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  1. Still experiencing this problem whenever I'm doing White March content in particular. This time, the game continued to crash even after a re-start of my PC. output_log.txt output_log.txt
  2. I've been doing a re-play of the first Pillars with the intention of playing the second game again, but the game seems to be crashing a lot this time, especially (but not exclusively) when loading a new area. When I close the program and try to re-open the game, I get a message telling me the game has crashed, and I need to re-start my computer to play again. I re-installed the entire game recently and have verified the files on Steam. I've turned off the Steam overlay too. output_log.txt output_log.txt output_log.txt output_log.txt
  3. I've double-checked, and scaling is definitley set to "All", but island encounters and ship encounters are almost always guaranteed death for me.
  4. I believe I set scaling to "All", but I'm going to double-check when I get back from work.
  5. I love Laura Bailey, but the accent she's running with for Xoti is very difficult for me to take seriously--it sounds to me like someone doing a funny impersonation of a stereotypical southern states American. I have enjoyed a lot of the accents in the game so far, it's diverse, and has quite a unique flavor for a fantasy game, but the ol' country boy/gal one really takes me out of it.
  6. It will no doubt amuse and bewilder some to find that my wife and I have been playing on Story Mode (with scaling turned on), and have found it much too difficult--having been surprised with how often we seem to be dying. It wasn't a problem in the first Pillars, where we didn't ever have to think much about combat. In some battles in POE2, when our ships are boarded, our characters die almost instantly, and I had another encounter today on an unnamed island that seemed unwinnable after multiple attempts. I was led to believe that I could auto-attack my way to victory after my experience
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