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  1. Well, there is a certain contradiction here: If you dogmatically exclude everything about love and mutual affection you automatically make the PC an aro-ace character for everybody. Including the possibility to evolve different human relationships and emotional states (including love and mutual affection) gives the player the choice to roleplay their PC on a human level without having to play a character that seems to have no interest at all in everything romantic. You could still roleplay an aro-ace characer by just not following any possibility to deepen certain relationships. Fair enough. I didn't really think of it that way. You are still able to talk to prostitutes, flirt with the delemgan at Elm's reach and such which is why I thought about it this way.
  2. Also keep in mind the devs discussed having a "community" stretch goal again (like the Endless Paths) and PayPal is missing. Once either of the two are up I'm sure we'll see a little boost.
  3. I don't see why the Watcher has to be a "canon" anything. The whole fun of rpgs is being able to craft your own character, with his or her own background. If you want your Watcher to be aro/ace then by all means. But other players also have the right to make their character something else. This is partly why I'm against romance. It's impossible to please everyone and adding Romance will just leave some players unsatisfied that their particular orientation or interests is not represented.
  4. The Obsidian Marauders was the top vote in the poll I made. But many more ideas were posted afterwards too. So we really should narrow it down sometime soon.
  5. Well here's a Strawpoll for everyone to vote on. http://www.strawpoll.me/12244672 How long should we poll for?
  6. I compiled all of the names people have posted. the Obsidian Pirates The Obsidian Pirates of Deadfire Obsidian Band of eternal Pirates The Obsidian Marauders Raiders of the Obsidian Isle The Obsidian Flag Obsidian Order of Deadfire Deadfire Marauders of Eternity the Blue Moon Marauders of Deadfire Pillaging Pirates of Deadfire Deadfire Corsairs of the Obsidian Order Deadfire Pirates Crew of the Obsidian Pearl Buccaneers of the Deadfire ARRchipelago
  7. As long as they stick with their decision and don't get any lower I can accept 5. If they start going lower and lower with each sequel well...lets hope it doesn't come to that.
  8. I'd imagine they'd have to make an "add on" item for the Obsidian Order Pirate ship that's limited to however much it takes to get to $5000. As for who it'd get sent to that'd be difficult because it also includes a lot of goodies so I don't think this is realistically feasible. So the best bet is probably the original plan.
  9. I'd be down for this. I missed out on the Obsidian Order but I'd happily pledge 8 or however much is decided for something fun like this.
  10. Didn't they mention they were working on it last year? Maybe we won't get a kickstarter/fig campaign at all.
  11. I wonder if they'll announce a release date for the game or another kickstarter/fig.
  12. Not sure if quantity if what we are looking for. There are some data that only 20% players finish game, multiple walkthough is even more limited, so it is better to have just a few good options, rather than many many similar. Is that really a good reason to make options more limited? Because with that logic wouldn't the same argument work against having more classes? And I'm only talking about adding existing deities and orders. Not making new ones. I recall reading in one of the books about a Paladin order that basically serves Woedica (I think it was the Steel Garrote or something). And the deities speak for themselves. You hear about many other Deities and even see enemy priests of those deities. What harm is allowing the player to make one?
  13. Another hint that the location of the sequel will be in Old Vailia maybe?
  14. Not expecting new classes but it'd be nice to get more "sub" classes. More patron deities to choose from as a priest, more paladin orders (I believe a couple more were mentioned in the game), etc...
  15. I really doubt Tyranny will affect POE2. It was made by different teams.
  16. I wonder when we'll be getting the reveal. The recent survey on the "Collectors edition" makes me think it'll be coming soon. As for the questions: Should we continue story of Watcher? I'd rather have a new character to play as. The Watcher's story felt "done" to me at the end of the game. Should we play as some other character (companion)? This would be great for an expansion pack or DLC but the thing I love about Pillars is being able to create your own character. Cameos? I'd like this a lot. Save Export? Eh it'd be interesting but I can't see the devs making every possible ending in the first game affecting too much in the sequel. Especially since it'll be taking place somewhere new with a (possibly) new character.
  17. Based off the given teases. How would you all feel about Edér being the playable character in the sequel?
  18. I redeemed my Hero edition on the backer portal, but I only have the pre-order dlc available. The backer exclusive items are missing.
  19. Having the same problem except on GOG. I did not receive the backer exclusive items. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.
  20. I can see them as separate downloads on GOG. I don't know how it works on Steam. That's the preorder bonus. The Kickstarter item is different.
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