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  1. Fighting this boss without cheese is a pretty sure-fire way to get killed. One hit takes off around 40% of my health as her attacks ignore armor entirely... This also means that having a thrall fight her is a really bad idea as she'd just rip through them. Nothing that can't be fixed with a little bit of stun-locking though (and running around like a headless chicken to heal up/refill stamina ;)) And this is how most of the dungeon actually went: get boss to engage my thrall, stand back and shoot healing arrows (or Snake arrows if not dealing with undead), the Arena Champion is the only b
  2. Getting very, very close now... And yes, I did use the Wiki for this one, still took me quite a while, not because I missed so many places (I didn't, unfortunately I also didn't count them but it was well under 20, which isn't bad on a total of 237) but well, finding which markers you missed on such a large map was slow (didn't help that since the last major Windows update the game has started randomly freezing on alt-tabbing...) The ending... So that leaves the new dungeon and Avatar summoning. Since I know the altar gets destroyed in the ritual I'll just build a new one
  3. Well, the date of birth only suddenly got requested months after the forum upgrade, so I'm not sure the forum upgrade can be fingered as the cause. MIght have been some legal dude from MS stumbling over the forums and noticing it so some setting got changed, or somesuch. I'm also not sure what personally identifiable information a forum would collect that would require COPPA compliance (the Google tracking stuff, maybe), but ianal (nor a US citizen, for that matter), so I'll just roll with it. Suddenly asking for it with no explanation is annoying though and might be a GDPR violation (th
  4. What's up with the forum suddenly requiring my birth date?
  5. So this popped up in my suggestions the other day. As you all are probably aware it has been widely reported that the UK says lootboxes are not gambling, of course the truth is a lot more nuanced and Bellular goes through the entire parliamentary hearing (of which most "journalists" read the first paragaph or so, apparently): The TL;DR could be summed up pretty accurately as "The UK doesn't consider lootboxes gambling (by their legal definition), but the UK Gambling Commission argues they probably should be."
  6. Given how Epic basically bought them out (to the detriment of said backers) I doubt they'd be happy about not getting what they paid for... Working on something else would be pretty ballsy, I for one, won't support them again as their word has been proven to be worth about as much as that of the average politician.
  7. I think I stepped through a portal into some Bethesda game... I was only going to build a small outpost to capture thralls. Got the capturing part down. Might have slightly failed in the "small" department though... The huge circular(-ish) roof was a nightmare to build. I still want to add a Set temple somewhere, at some point. Open roof over the Wheel of Pain and kitchen right next door for some added persuasive powers. Can't have Keyrock claim I'm a softie again! Since I have no real reason to start any new building projects in my single player save I've gone back to th
  8. Kinda selective about which commitments they keep, aren't they? But I can't really argue against not working their staff to death either.
  9. Messed around some more with the Conan Exiles dedicated server. My base got to a decent size and stuff got kinda really laggy. CPU was still bored and machine wasn't OOM. Load didn't really go over 1.2 (which is still fine for a dual core, but most of the time was between 0.6 and 0.8) either either so not sure what's up with that (I'll go with "badly optimized software"). Willing to open it up if people are interested but something tells me that having multiple players might not be a good time. In hindsight I should probably just have tried loading my single player save on the server, som
  10. Right, had to look that one up since I haven't played through The New Colossus yet and I'd forgotten about the suit in The New Order (worn by someone else). Still he only needs it because of an injury, not because he's just not trained well enough to do what he does. Either way I figure that to be a minor detail (didn't even notice his focus on it, honestly), the stuff that interested me, personally was the RPG mechanics and the looter-shooter parts, well and the behaviour of the protagonists (which I, as I already mentioned, already abhorred after the announcement). Sounds a lot lik
  11. If you mean the appearance of the protagonists, then I can agree (though I do see his point, which doesn't mean I *agree* with his point, let's make that clear here and now). Their behaviour, otoh, yeah, I do have a problem with that, it turned me off of the game as soon as I saw the announcement video. I feel the need to point this out again: I never claimed I agreed with all his points necessarily, I just thought the video entertaining. As I said, the protagonists' behaviour turned me off from the game immediately, so I am quite aware I'm not in the target audience, just enjoying me som
  12. Ok, so unfortunately as I feared, no more fine grained control Thanks for the effort of explaining though!
  13. BJ didn't need any armor though? I mean, doubt they'd have let him keep it when they locked him up and he was just fine. He was also muscular to the point he made the Governator seem scrawny. Either way I thought his point was more that they wanted to add girl power without wanting to "compromise" by making the girls look like they'd be able to do the stuff they're doing (which would mean they'd have had to be quite a bit more muscular than the, as the author puts it, "scrawny teenagers" they are). I would tend to agree on that point. Easiest way to make someone strong without making them look
  14. Got 3 days of free gametime from Blizzard, not sure if nice or desperate of them. Anyway, mostly been alternating between playing on the Conan Exiles server I set up and an official (PvE) server for comparison's sake., and trying to tune the former, of course. Docker images appear fine and reliable now, unfortunately haven't been able to figure out the server browser issue, which is really annoying as it means you need to enter the server details manually, twice: once where it checks server mods and then it restarts with those mods activated (probably can skip this step if single pla
  15. The game might be bad, but this review was comedy gold.
  16. Can confirm for Origin, uses about 3MB in that state. Uplay actually appears to be gone though, so maybe they already fixed it.
  17. Does this only work for DRM free applications, or does it mean it doesn't pop up the respective launcher but it's still running in the background? Just for funsies I had a look at all the launchers I have around when they run in the background (everything approximate, of course, and I gave everything about 10min to "settle" after launching them and/or waited for any upgrade and updates to complete): Bethesda.net Launcher: 560MB(!!!) Steam 150MB Gog Galaxy 150MB Battle.net 110MB (as a bonus, I updated WoW and that added another 400MB process for the duration of the
  18. It's just software, if well maintained it can go on for quite a while. Of course most games (including MMOs) are not built to last. So a lot of them run into issues with spaghetti code or other hacks to just get things out the door. Blizzard spent a bunch of time refactoring WoW's engine to future proof it, for example. The ironic thing is that I'm sure many of them thought these games wouldn't last this long and that they'd then just make a successor. Then they discovered that creating enough content to keep players busy isn't exactly easy (or cheap), so now they're all stuck with games built
  19. Well, ESO can be played without a subscription, which is what I meant, you still have to actually buy the game and expansions (the way GW2 used to be). So I guess it's B2P. Without a subscription you don't have access to the crafting storage though (forgot the actual name) which just makes gathering and crafting a massive pain, to the point I'd consider it unplayable without (but ymmv), assuming you care about crafting, of course. If they changed that then maybe it's worth another look.
  20. Was 1.12 the "TBC preparation patch"? I mean, I sure hope it is not, because if so then that's not vanilla, like, at all, that's like setting up a TBC realm and letting people start at the "WotLK preparation patch" (which would be the patch that added achievements), it made power levels go through the roof and many guilds that weren't able to get anywhere prior now could easily clear at least some of the earlier raids.
  21. Cataclysm was Blizzard realising they messed up with progression and difficulty during Wrath of the Lich King and trying to right the ship. Heroic dungeons were actually hard again, as were the raids. Unfortunately they didn't have the foresight to also remove LFG (aka, to realize that there was no way back), so what ended up happening is that anyone who wasn't a tank spent stupid amounts of time in a queue trying to get into dungeons, only to have the tank quit after the first wipe. Pandaria was just a daily quest grindfest in a crap setting. The cliché laden faux-eastern stuff really do
  22. Bunch of upheaval in MMO-land. It's starting to look like WoW going in the wrong direction for expansions on end might finally be catching up to them and they're very much likely to lose their No1 spot to FFXIV... Guild Wars 2 also isn't doing particularly great for the more hardcore players, here's a breakdown of what went down there for those interested: I do tend to agree with skillUp that there's a relation between hardcore and casual players and that if either is unhappy, or straight up quitting, it'll have a considerable impact on the rest of the
  23. My main interest is to see how people will deal with the old raids. I never played vanilla (started early TBC) and even if there were TBC servers I doubt I'd go back as my guild is long gone, the realm community is long gone (thanks LFG) and I kinda don't have the amount of time I had back then either. To top that off I probably look at games (and MMOs especially) with a rather different lens so it'll likely only distort the fond memories I built up in those years (despite my...situation, back then) I hope it does well though and results in a massive direction change for WoW. Lord on
  24. Hmm, I couldn't find a separate setting for the wishlist. As far as I understand the only way to hide it is to make your entire profile private, which isn't what I want... If it is possible then, errr, how? (already had to search to find out where the privacy settings were, seeing as they're in such an intuitive place...not)
  25. Yup, that's what I used to do until people started gifting me stuff from said wishlist...
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