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  1. http://youtu.be/F0MsA6991Fs
  2. Movement is a movement speed? Wouldn't it turn into BG2 situation when some of your party members had Boots of Speed and you have to wait constantly until rest of the party will catch up?
  3. What a hell is: +1 Resolve (Suppressed) Suppressed like in BG - where you can't wear two +1 Rings and get +2 in total ? Is +1 suppressed by +2 or what?
  4. I can't even consider IWD, i.e. created characters as a companions - they are just walking templates and faceless units. Even if canon companion have 30 lines of dialogue and have crappy stats and abilities they are infinitely better than faceless models.
  5. F#$% you! F#$% you! F#$% you! F#$% you! F#$% you! F#$% you! F#$% you!
  6. In the vast majority of RPGs the only way you could change or affect your companions is by making them better, turning them from the "dark side" or persuading them to abandon their evil ways. Could we do the opposite as well? Let us corrupt our companions. Make paladins fall, priests abandon their gods, vigilant betray their comrades and ideals. We already had it to some extent in KOTOR2 and DA:O. In Dragon Age it was called "hardening" - making companion more cynical, harsh and selfish. In KOTOR2 via your influence and certain dialogues you could turn companions to the dark side, like "helping" Atton to accept and be proud of his past as a jedi murderer. We already have seen companions in PE like Cadegund - a priestess of Magran. By "corrupting" her we may have option either to shatter her faith or push her into more severe actions - more like "Bomb them all, Magran will recognize her own!" Same goes for NPCs. Push a lord to expell elves\orlans from the community, force paladins to embark on a purging crusade, convince a repenting character that his\her actions were right and there's no need for repentance Profit could be obvious - seduce a wizard with temptations of dark and forbidden arts and you may gain an access to rare skein steel equipment.
  7. Raving psychopath kind of evil that became a "default" option in cRPGs is boring. So even in non-D&D system "evil" is considered as anything beyond goody-two-shoes options. But in PE I would like to see a different kind of "evil", more of a calculating, scheming, selfish one. Ideally, something like this: http://youtu.be/z9gINFueof8 In other words, more of a Baelish and Tywin and less Joffrey.
  8. I will consider it. For fighter\rogue, if crit build wold be more potent or Int will not provide some other benefits, like additional dialogue options or such, then i may consider changing it. The problem is that if one attribute foverns damage output then it'll be inevitably required and everything could simply go down to what other stat should I max. So far from scarse info we got STR looks like a dump stat. Maybe after some more information about inventory system will be released its value will go up.
  9. I base my assumptions on a theory, that in PE stats would not be increased throughout the game and character will have a fixed amount of them to distribute at the beginning. Game system will determine the value of non-Int attributes I may choose to sacrifice. Example - Fallout have a very strict requirements for player attributes - due to perks being very dependant on skills AND stats and some perks, critical to character build, could not be gained without rising a stat to certain value. So, for example, should PE feature powerful armors, that will impose severe penalties if character's STR=<7 then I will adjust my fighter build to have max Int, 7 str and rest to accuracy\crit, depending on what will be more effective in terms of damage dealing. Same adjustment goes to wizards and rogues. That does not mean I will not max Int, that means i will sacrifice different stats.
  10. In both SPECIAL and BG2 you could max at least two stats. I expect this will be true in PE as well. So most probably I would be able to max Int, crit and put rest to Con or accuracy for fighter. Or max int, crit\resolve for damage dealing mage. Works for me.
  11. Also, according to the current attribute system this guy will slaughter a dragon by ramming the beast with his wheelchair.
  12. Because damage dealing god is expected to take precautions to prevent being knocked out in the first few seconds. Be it equipment or spells or potion or something else. I have no problem surviving with min\maxed mages, rogues or fighters in BG series. You are describing theories without even knowing what spells or other attributes will do and how they will perform in PE. I am talking about one attribute that will be FAR more important than the rest due to affecting all damage and effectiveness, rather than some of them. Equipment have a traditional role for compensating that chars lack in stats. But I am talking about dump stats. If in BG2 we had dumps like Charisma for fighters, or Str for wizards, we also had universally useful Dex. 18 dex 18 int 18 con wizard lost nothing for reducing other attributes. If PE is going to have Int governing damage and effectiveness, then it is inevitably will be maxed for combat classes. In my opinion, that is a broblem. It turns choice from "how should I rearrange stats for my character for greater effectiveness" to "which stat should i sacrifice to max Int"
  13. if you get to BG config you could set amount of memory dedicated to pathfinding. It was not the problem that game lacked memory, it's the fundamental mechanics. Where game checks constantly if character could get to point X. And mosly that resulted in party running across entire location because other party member was passing in a tight passage.
  14. I have no idea, we haven't seen final stats yet and even "Int govens all" rule is a subject to change.
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