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  1. I don't get what the fuss is about. There are plenty of beautiful and "unrealistic" custom portraits for the Watcher too. Plus it's not like we're all required to use em.
  2. It's a port of the PC game to consoles. Not the other way around. Look up the beta videos. There's no way with a straight face you can call that a console experience. Though I do find it strange they announced it so early. Would've been smarter for them to release the PC version first and then announce it later down the line.
  3. I don't think we'd get more than one non-heterosexual party member. Sawyer said that not every party member will be romance-able and I don't see them locking the few romance-able party members behind a non-heterosexual romance. Nope. It will probably be more or less the same as the first one.
  4. Pretty sure she's treated as a hireling so you still have to "pay" her. Basically a take out prostitute.
  5. I remember it too. I believe it was a response to one of the "ending" questions.
  6. Well both Paladins and Priests get unique talents according to their Order/Deity in Pillars, so I wouldn't be surprised if that remains the case in Deadfire. I hope they get tweaked a tiny bit to be a bit more set apart from each other.
  7. Feargus mentioned that they plan to "upgrade" Pillars 1 with all the improvements at some point. Not anytime soon though.
  8. I don't understand this logic at all. All this logic does is further the divide between races and gender.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it mentioned somewhere that most Wizards are physically fit due to Magic being physically demanding?
  10. I am glad that will be the case. I have no issues with a bisexual character. But making every character bisexual just to pander is where I draw the line. I get that some people like a certain character and aren't able to romance them to their gender. But that's something you to accept for the sake of story and characterization.
  11. Yeah. While I'd prefer a 6 member party I'm willing to give this a shot. Especially since they've been justifying it with better encounters and what not. And hey if we don't like it even on release maybe they'll go back to 6 in the third game.
  12. Playing a RTWP game with a controller does not sound fun.
  13. I could've sworn Death Godlikes were related to Berath? I recall Raedric commenting on it.
  14. I didn't get the beta in the first game so I'm a bit uninformed about this. If I were to back the beta would I still be able to get the full release on GoG? Because I figure the beta will be on Steam.
  15. Does this really come as a surprise? This is what happens when you introduce romance.
  16. Then what then? Does every game have to include the ever growing spectrum of genders that pop up? But anyways my question is this. What do you want exactly? In what way could Obsidian make you feel you are properly represented in the game?
  17. I think she's technically female, just not regarded as such by her culture due to being infertile. But I may be wrong. Either way, it's fine with me. :v Nope you're right. She wouldn't be considered a Woman in the Vailian Republics.
  18. The Black Lobster Bastards Edit: Haha, the crew (if it happens) should have a Lobster pet xD not a parrot/monkey. Lobster much more original An Obsidian Lobster? That'd be a neat Super Pet.
  19. I'll look forward to seeing the meltdown from either direction. is tough to get worked up 'bout romances 'less obsidian announces a fundamental change. if poe2 romances is the bioware style (affection minigame + added prurient appeal) o' "romance," then am expecting such will also be tangential... and necessarily rushed and embarrassingly immature, but also easily avoided. as we noted elsewhere, such stuff would be ideal for dlc, but if is gonna be a stretch goal, we will hardly be concerned 'cause just as with bio's "romances," what largely guarantees their puerile implementation also guarantees Gromnir need never suffer them. our problems with bioware style romance is more philosophical than anything else. we don't like how the success o' bioware's sex-me-up minigame has largely destroyed the possibility o' quality romance in any game in which they would coexist, but from a practical pov, their tangential nature makes 'em one o' the game aspects o' least concern to us. kinda like godlike, eh? such a ridiculous name, "godlike." solution: don't play godlike. problem solved. romance solution: don't play 'em. *shrug* once such a feature is announced, we don't see much cause for heated debate as it won't change the fact o' implementation and our personal solution is so simple and effective. HA! Good Fun! I personally don't want Romance in the game but I wouldn't be too worked up if they did add it. There are many other things I'd prefer in a Stretch Goal over Romance. In fact Romance being in a stretch goal on it's own may not be the best thing. If the storyline, companions and the like were not written from the start with Romances in mind it'd feel pretty shoehorned in.
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