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  1. From what Google translate helped me to understand - peaceful and democratic people, simply wishing to improve situation with human rights and freedom in their country, captured a riot police officer and peacefully tore out his eye, then peacefully dropped him nearby to die. Well, I suppose it's a nice start.
  2. It always amused me how people think that the next morning they join the EU magical EU fairies will fix all that is bad and replace it with all that is good. And also provide free food. The end is, sadly, the same: "Germany, pay off our debts! You owe us - you invaded us in [insert number] century!"
  3. Sometimes even religious idiots have their use. You can have no more of a cat but her skin. This law will serve its purpose even if proposed by a fundie. He is a useful candidate for a scapegoat - make him a laughing stock for press yet the law have passed. Fundie will suffer the consequences and others could execute the law. It's a win-win situation. It took me approx three posts for previous topic to be closed by the mods. Telling your opinion when being forbidden to actually express your opinion is a funny experience.
  4. No fantasy is complete without spiders. Giant spiders. Giant companion spiders.
  5. You still do not understand - a lot of people on Codex who shocked you with "rude and bigoted Sexist comments and jokes about rape" ARE moderators.
  6. you seem to assume "Forum Rules" are something universal.
  7. Romances between you and fellow adventurers seem to be a de facto feature of role-playing games today. But Obsidian isn't doing them in Pillars of Eternity. "We're not doing romances," said Sawyer, "but [the other characters] do have pretty detailed stories, they do have their own personal motivations and goals that sometimes align with yours and sometimes they don't. They interject into your conversations, they argue with you, they argue with each other." HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH
  8. And I also like Queen and Sopor Aeternus. That surely have a lot to do with my comment about Facebook activism.
  9. When i saw that "join us on Facebook and tell the world you stand with Russia's LGBT community" I laughed so har it still hurts.
  10. I'm mostly amused at using rats' fur for clothes making. It's not a kind of animal that produce a lot of fur.
  11. Clothing being sold as cashmere actually contains rat fur, it appears, as Italian police arrest 14 people and seize more than a million garments. The Chinese-born suspects were arrested in the Italian cities of Livorno and Rome after a year-long investigation, and have been cautioned for fraud, the Italian news agency ANSA reports. The clothes claiming to be made of cashmere contained a mixture of acrylic and viscose, as well as "fur from rats and other animals", judicial sources say. Bogus merino wool, silk and pashmina garments were also seized. Counterfeiting is widespread in China, in domestic and export markets, leading Beijing to step up its efforts to crack down on the practice. Taiwan's Want China Times says fake goods are a "way of life" in many rural areas, with people having "no choice but to accept counterfeit and defective goods". China's reputation for peddling fake goods may be hurting its legitimate industries elsewhere in the world. According to the Arab News, Saudi consumers may be put off by the "Made in China" label, even on popular brands, because they're worried the goods might be fake.
  12. We didn't say anything when they came for the smokers... We didn't say anything when they came for the alcoholics... We didn't say anything when they came for the drug addicts... What you gonna do when they come for YOU!?
  13. 1) It is their fault - they violate the law by illegally crossing the border. Anything else is secondary. You are not blaming a shop owner for slippery floors because thief broke his neck in attempted burglary at night. 2) When in Rome, do as Romans do. Eating or not eating pork hurts precisely nobody yet considered as offensive by the majority of population in certain locations. Should some country practice necrophilia and will root for fellow necrophiles I doubt they would enjoy the same support gay community have.
  14. I see no reason to treat illegal immigrants differently. They are criminals and have no rights at all, ergo - such treatment could be seen as a fitting punishment. Should Olympics be hosted in Jerusalem or Mecca, would you demand that people should demonstratively eat pork to support food equality? Would you bring pet pigs with you to protest against animal descrimination?
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