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  1. Someone in the general forums posted one for Steel Garrote. Though this was before the update. I doubt we'll get anything for these new ones.
  2. But in all seriousness I am super excited to see what the others are. Hope to see them soon in the beta patch!
  3. <3 Also, you guys don't have to wait too long (certainly not 3 weeks) Can you tell us if they'll be any added reactivity for these subclasses?
  4. Should be yeah. I do hope we get the beta patch soon though. I want to see those new subclasses.
  5. I do hope Steel Garrote and Priest of Woedica get tweaked a bit. Steel Garrote's "special" can already be obtained from an item so that is a bit boring if it stays that way.
  6. Can't tell by the wording. Will Paladin and Priest be getting a new subclass in addition to Steel Garrote and Priest of Woedica? Or are those two the new subclasses?
  7. Hi Yosharian, My suggestion to move "no-pause" to a separate achievement is to preserve it for those players who still want to attempt it. I don't want to remove other players' choices or achievements! Consider the "solo mode" challenge; the devs didn't make it a God Challenge, but instead made it a *separate* difficulty option (Triple Crown Solo vs. Triple Crown). This was what I had in mind for the "no-pause" challenge. I appreciate everyone's feedback, and hope the devs will take it into account along with my suggestion! Wouldn't the same issue be present then? People who have accessibility issues won't be able to get the separate "no pause" achievement either. I personally don't care about achievements but for those who do the problem is still there.
  8. I found a sheet that listed how much reactivity each class has and it's sad how few some have. What's sadder is Steel Garrote has more than the Darcozzi Paladini and it's a cut class! Damn shame. Darcozzi is an interesting class. On another note I did a mod of my own which allowed me to have the "Soldier" background. That had a dialogue check in Poko Kohara.
  9. Aside from the quest with Oswald do we ever see other Steel Garrote and Priests of Woedica in the game? I can't recall any. Always found it weird how they built those two unique classes but did so little with them.
  10. Extremely interesting. I really hope they make him a full companion in one of the dlcs.
  11. That does sound very odd. Boarding ships tend to always be much much harder from my experience and it seems like they balanced it more around sinking the ship. In any case have you considered using console commands to make things easier? You press the "~" key, type in "iroll20s", and then "god". This will disable achievements but will make your characters invulnerable so you can enjoy the story.
  12. Do you have level scaling turned on for only the Critical Path? That could be what's happening.
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