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  1. Finished and uninstalled it at last. The game is a textbook example of bad design, bad writing, bad UI, bad combat mechanics and bad taste. - Choices and consequences? None. Nothing you do matter. Even choice between mages and templars are simply replacing skins of some NPCs standing in your stronghold. - Main story? Twilight-level writing. Hey, we occupied an empty keep in a middle of nowhere. Conscript some farmers to our ranks. Inquisition army now can dictate their will to every nation in Thedas hurr. And so on and so on. "Press X to pay respects" everywhere. - Main villain? Enjoy your I AM A GOD HURRR Skeletor. - Quests? 99% - fetch and kill 20 goats quests. - The world? Enormous empty areas with running goats and nothing but combat encounters and animals respawning MMO style. - Exploring? There is nothing but combat. maximum one or two noncombat encounters for each area. - Bosses? Huge HP bloats plus repositioning quickly your chars. - Companions? Forgettable, bland and poorly written. Apparently catering to deviant minorities, being a homo or black does not automaticly make your characters good or interesting. - Crafting? Collect 35 elfroots to upgrade potions. Collect 30 iron/obsidian/other metal to craft a Common Rusty Sword of Mediocricy. - Agents and War table? 15 hours to complete a mission. No negative consequences, every war table mission is rewarding. 95% of all rewards is a trash items and 100 golds, plus useless influence. Power? I ended the game with 150+ power. Useless resource. There was a mission where you had to bribe some guy to get something....and you get money for it as a reward, of course without spending a coint - you just click start mission and wait X minutes\hours. - Customization? None of it matters. Three available stronghold customization are purely cosmetic. - Final boss battle. Here's the worst part. None of your choices matter. In Origins, you had different allies based on your choices, your entire party had different missions. DA:I final battle - choose three companions and go. Final boss battle is a three phase battle where he moves to the different area after losing some HP. Won by holding R. Extremely rewarding. Everything in this game is half-assed. MMO gameplay and mechanics in a single-player game. Grinding EVERYWHERE. To appease "new audiences" and attract more players Bioware decided to stroke players' ego. Oh Maker, that's Inquisitor himself! Hoe glorious he is! How powerful and mighty! Who we are to oppose this unstoppable, beautiful, wise, cunning and muscular paragon of a man! Such Bioware writing will plague you for entire game. Goddamn, even retardo BSN, filled with fanbois, basement dwellers and manchildren begin to complain about this fabulous garbage, which is soldified the truth, that Bioware finally took the throne of a leading RPG fastfood manufacturer.
  2. Not the best encouragement for ukrainian armed forces
  3. How dare you! They support Europe and DEMMMMMUCRACY!
  4. The thread is a mess. ****ty mess, mostly thanks to obyknven's walls of text and retardo propaganda spam. I adore good old propaganda and demagogy, but not when it's /b/ level. Anyway, I was absent for a long time and crave a good hate speeches, mutual accusations and other tasty stuff. Let's see what two videos of a ukrainian torch marches in the anniversary of Stepan Bandera's birthday will do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lpdWPXOwZ50 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Aymj_l3Kuqw obyknven, be useful for once - translate what they are chanting. I recall that was something about "kill the russians!" but that was only basd n youtube comments so I am not sure.
  5. Wife, kids and spreading intolerance in the world.
  6. Nothing of it matters. Only shards are worth something and to open the doors you must collect ALL OF THEM. Mosaics and bottles are useless.
  7. It actually is worse - table timed missions are the ones that could be actually interesting - uncover double agent, raid X, have a diplomatic talks, expose a traitor, resque captured troopers, force a noble into alliance etc. But Bioware decided that it's too boring, and true to the "never force you players to read or think" showers players with missions like collect 20 elfroots, locate 3 logging camps, collect 20 shards, reach 5 location on a huge map, kill X enemies in this area etc. Your agents are doing all the interesting work while you, oh mightly messianic Beloved Leader run and burn X piles of decaying corpses(that is actual mission), manually closing Y darkspawn tunnels across the map and killing goats to get 20 goat meats. There is no non-violent quests like Aplha Protocol had, where you gone and conversed with a contact.
  8. DA:I quintessence Overall, Bioware have no idea how RPG works. In DA:O you have pretty limited but still decent amount of choices to make and they even had some impact. DAII - only two or three choices in the game and almost none of them mattered anyway due to storyline being linear. DAI - your have no choices at all. They result in some dialogue changes and map missions, which are simply click, wait and grab some ****ty reward. In both DA:O and DAII you could be a Blood Mage. DA:I - you have no option to even say it's not that bad. Good quote about usual state of things in DA:I Main villain is a joke - you constantly foil his schemes, blast his entire armies, sabotage agents and butchering his forces without efferot. You advisors constantly whine how dangerous and powerful he is. And throughout the game - NOT A SINGLE retaliation after aquiring Skyhold. It looks like a parody, but in fact it's just a level of Bioware writing. The game reeks of MMO. Maybe Bioware started developing their MMO but then their EA overlords ordered them to make it singleplayer...and Skyrim...and appealing to call of duty, console and social justice scum. Because game have huge amount o MMO elements: HP bloat enemies, resource grinding, huge empty maps, filled ONLY with combat encounters, constantly respawning enemies - and I mean respawning in a MMO fashion - you kill a pack and then another pack respawns from the air right before your eyes, insane amounts of fetch quests, kill 20 goats quests, autistic loot and crafting systems. The very idea that someone would spend money on this **** is offensive.
  9. It's always sunny in Philadelphia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jnb9rpsihRE
  10. Lvl 18 right now. Using infinite amulet of power bug to make char as powerful as possible and finish the game as fast as possible to finally uninstall it. P.S. Yes, I have to finish the game once I start it no matter how bad game could be, it's like Cartman have to sing entre song after he hears several words of it.
  11. Man, there are two piles of ****. One is less smelly. At least DAII had autoattack.
  12. 3DM saved me 60 bucks. DAI made me rethink my previous judgement and now I can say that Dragon Age II ws not a horrible game - it was a mediocre game. Because compared to DAI even DAII is great. Bioware simply have no idea how games work. This and plus retardo Gaider writing. ME WUNT TO B A DRAGUN: Open World edition.
  13. Torturing prisoners is undemocratic and unethical. Of course, that rule does not apply to those, who deny democracy. http://youtu.be/tTb7efoe89I That guy, by the way, is a candidate for upcoming ukrainian presidential elections and one of the leaders of the riot.
  14. When you have parties waving USA, Russian or EU flags it's pretty obvious whom they are sponsored and supported by. Russia is in her own right - they provided discounts,trade privileges and other neat things in exchange for cooperation. With Ukraine's new government openly anti-russian, there's no reason to keep that privileges. All this talk about evil russians imposing economic punishment is a nice for propaganda, but people forget, that Ukraine is not going to pay more than EU members - they are going to pay just like other EU members. They just can't believe they lost those privileges and have to pay the full price. Both Russia, EU and USA used agressive propaganda and money support of their pet parties. The difference is that after western sponsored uprising succeeded, Russia responded with their own sponsored uprising.
  15. They replaced supposedly corrupt system with even more corrupt system and then did it one more time. Just to be sure I suppose. Fourth replacement proved to be one replacement too much. I see no problem in external meddling. If EU and USA can openly support, subside and encourage their pet movements, why Russia can't? EU grabbed their share of the country, Russia grabbed theirs. Now they squabble for remaining regions.
  16. Well, the main profit out of all this ukrainuan issue is that now we will have a perfect example of "how to @#$% up revolution you've won" for the books. Because in such a short time we saw such a stream of unspeakably horrible decisions by ukrainian coalition, that pushed already unstable but yet not that irreversible situation, into the worst possible scenario for the new government. Threats to soldiers, that were blocked by russian forces at their bases yet held as long as they could, which alienated and demoralized the military. Threats to wavering regions, which pushed them into russian embrace. Lack of diplomatic approach. Replacing old olygarchs with new ones, the ones who supported the unprising, which discredited anti-criminalization agends. Asking riot police to return to service, after their public humilation and proclaiming them public enemies. Failure to abandon internal coalition struggles in the face of region secession. I expect soon we will have much much more lulz as they are preparing for elections. It's always fun to see an election in unstable and crumbling countries.
  17. Well of course it is punitive. You have an anti-russian coalition screaming "Hang the Muscovite!" or something like that in power and then expect price cuts? That would be funny. A kind of "Lend me your money you filthy pig!" funny. Look how much Poland pays. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegarĀ©.
  18. That's called free market - everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it. Before Russia had lower gas prices for Ukraine because Ukraine showed some cooperation. Why should they provide same price cuts now? Check how much other EU countries are paying for gas. Want to be in EU - be prepared to pay just as everyone else.
  19. ANd why should anyone send troops unless it benefits them directly? Regarding Africa - everyone did this during the Cold War, one tried to spread Communism, others Capitalism. So you would be angry and concerned but what would you do? Russia, for example, was concerned about instability at her borders and decided to take decisive actions. Israel acts the same way - they perform airstrikes to prevent threats, instead of waiting things to happen. So all they asked was to destroy government military so they could have an easy walk. And you support that because it's rightful democratic intervention for all that is good. But when Russians supported Crimean separatist movement you consider that as a horrible unfree undemocratic intervention for all that is evil. Looking how rebels began fighting each other after, what? Two months? And seeing now they have hell knows how many splinter groups, a lot of which are openly supporting al-quaeda, that would be a brilliant idea. Looking how Lybia, Iraq and Syria turned into a radical islamist breeding nest after humanitarian and democratic bombardments and interventions it is hard to be surprised others would act to prevent similar scenarios on their borders. But, you know, we alrady have great examples of great decisions regarding support of freedom fighters.
  20. Actually, the ways are the same only justification differs. When you support rebels with money, resources and weapons and then tell us that the country is worse off due to ongoing war it's like asking court to show mercy due to you being an orphan while being convicted for killing your entire family. You support western intervention but refuse to accept the rights of non-western countries to intervent in turn? Isn't it no different from "Behead those who insult democracy"? For example, if Russia or China or other country would openly support some rebel group at the country bordering your own and openly hostile to your country, what would be your reaction? How would you call it?
  21. Quite interesting logic here. At some point of time some people believed cleansing certain regions from certain ethnicities are "what is best for the region". Anyway, looking at how everything turned out for Iraq, Lybia, Syria and Egypt I kinda think someone asking wrong people about "what is best for the region". Actually russian stock markets ar edoing well. There were a period of instability but things got as usual after a while. It happens all the time - Iraq invasion, Georgia, Japan and China quarreling about some islands. Nothing new, business as usual. What is interesting is that Russia managed to profit from Ukraine's demise as turmoil sent grain and corn prices skyrocketing. This and the fact that Ukraine lost ****load of its ports. But that's a short term effect and prices will stabilize after a while. What is important is that with Crimea Russia now can ignore Turkey in terms of negotiating a route for their new pipeline - before they considered placing it around Ukrainian waters through Turkey territory and turks bargained hard to earn as much from this deal as possible. So now they'll get nothing as overnight their position shifted from providers to possible consumers. Overall everyone profited from this revolution, except for Ukraine and Turkey.
  22. So it seems that "economic sanctions" and "international isolation" turned out to be a load of hot air. What a surprise!
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