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  1. This place lacks proper field to laugh at Social Justice Warriors. Unacceptable! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2WscM08XNA&spfreload=10
  2. Bioware tried to do this: but due to the lack of talent and inability to step over ther experience of making 3d dating simulators they made this:
  3. It's been years of shifting towards antimulticulturism and anti-immigration laws. Parties with such programs gradually gained more and more popularity across the Europe. Now it's a rare chance to seize an opportunity and use this attack as a pretext to putting multiculturism where it belongs - to the trash can. Cuttting non-native welfare programs, citizenship laws - all this could be realized in the coming years at last.
  4. I think BruceVC will be most happy to see his SJW world filled with this:
  5. No. They are included so manchildren can digitally cuddle and copulate with their digital waifus and stroke egos of bioware's target audience. In case of DA:I - also to attract SJW scum. Good thing Pillars of Eternity refused the idea of romances early on.
  6. Brucy, Breucy, how much is enough? "All you do is posting holocaust pictures and other worst depictions of nazi Germany government and making it like this represents what the current German leadership and political structures really represent" Even if I post a video, pictures and audio recordings of entire ukrainian government earing roasting and newborn babies you still will evangelize about brave new demucracy, fredumz and stuff and how they are misunderstood and framed by Axis of Evil. Because it's all satanic pro-russian, west-hating, democracy-denying propaganda and cannot be right because it is unthinkable that they could possibly be right. Do you like this photo? In case you don't know this guy at the right is the current president of Ukraine. You created an imaginary government, a fantasy-like rebellion in a eastern-europe which fought against the ages of opression, against all that is evil for all that is good and now this land of hobbits are threatened by the bordering Mordor. The reality, with marching nazi torch rallies, bombardment of civilian districts, genocide, political purges, new oligarchs in power, rampart opposition censorship is an anathema to your imaginary social justice world.
  7. By the way, this valiant fighter for freedom and democracy has been appointed as a Deputy Chief of Kiev region police(he's at my previous post's topmost photo, actually). Take that, totalitarian russian slaves!
  8. DEMMMMMUCRACY intensifies The best thing is that russian at least found a way to utilize them rather fast
  9. He's always getting spat on and laughed at in social media. By this time he must be used to it.
  10. When I start a game I have to finish it. Partly for myself, partly in hopes that in the end things may get better - in Wasteland 2, for example, first part was kind of meh, but second one was significantly better. With DA:I it never gets better. Gladly, I never spend a lot of time on grinding and used amulet of power exploit to finish the game as fast as possible.
  11. At least bethesda have courage to say "@#$% off!" to this scum. I imagine how GTAV would look should devs listen to this Social Justice bunch of degenerades.
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