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  1. Sounds like you're upset some people don't romance in the game. They have the right to tell the developers it's not something they want in the game, unless it's done well and not Bioware style. But hey just like they can complain about Romance you can complain about multi-classing too! Heck a ton of people complained about Berath's Blessing. The whole point of the forums is to give feedback. You just have to accept some people won't want the same things you do.
  2. It came straight from the devs themselves. I recall Josh Sawyer mentioning it in the Pillars 1 Kickstarter. Edit: Boeroer beat me to it! Well sure. But when the devs themselves say it, I'm inclined to believe it.
  3. If you bring Pallegina to Hylea she practically confirms it herself. Gods lie. For what purpose? Hylea isn't Wael. And as far as we know from the lore and knowledge given. It's true.
  4. Baldur's Gate did it and did it well. That being said it almost doesn't matter, they're planning on making character relationships (not romantic relationships) much deeper and more reactive. I wouldn't cancel it but I would definitely be annoyed if they make all the companions romanceable regardless of the player's race and gender. Really removes some character in my opinion.
  5. You mind giving a source for that? I'm about to wrap up my Priest of Wael run and it'll be pretty disappointing if I can't get his boon.
  6. I'd like a couple more from the other regions. Merchant from the Valiant Republic, A Farmer ( ) from Readceras, a Raider from Eír Glanfath. Dialogue wise I agree it'd be great if we got some more reactivity based off our background.
  7. It'd depend on how the main story ends for me if I'd like the expansion to take place after the game.
  8. I've seen just as many people excited for Berath's Blessing as people unhappy with it. The unhappy ones are just a bit...louder.
  9. We'll just have to reach the next goal. Then they'll have to put a new one up
  10. And you making it sound like some achievements are needed to enable content that would give every player more choice and freedom in the first place. Which blessing do you feel restricts freedom and choice if you aren't able to have it from the start?
  11. All of which could be available for everybody right the start of the first(!) game, best in some "expert settings" menu for enhanced flexibitily and more choice for everybody right from the start... The only bonus I'd imagine some people would be upset over is having the "challenge/harder" bonuses being locked away. Otherwise any bonus that gives you a stat boost and an all around easier time can be done normally by lowering the difficulty. You're making it sound like some huge chunk of content is being locked away.
  12. All those things are optional though. You could always use your berry's blessing points on the things that make the game harder. If it was a forced thing I'd totally understand and would be against it but what we were shown today I have little to no complaints. If I want a difficult run I'll use the blessing that make the game more difficult. If I'm feeling lazy and feel like doing weird builds I'll choose the ones that make it easier. Edit: Berath not Berry. Dang autocorrect.
  13. You all seem to be missing this tidbit. The "boost of stats" and what not are all optional.
  14. But it does! At Normal difficulty or below you don't need to understand the systems beyond the level of "debuffs make the enemies weaker," "buffs make you stronger," and "the immunity against Fear spell protects against dragon fear." When playing at Hard or PotD you do need to dig into them more, but if you're not keen to learn the systems, why would you play on Hard or PotD? On Normal you can even get to a point where the AI can practically play the game itself. Anyways back on topic I'm assuming this is your first run of Pillars right? Aside from maybe some IE veterans very few people are going to know the system 100% on the first run. But after my second run I was comfortable to move on from Normal to Hard and eventually POTD. If a few mechanics still confuse you there are plenty of resources to watch and read to help with that too.
  15. The backer reward is for a Pirate Crew. So that's what we get for it. Pretty sure that's why Fluffy is trying to get another Island tier for the Black Isle. It's a bit more interesting.
  16. Well we do have a poll for an island, see here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/91401-backing-a-black-isle-for-the-deadfire-archipelago/ And we do have some "yes" votes there. And take into account that that poll is only 2 days old as of now. So the support can still grow. The problem is there are no free island slots anymore on the Fig campaign, which is why I have asked Aarik if the team would consider offering a new island slot. I am yet waiting for an answer on that. He said the team would discuss it. Yup I voted there. Here's hoping everyone follows through then eh? I'd be pretty embarrassing if they end up adding another tier and not enough gets donated haha. Speaking of the island tier. Has anything been discussed about the physical items?
  17. If the support isn't there for either (or not enough) why not scale back a bit? We could always as a group make a neat item or a "super pet". The cost is significantly less.
  18. So just curious to those of you who voted "yes". How much would you all be willing to donate for the ship? I haven't really decided if I will or not personally. For now I'm just going with Option A and donating $8.
  19. I hope we do. I wanted my Priest to be a follower of Rymrgand but was unable to do so. Heck I'd love more Paladin Orders too. An anti animancy "Steel Garrote" Paladin would be a neat playthrough.
  20. I mean worst comes to worst we can just go for #2 in the poll. Lots of users seemed into "Obsidian Marauders" before Black Isles Bastards was pitched.
  21. Unless you all get more people. Everyone would need to donate a lot more than $8 each in order to get the island.
  22. Well, PoE is still a story-driven game. It's not a "make-your-own-story" open world game like Skyrim. I don't see why the story in Pillars must be pretty impersonal and unemotional by definition. I mean, it's already there and it won't go. I just don't think that the story in PoE provided a good peronal motivation for the PC in many aspects, especially when we look at the main story. In your opinion. Naturally. Everything I post is first and foremost just my opinion. I mean being Awakened sounds like it sucks and many of these things can be filled in with your own imagination. Though they could certainly improve on certain aspects of it. Like White March did it pretty well. It gave you a very nice selection of motivations for opening Durgan's Battery and such.
  23. The problem with this is if Obsidian goes too detailed in what the character wants, loves, cares about, etc...it will go too close to a "predefined" character. Since this is a Role Playing game you are expected to some extent fill in some of the blanks. Make up your own reasoning on what your Watcher cares about and why s/he acts the way s/he does. I've played through the game dozens of times and have never had an issue. Now I'm not saying more choices would be bad. In fact I'd love to have more flavor text based off reputation, race, class, profession and such that would further allow you to build your character. But forcing certain traits onto a character like I said is making the Watcher too close to a predefined character. What if I want to play as a ruthless Watcher, yet the devs add some predefined text about him doing X because he cares about the world?
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