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  1. Well, that's what propaganda for - to exagerrate opponent's discreditable factors. The beauty of the situation - russians do not have to seek for discreditable material. No need to bribe people to get some "hidden camera recordings" or snatch some documents - Svoboda party turned up so nice they provide all this themselves. All this neonazi marches, declarations to persecuite non-ukrainians and jews, violent actions - they are putting them on youtube or social medias. Like a criminal who records his crime and then wonders how cops busted him, he only posted it on his facebook. Or cops who record their beatings of arrested people. It's a crime not to use it against them. It's not about who is right or wrong it's about who will use propaganda more effectively. We still have not seen WMDs in Iraq but at the time that was an amazing move to use them as acontext for invading Iraq. It's about the threat of russians being killed or marginalized that was the decisive factor - in Kosovo ethnic cleansings already happened, so that threats became a sort of ideal casus belli on a pretext of preventing such events. In that, ironiocally, most radical parties of Ukraine's new coalition were the Russia's best allies by providing enough media material that allowed Moscow to use it to justify Crimea annexing. And I always appreciate good propaganda moves. The reason is to dig more **** to throw at your opponents, than they will throw at you. Russians got enough of ukrainian far-right nutjobs' youtube statements and broadcasts and used it effectively to discredit Ukrainian coalition. Coalition, in turn, failed to denounce or force their far-right allies to change the rhetoric to more tolerant, which have been used by Moscow in turn to cement the association of entire Coalition with their radical members. Which, in turn, alienated ethnic russians in eastern Ukraine.
  2. They sure do. I'd say they cause more damage than all others combined. They discredit the government and coalition that is now in power. In that - they are the most precious asset of pro-russian propaganda. It's like a wet dream of all politicans - having your political opponent allied to a bunch of people who march in SS uniforms and proclaim ethnic cleansing or similar political suicides. Imagine a GOP politican, who will advocate reinstitution of the slavery but whom could not be expunged from GOP. Just a several seconds of googling brought me this jewel: http://youtu.be/1c6eYId4fPE ...a bunch of Svoboda party members violently forces general director of 1-st Ukranian TV channel to resign on basis of being non-ukrainian(which is not true) and accusation of allowing artists from Russia on his channels and broadcasting yesterday Putin's speech. It's like if you are standing for strict gun control and suddenly some member of your pro-gun opponents go on a killing spree with assault rifles in both hands.
  3. Ignore is your friend. One click and helluva less retardation in the thread.
  4. Welcome to the real world. Let me be your guide.
  5. BruceVC, you and people who start such campaigns are the reasons we can't have nice things
  6. The Italian Foreign Office has announced that the European Union sanctions against 21 Russian top officials will last for six months. will last for six months. last for six months. six months. six This is just...
  7. Recent statement by James Carney reduced the overall IQ value of the planet. "In this century, we are long past the days when the international community will stand quietly by while one country forcibly seizes the territory of another," says spokesman Jay Carney. I bet a lot of republicans howled "Somebody! Make him shut up! Just make him stop talking!" as they heared it.
  8. I edited it. In recent years I have read huge lot of people and "experts" who seriously considered emposed sanctions as something of a huge blow. So sarcasm and irony became hard to distinguish. Which is telling a lot about the situation.
  9. Now try re-reading what you wrote and try not to laugh. Especially the sanctions part. The funniest thing is that it is very hard to determine the irony when talking about it thanks to events in recent years.
  10. /b/ will be delighted to hear about it. P.S. Almost forgot! Language is important:
  11. I am kinda amused to often hear how it is unlawful to declare independance, or support those who wish to join other countries from those, who live in the country born from declaring independence and then acquired Texas, that seceded from Republic of Mexico. Anyway, it is also entertaining to listen to all this "international law" babbling and reciting constitutions. Japan and China quarreled over some islands for hell knows how long. Then Japan began reciting some international law documents and other useless paper - China moved their ships and secured the islands. The end. International law is valid only for the weak. NATO could bomb and genocide serbs because they were strong and others were weak. USA could invade Iraq because they could - nobody cares that there were no WMD. Russia could claim Georgian states because no one coul;d stop them. Brussels and all the world could denounce, frown and announce their dissatisfaction all they want - nobody cares. International law works only in a perfect world of fairy elves, unicorns and honorable valiant knights.
  12. The tricky part is that diplomatically you can explain absolutely everything. For example such nice fellow as Pol Pot was a perfectly legitimate ruler in "West" eyes and enjoyed their full support. Humanitarian bombardment. Invasions. Everything could be presented as a democratic and righteous. And this is perfectly fine. For me, but not to people such as you, who may suddenly have to deal with facts that peaceful opressed democratic righwing nutjobs hate jews and blacks. For me it's way easier: And I'd only say that english is not my native language.
  13. Democratic vs Totalitarian? I suppose its more of the West vs East Russian retarded rhetoric. Anyway, I already commented on this issue before. Although, while it is not surprising that Russian bullying --in attempt to subdue a country into becoming a submissive satellite state that should care more about Russian interest that its own-- give rise to nationalism. It is amusing how uhm "Totalitarian Russia enthusiasts"(?) try to portray the situation in Ukraine as fascist and what not, considering Russia track record with xenophobia and racism. Btw how goes your attitudes toward various minorities and "dark asses" in particular, and how goes your new patriotic laws, which include the adaption of educational history texbooks to paint a more patriotic picture? It would be interesting to see what would happen if your nationalized tv would give tenth of the time they spend on Ukraine to this issue in russia. What? What "your laws"? Do you really think that anyone who do not support ukrainian revolution is a russian? I don't really care what Russia want to do, for me most interesting and entertaining part is how hard people try to ignore ugly and inconvenient parts of new administration. Plus, how Russia uses the very same arguments that were used for interventions during Kosovo, Libya and Iraq campaigns. And how everyone changes their opinion because "That were democratic and righteous revolutions against all that is Evil and this is a totalitarian undemocratic unfree Satanic invasion to opress all that is Good!". Surely I don't blame west for supporting ultraright nutjobs in some country, because, once again - "Might makes right" but it's one of the greatest source of lulz for the time being that makes righteous internet democracy activists extremely uncomfortable.
  14. Try digging into US, GB, Austrian and German statements about Kosovo and Serbia. You'll be surprised. MR. KOH: Good afternoon. Today in the Hague, in response to a request for an advisory opinion from the UN General Assembly, the International Court of Justice, principal judicial organ of the United Nations, decisively found that Kosovo’s declaration of independence of February 17, 2008, is in accordance with international law. We never had any doubt that Kosovo is independent. We believe that the court’s advisory opinion now dispels the legal doubts raised by Serbia in putting forward the advisory opinion and request. The court’s opinion was closely tailored to Kosovo’s unique factual situation and thus did not generally opine on rights of self-determination or secession under international law. As Secretary Clinton indicated earlier today, we call on states that have not yet done so to recognize Kosovo, and we urge Serbia and Kosovo to move beyond these legal questions to work together constructively toward a common European future. More lulz over here.
  15. Yep. I have no problem with it as I believe in "Might makes right" approach but a lot of people here are die-hard "internet human rights activists" and paint Euromaidan like a gathering of Ghandis and Mother Theresas, being ruthlessly opressed by Satanic Hitlers, completely ignoring inconvenient parts of it. And there's nothing I enjoy more than making people explain their double standards.
  16. Impeachment is not for presidents who suck or poor leaders, it's for presidents, who declare themselves rulers of birds in the air and fishes in the oceans, or start building 100 meter tall golden statues to themselves.
  17. Just a quick reminder to those Democratic Ukraine vs Totalitarian Russia enthusiasts - every time you support new Ukraine goverment you support this nice people: "Svoboda" party is one of three new coalition members that comprise Ukraine goverment for the time being. Same goes for this opressed peaceful Euromaidan activists: It is comfortable to ignore them and pretend they are the minority, but you can't support one without another because they ARE the goverment.
  18. This is just painful to read and listen to. Please, stahp.
  19. REALLY? Of all people, Kerry? Kerry? It was kinda fitting he lost to Bush.
  20. I feel the need to contribute and clarify the nature of interaction between human beings in the Internet.
  21. There are places without souls
  22. Eric Ortiz wanted to face his fears. So he tattooed a black widow spider on his face. “Everybody fears spiders,” Ortiz said. “That’s why I got it. Just to, like, make me know, that that’s what I fear, but not to fear it. You know what I’m saying?” Ortiz, 24, of Deltona, talked about his the spider tattoo after appearing in court on a felony charge of driving while license revoked (habitual) at the Volusia County Courthouse in DeLand. Ortiz’s particular method of dealing with arachnophobia gets attention. “Everybody looks at it like, “Damn spider” ’cause if you’re going around your house, you know what I’m saying, you see those spiders, you’re going to jump, you’re going to jump, so putting one on my face. I say you know what I’m going to see what people think. “What do people think? “Some people say ‘Why did you get it? You’re never going to get a job,” Ortiz said. “Some people say “It’s cool, man. The tattoo on the face, I would never get it but that one came out cool.’” His girlfriend wasn’t too happy, though. “She was mad at me,” he said. Ortiz said he does landscaping and tile work and doesn’t deal spider-face to face with customers. “I don’t work in a place where there are people around,” he said. “They are not worried about it right now.” But the black widow tattoo has not scared away law enforcement. Ortiz’s criminal record includes charges of burglary of a conveyance, domestic battery, possession of schedule 4 substance, retail theft, violation of injunction for protection and loitering and prowling.
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