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  1. Grabbed the Death of the Outsider DLC for Dishonored 2, so now I just have to finish my no kills/no detection playthrough of the original and its DLCs...
  2. Hmm, nostalgia. My first ever games were pitfall.exe (this is not the Pitfall most people would apparently think of) and Elephant Herding on an XT (we did have a monochrome screen though, no fancy colours like in the Youtube video) My parents didn't really upgrade away from that XT for aeons (we went from DOS3.1 or so on that XT to Windows 95, I pretty much skipped everything in-between). The first graphical, and mouse driven game I played was Abuse when we were on holiday in the UK, by Crack Dot Com (which is open source nowadays), still love that game and fond memories of playing t
  3. Took me a while (too long, honestly), but I got a working Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Docker image. I was about to give up on the project when the thing suddenly decided to actually allow connections (server started fine before, but errored out each time something tried to connect), so I ended up trudging on after all. The in-game or Steam server browsers don't find the server and I'm not sure why, but at this point I'm already happy direct connections work (at least from within my local network) The documentation for the dedicated server is pretty much non-existent, wrong, outdated or
  4. With Diablo Immortal I guess it's also about what such a thing represents. These kinds of mobile games tend to be the bottom of the barrel when it comes to ethics as they tend to be about squeezing as much as possible out of their audience by any means they can get away with, seeing a company that was supposedly about making good games stoop that low is bound to anger some people. (even though they've basically been owned by Activision for ages so they ought to have known better) If nothing else this just proves that Blizzard has now truly been swallowed by Activision, with everything that ent
  5. I had been considering joining some sort of server (as if I needed an excuse for more building ;)), so I'm all for it. I had also been considering running one (been tinkering with a Docker image on and off as I don't want to install Wine, Steam, and co straight into the OS), though mostly to check out the differences between solo and dedicated because I'm not so sure my hardware could handle many people (but I have no idea how taxing the dedicated server is, so maybe it can host like a 10 slot server). Server settings would need to be discussed, I imagine. Like PvP or no, decay timers on
  6. (implied explosions behind my character)
  7. Depends on the length of the game. Doing something that precludes a satisfying ending in a 10hour game is a lot less agonizing than making a "wrong" choice in something like The Witcher 3... Well, depends on the type of grind, how mandatory it is (is it progression blocking or optional) and how many ways there are to get to your goal. I absolutely detest "daily quest" grind in the likes of WoW but I don't much mind murdering the same mooks over and over to gain reputation with a faction, or to get some item to drop, or somesuch (assuming said murdering is, in itself satisfying aka
  8. They still do a lot better than most, but despite me still liking the game very much let's put some potential negatives on a row: Riven mods: there's 4 layers of randomness involved: chance to get one in the first place, chance to get one for the weapon you want it for, chance to get the stats on it that you want and then the chance to roll "ideal" numbers on those stats), which means that realistically if you really want one you'll have to buy it off of other players (with premium currency, of course, as barely anyone will accept anything else). There's a reason this system often gets c
  9. I reduced building costs (other option is to increase gathering yield), mostly to avoid the gathering getting overly tedious. Still this would be doable with "vanilla" settings, at least in a solo game. The location itself is really close to large amounts of Brimstone, as the croc cave and the other brimstone cave are pretty much right at the other side of the newbie river from here. There's Iron (and Coal, but barely using that anymore) there too, but not in such large amounts, so I tend to just "import" that from my tower near the Unnamed City (where iron is plentiful). Ichor is easy: j
  10. My build is getting a bit out of hand, fitting it meaningfully in a screenshot has gotten rather hard. Anyway, might be interesting to see how I go about building. So I ended up finishing the palace wing of my palace (at least the structure part, need to decorate rooms etc still. From the entrance to the end I built a big throne room: Dragon heads are kinda big, but I managed to fit one in the equally ridiculously big Map Room Overview including my initial base at the bottom of the arch, for scale. The palace I built is barely visible here (it's behind the Derketo te
  11. TennoCon (the Warframe conference) was this weekend, I think the most relevant part is that there's a new player experience overhaul upcoming (about time) and that the game gets a new (very cool) intro: Bunch of other new stuff being announced (new rendering engine, ship space combat, etc.), but I figure this to be the most relevant to those not already playing the game (especially those that got turned off by said new player experience), no ETA on any of the new player stuff though.
  12. They happily use the readily available alternative though: low wage countries. Encouraging addictive behaviour isn't exactly harmless either, and arguably leads to deaths as well.
  13. The fact that Bayer and Monsanto were allowed to merge blew my mind, and not in a good way. I guess we should just accept that we're ****ed and playing video games until we drop doesn't sound so bad as a way of getting away from reality, so EA (and the rest of them) better not mess with my video games too!
  14. Which is weird because most modern devices stop being usable once they are due for replacement (according to the manufacturer, aka the second your warranty is up), many get suspiciously slow all of a sudden (even if you reinstall them) or start suddenly wearing out quickly (proving it is another matter, of course). Not to mention that running anything unsupported that's connected to the internet is rather irresponsible in the first place as unpatched Androids, for example, are about as secure as going online with Windows 98 (probably even less secure as no sensible person that didn't just drop
  15. Not to mention they have a track record of just killing popular products because they themselves don't see the value anymore (Google Reader comes to mind). Since apparently you'll still have the buy the games at full price on top of a subscription I can see that being a risk many won't be willing to take. The argument that Steam might disappear as well doesn't fly here as Steam is Valve's main product, the only realistic way Steam would go away is when Valve goes bankrupt (and if you're worried about that, buy your stuff on Gog and backup your installers). There's of course the obvious is
  16. Yup, no non-Epic Lemurian that I've found and I'm pretty sure that after my wholesale genocide of their race I'd have found it by now if it existed But I did notice there being a difference between the different tiers (normal, exceptional and flawless) as far as temperature resistance went, hence the question. On the topic of Lemurians (and to stay on topic): I made it to the end (after going back out and stuffing my inventory with water breathing potions), that is, I beat the final boss. But holy hell, was this place hard. Thankfully you don't need to beat everything in there to pr
  17. Wow, congratulations! Nice to know the Frost Giants are easy, I've shied away from dealing with them thus far. On a RP level, I think I wouldn't remove the bracelet and just keep the Keystone around, knowing that I can remove it should I so choose, because removing it would remove your ability to use the Map Room, which is kind of neat way to get around. You'd also lose the ability to understand any language, which might be a tad annoying to keep your Thralls in check On the cold damage front, do you have the Flawless Epic version of the Royal Lemurian Armor? I've so far managed
  18. "I am fire. I am ... death" "I have poison arrows!"
  19. That's only really been a problem since games made it more convenient to level as tank by upping their damage, and adding multispec. That and communities getting bigger, or rather, there not really being much of one anymore on a per server basis. Basically in the pre-multispec WoW days you wouldn't blame the tank unless they were actually really, really bad (and then you'd likely try to get them to get better instead of raging at them). Getting on the blacklist of your servers' active tanks was a bad deal if you wanted to get into dungeon groups on a regular basis. Respeccing was cos
  20. The cave that's almost underneath my main base that I only found like 200hours in... (is supposed to get an overhaul in the next content patch I heard): I started building my first base below a rock arch, now I've started building a palace on top of said arch and it turns out the beam from my Set shrine aligns almost perfectly with the main entryway. It is a sign from Set! Bring more prisoners, sacrifices need to be made! (and no, I really did not plan for this, at all) The epic version of the Royal Lemurian Armor provides enough cold resistance (makes total sense, less clothing =
  21. Thanks for the heads up, Borderlands DLC also on a steep sale on Steam so I used this opportunity to just grab everything (can't go wrong for the less than 1.5euro it cost me to complete my DLC collection...)
  22. It depends on the spawnpoint, but if multiple tiers of NPCs spawn there the likelihood of a named being able to spawn there as well is rather high, at least in my experience. Of course, there's a big difference between a spawnpoint that can spawn "any craftsman" vs one that can spawn "any armorer", though in practice I tend to just murder any camp I come across and just nab the T4s when I see them Lemurians are nice in that regard as there's only a very very small area where they appear so anything that's not a Purge-only NPC will spawn there. So I just set up a few Wheels of Pain outside
  23. Nice, I think I only have one part of the Heart of the Sand (from the Croc), got the mask as well, poking her with a weapon with some range (I used an Ancient Javelin) using light armor (dodge distance is underrated) makes it fairly doable to stay out of her range. Some nice looking armor recipes as reward for that fight too. I've been mostly building my capital (which is basically my starting location still) with the occasional expedition. I've also survived two more Purges (both were Exiles) and managed to snatch 4 T4 purge-only thralls from those: Kheral the Tanner (tanner, surp
  24. Most games still don't utilize the multiple cores of modern CPUs all that effectively as far as I can tell (my ancient first gen i7 doesn't get to really sweat all that often), meaning that a CPU with less, but faster, cores would appear to generally still work better than one with more, but slightly slower, cores.
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