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  1. I have no problem with what PE is doing. My guess is that the backgrounds will look beautiful.
  2. What does that word mean in a game though? There are no lasting consequences for success or failure in a game where animated pixels move about a screen according to mouse movements and key presses. Not judging your preferences, just thinking "out loud" about the concept of "progress" I think you're thinking a little too hard about this. Simply put, I don't want to lose a character that I've invested time into, or have to replay portions of a game against my desire.
  3. Concept art is what it is. It rarely seems to be 100% copied over into any particular game itself for various reasons. And Project Eternity is not the final title either.
  4. I completely understand why people like Iron Man mode. it's not really for me though. I rarely have a lot of time to put into a game, and losing a lot of progress because I wasn't paying attention because I was tired doesn't appeal to me.
  5. Please don't make something like disease some overly complicated obnoxious feature. Sickness and disease have worked well in many other games and don't really need an overhaul here.
  6. I like the idea of unique cultural weapons. maybe of restriction based on a race's size.
  7. I loved wearing my power armor and punching people with the bloody mess perk. so satisfying. I thought fallout 2 was great by the way. I wouldn't worry too much. these guys have a lot more experience now
  8. I'm not willing to make any sort of judgments about concept art yet. Development is still on-going and this is early on. I don't know how many games I've played where the finished product looks substantially different from the beginning concept art.
  9. I think you could get the info you seek just from paying attention to updates and the wiki. They'll probably unveil more important NPCs of various races as time wears on, and you can get an idea from that.
  10. I imagine that some aspects and quests will have some horrific elements to them. Just like I imagine some aspects will be comedic, or more dramatic, etc.
  11. If James is from Fresno, you should realize that he's probably already an expert at realizing decaying worlds and evil characters.
  12. It's upsetting that this ancient astronaut garbage is on the History Channel. oh well, is this even supposed to be in this forum?
  13. Giant, monolithic statues rising out of the mist and/or blizzard... as best can be represented, anyways.
  14. I like Soule, but from what I've heard of the soundtrack guy they have now they're in good hands.
  15. I really think looting should be as quick and convenient as possible. Not really into absolutely everything being lootable - maybe some kind of quick key that lets you loot valuables (potions, gems, and coins) and another key for everything else if you so desire. I hate having to click through a mountain of garbage on a defeated foe to get the 3 measly gold coins.
  16. I do find it hard sometimes not to meta-game, but I always try to stay focused on what I think the character would do.
  17. I'd love to see the PST style game just done more often. Similar setting but not necessarily a straight up sequel, that's not important to me. I just want more intelligent, really well-written, meaningful gaming experiences.
  18. I've been playing Crusader Kings 2 a bit lately, after a recent Skyrim relapse. Getting bored though.
  19. 6 might be the max but I'd love roll with a tight, focused group of 3.
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