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  1. Goddamn EA-hating homophobic CIS white privelege scum! They ruined our perfect SJW paradise game ratings!
  2. Now imagine Fallout 2: - No prostitutes, becauce that's offensive to feminists and women. - No slavery, because OPPRESSHUN! - No racism and mutant bigotry because CHECK YOUR PROVELEGE! - No stealing and drugs because Concerned Mothers - No Killing of animals, because PETA Just a tolerant nonviolent post-apocaliptic world. Ideal SJW game.
  3. It's absolutely disgusting how Obsidian is slowly turning into Bioware. And not by scale or releases or budgets. Oh, and by the way: http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/30rk3d/you_realize_obsidian_is_going_to_cave_right_all/
  4. Pigs are offensive to muslims - I demand pig familiar to be removed.
  5. Allow me to introdue you the current state of feminism and anti-feminism debate: (...or not. - LC)
  6. Cleansing in progress. Please wait.
  7. You should always be careful about your tattoos before going to war zone. It'll be hard to prove you are not a part of a group, that promised to murder every separatist after being captured by separatists. I think it'll be funny if they cut his hand off)))
  8. and now for something completely different
  9. Captured members of ukrainian punishment squads. Filth awaiting execution along with already liquidated. NSFW spoiler
  10. Usual thing. Brave against civilians, when faced by those, who can fight back - flee or surrender. Ukrainian captives from recent fighting.
  11. First DI was a miserable grinding with level scaling and overall a boring ****. From the gameplay I can't say if devs fixed all the crap that made DI so mediocre and forgettable,
  12. Another spark of genius from ukrainian media Q: How to inspire people to join the army and stop avoiding the mobilization? A: Show them rows of their predecessors' graves and another rows of open graves ready for upcoming cannon fodder. That's even dumber than legless, armless and otherwise crippled, yet still living pieces of burned crispy meat still throwing nazi salute at their hospital beds.
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