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  1. I might have meta-gamed the deity choice a bit (I assumed it was a permanent choice, it doesn't appear to be so though). Given how my main source of hides has been humans (hehe) Yog might have been a reasonable pick as well I'm pretty much directly opposite of that cave (assuming it's the one with the ghost lady running into it, got ambushed by two crocs bit further down so I heroically ran away), at the other side of the river. Iron has indeed been a pretty big pain to acquire but moving next to all the spiders isn't really appealing either. Need to get me some better weapons so I can j
  2. Built my first house under a rock overhang I started out camping under: Figured easier access to the water below would be neat, so started building stairs, ended up building a bunch of houses in the cliff wall The gods need a proper temple (actually underestimated how much space those shrines required so stuff ended a bit bigger than initially planned...) Temple and initial house seen from up top (the cliff wall is behind the house Not sure how the location is from a gameplay point of view (mostly spent my time building ;)) but irl it would have been a nice hidden location
  3. Conan Exiles is on sale on Steam right now. I might have bought it. I blame Keyrock.
  4. Well, Warframe doesn't have lootboxes, although they did nerf XP gain some years ago, likely so they could keep booster sales up. Still, they just make stuff go faster and only affect XP and resources (not blueprints or anything else "desirable") so they're still mostly a skip-the-grind type of deal. That said, they do have randomly generated "mods" (basically stat-cards that you put on your gear) that are tradeable (sounds akin to Diablo 3's auction house, which I had no first hand experience with). They're gated behind multiple levels of randomness so getting a desirable one generally m
  5. ...I wouldn't dare! But the screenshot threads have been missing a certain something lately... I too can quit whenever I choose!
  6. Wait, when did we start talking about Anthem? (I'll get my coat)
  7. I've been collecting me some Wyrdstone... Gotta man up and finally get through that Sisters of Sigmar campaign (yups, still, my middle name might be "procrastination", maybe. I'll check, later.), but easing into it as I'm a wee bit rusty and I'd rather not wipe out my Warband at this point.
  8. Making a note to figure out where Keyrock lives so I can plan my walking trips around that knowledge, literally Still playing Destiny 2 (with some Skyrim on the side), turns out the mission I thought was the end of the campaign (killed the "big bad" and all), well, wasn't. Unlocked an entirely new area now that I can explore, yay! On that note, I kinda like Destiny's setting (or at least the more grounded bits), this "post golden-age apocalypse" kinda does it for me, the combination of technology and archaeology is awesome when combined with the atmosphere, the feeling of nost
  9. Finished up Destiny 2's Forsaken campaign, was good fun. Unfortunately the game's servers (or the game's networking code) appear to be terrible, disconnects are rampant and usually happen when the game tries to save state (iow it's not related to the P2P nature of matchmaking), like loot or mission progress. Having to redo 2 out of the 8 barons (which are solo things, so P2P doesn't even factor in) because the game bailed after beating the boss was...not enjoyable. Other than that trying to get better so I can keep up and contribute a bit more meaningfully in the Verdant Forest, unfo
  10. Turns out James Ohlen is now working for WotC in a new studio that is focusing on "creation of original IP outside the Magic the Gathering and D&D brands" (no BG3 here, folks). Pretty much no other information there but this could potentially be interesting. Source (linked at timestamp so you can skip the Epic bollocks):
  11. Picked up my Shadow of the Tomb Raider playthrough. Story still hasn't grabbed me but some of the challenge tombs are fun at least.
  12. Right, so after a day with the upgrade I have to come back to my point about the old "My activity" stream: it no longer appears to exist in this version, meaning I have to check all the threads I've replied to manually by just going through all the forums, which is rather inconvenient, to say the least. The "Profile" lists all threads a user has replied to, much like the old "My activity" that also was under profile, unfortunately it does not tell you which ones have replies. The activity streams just give you a stream (or flood, rather) of all the replies to threads you've subscribe
  13. Sword in the stone Eep! Move over Lara, this tomb needs raiding! Dark places EDIT123532523412312: still doesn't show up in Firefox, works fine in Chrome, no more whining about insecure content on a secure website though so probably just Firefox being derpy. I must say adding that 's' to "http" was quite the nightmarish endeavour in the new UI.
  14. Since Thin Bloods are counted as a clan that means there's another clan from VtMB that won't make the cut for initial release. Alas.
  15. Looks spiffy. Upgrade seems to have gone smoothly as well, nice job! So on to the remarks: Another vote to get BBCode mode back EDIT: editing images is practically impossible in the new UI, something as simple as modifying the URL turned into an ordeal that almost made debugging multi-threaded code seem like fun, comparatively. Any way to get the "Content I Follow" in a more convenient location? This 2 level AJAX menu is kind of...annoying for regular use. Eg. back under the "My activity" in the Profile menu would be nice (and back to where it used to be before the upgra
  16. Yeah, Andromeda's main problem was clearly bad project management more than anything, they had more than enough time if they used it well. It's a massive game (as is DAI), but there isn't enough to hold interest. The fps gameplay is actually pretty good but it's hard to see how the RPG systems would have worked well on any other engine either, they're kind of disjointed in a way that suggests people were developing systems and even planetary narrative in isolation; and the characters, plot and antagonists being so poor is 100% not due to the engine. Plus despite Andromeda following DAI and the
  17. I though this quote from the Kotaku article summed it up nicely: On top of that its tooling is apparently seriously sub-par when compared to the competition and it takes ages to render something before you can test to know whether it actually worked. Add to the above that the thing wasn't built for the kinds of stuff BioWare has been trying to use it for. It doesn't support third person, for example, that's something BioWare had to hack in, with barely any support from the Frostbite team from the sounds of it. It also couldn't handle the map sizes of DA:I and I'm sure someone at BioWare
  18. In a very real sense the video games industry seems over-saturated. Eh, if you remove all the exclusives that list might quickly become pretty manageable I'd expect, especially with the backlog I've managed to build up. Unfortunately. There's not many good MMOs around (and many of the ones that are/were decent are suffering from massive neglect and/or being sold to F2P cashgrab companies) and innovation is absolutely nowhere to be found in the genre. Barring a very few exceptions they're all just WoW clones in some form or other and WoW was already a dumbed down clone of what
  19. Honestly, the initial vision for the game sounded pretty neat. Closer to Monster Hunter World than the Destiny clone we got now. Bit of a shame that one of the major reasons it didn't get made was because the engine foisted onto BioWare just couldn't handle it (that and keeping it engaging over longer periods of time). Unless they somehow manage to modularize that engine so they can basically have multiple engines with the same underlying technology Frostbite is just going to stay the Achilles heel of EA, and probably ends up costing them way more than just licensing an engine that's actua
  20. Well played Right in the feels, ouch... On that note are there any exclusives by company that tend to publish actual sales numbers? I'd be really interested to see the impact (even though financially their sugar daddy covers them so the publishers/developers won't feel it, at least not in their pockets). Note that the 2.5 times LL "numbers" from Epic are meaningless marketing bs since we don't have actual sales numbers for LL. Do we know if those 2,5 mils might potentially include the Steam pre-orders or is it explicitly Epic only? It's not 2,5 million copies. It's 2.5 times
  21. Well, Borderlands 3 will include xp and loot boosters in the "deluxe" and up editions (going up to a ridiculous 250 USD edition). Going to assume these will be purchasable with real money as well and until reviews roll in proving otherwise I'm just going to assume the grind is tuned to sell those things to people. Guess there should have been more outrage about the practice AC:O after all. If the Epic thing wasn't enough reason to hold off (and the fact that I never managed to finish Borderlands 2, ) this on its own would definitely be enough reason for me to toss this game onto the "wait
  22. Well played Right in the feels, ouch... On that note are there any exclusives by company that tend to publish actual sales numbers? I'd be really interested to see the impact (even though financially their sugar daddy covers them so the publishers/developers won't feel it, at least not in their pockets). Note that the 2.5 times LL "numbers" from Epic are meaningless marketing bs since we don't have actual sales numbers for LL.
  23. The funny thing being that BioWare's response came literal minutes after the Kotaku article was published, in other words, it was a canned response written before they even bothered reading the entire thing based on the synopsis sent to them by Kotaku (which they didn't bother responding to). So yeah...
  24. Well Kotaku (you were warned) has a lengthy piece about Anthem's development. The tl;dr is basically Anthem is Mass Effect: Andromeda 2.0: chronic lack of vision, Frostbite woes, bad leadership, and the game was eventually slapped together in the last year or so. Oh, and DA:I apparently went through the same deal, albeit a little more successfully.
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