger Valve probably has the right idea with HL3.
  14. Lara's first tomb For the glory of Set! That was one badly timed sandstorm, had to scramble to get the mask on without getting chomped to death... Still working on Murloc Castle... (that's also about the furthest I can go away before draw distance starts kicking in) Reducing their HP doesn't necessarily make bosses any less nasty, one mistake too many and, well, let's just say that's not an NPC corpse there...
  15. Heh, I imagined you hit 60 a while ago I've now started revisiting some prior bosses, so far I've killed the cave croc and the huge croc world boss I spotted near a lake when I was "little" (had a chest near it that just told me I was too low level. Boo!). I also started exploring the Unnamed City (since it's right next door) where I killed a bunch of human (mini)bosses (assuming they are bosses since I couldn't turn them into Thralls) and a miniboss skeleton (has a skull on his hp bar, and since he's in my way on the way in and pretty easy to beat he does get beaten on regularly). I als
  16. Is it me or does the RTX version seem brighter than the original?
  17. That's quite the impressive construction! Love the waterfall, need to get me my own waterfall now, dang it! I imagine structural integrity must have been a pain, especially for the lower part that hangs from the cliff. I can't really build that way since I have The Purge on, and when they can't get to your base normally they will just spawn inside, which I'd rather avoid... And I recognize the location now, one my of picked building spots was actually on those cliffs you built against, near that broken statue a tad to the west, it has some bridges over cliffs on the north side that seemed
  18. I've been doing a lot of building. I don't seem to have any screenshots from the really early start, but I basically started by choosing a good foundation spot and then mocking things up with sandstone until it "clicked" in my head. Initially I wanted to stick to building against the pillar, unfortunately a bunch of items (like the Wheel of Pain) are a tad large to fit in a hanging room (at least, without making it look horrible), so I ended up building a giant hall at the foot of the cliff with a bunch of watchtowers. I also built a staircase to the top, just to see if what I wanted to d
  19. So they would be charging "unrealistically low prices to drive out a competitor"? Hmm.
  20. Game can look really pretty 't Is but a scratch! I've been exploring, looking for a new location to settle more north since the enemies near my initial location (barring bosses) have become a tad too easy. Ran into some nice looking locations on my hikes. Cave full of crystal, with a definitely not ominous looking room at the bottom Unnamed City, early morning (iirc) Think I found a good building spot, close to the center of the map, very close to massive amounts of iron and coal and not surrounded by really tough enemies (like the rhinos and tigers a little bit furt
  21. Well, the first Purge in Conan Exiles finally triggered, wasn't quite so bad. But I might have over-prepared a tad...
  22. Haha, my dancers still wear slightly more On the topic of clothing, it's funny how many of the Thralls you capture will suddenly have more, or different clothing, than you captured them with, and I don't recall handing out clothing. Love these ghosts that point you to certain caves: Also cleared out my first cave (not the one from the ghost, that was croc-cave, which I haven't messed with too much), this one had a whole slew of humans, many of which T2, T3 and a priest of Mitra (which I have no use for, so I just ripped out his heart) Annoyingly enemies already started respaw
  23. Ahh, and here I was about to ask about The Purge, since the meter's almost at the first marker for me (my megalomaniac building tendencies might have something to do with that...) So yeah, now that I have some thralls, some decent armour and have sacrificed countless unbelievers (probably some believers as well, they should feel honoured) I felt powerful enough to do away with subtlety... I built a massive mess-hall/throne room next to my temple and added guard towers and a gate (I've since added stairs to the entryway): I like to think the view from the terrace isn't half bad:
  24. Honestly I've doubled the speed at which Thralls break (I was just twiddling my thumbs waiting for it at some point, looked up the numbers and was like..."Errr, really? 8 hours of real time for a T4 Thrall?!") and halved material costs. Felt fair to me since the game is balanced around multiplayer (and mining rocks got kinda RSI-inducing, not even kidding). I considered halving XP gain too, but it's not as if I've been zooming through the levels so left that alone for now. I managed to acquire a bunch of Thralls now: 2 warriors, an archer, a cook and I'm breaking a Tier 2 Blacksmith now.
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