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  1. As impressive as your "it's there, just deal with it" approach to the argument, which sadly also happens to be the general reply. Also as with your playing devil's advocate by arguing that a pseudo-turn based game is actually a real-time pause game (which is ridiculous, PoE gets more forced pauses than Divinity: Original Sin) or that undermining a mechanic that serves no purpose (it's VERY conspicuous how no one seems to be offering a clear advantage to the engagement system other than "because the game comes with it") counts as "using it to my advantage". I don't know if that's meant to be fu
  2. Keyword "theoretically", though. We all know that at higher difficulties it doesn't matter (mobs ignore engagement and go after your squishies anyway) and that because PoE/Tyranny likes to put you in situations where your team auto-positions before combat (we should be very familiar with these universally hated cutscenes by now) then your squishies are often left wide open. What's funny is that pretty often when you send in your fighters to intercept enemy mobs guys engagement will actually backfire and pin down your fighters while mobs circle around them and just keep going after your squishi
  3. The strength of the IE games was because it also had a well-established real-time combat system. Warriors can easily switch between ranged and melee, for example, or switch to a magical weapon that allowed them to deal massive damage or even control the battlefield because of positioning (eg. The Daystar, Celestial Fury, Arrows of Biting, etc). They were also a real dangerous force in combat because they natively had better combat abilities (more proficiency points, better proficiency progression, better THAC0 and most importantly higher attacks per round). As far as warriors were concerne
  4. BUT that's only true if the game had a flowing/smooth combat system that promotes real-time combat to begin with. Are you actually arguing that that's how things are in PoE, what with all the "auto-pause after using an ability", "auto-pause after seeing an enemy", etc. ON TOP of engagement that we have to deal with? You realize you're agreeing with me, right? What's even the point of engagement when in the end we're all just really trying to undermine it? It just slows down combat unnecessarily. So why is it in the game? Because it balances melee vs ranged? Because it makes early gam
  5. Wow, you badly need a lesson in basics. Because "real time" combat is pointless if your characters constantly turn around and ignore your commands because the engagement system forces them to attack/engage nearby enemies and forget whatever it was you wanted them to do? Because instead of smooth combat your characters suddenly slow down (or make a funny spinning dance if you keep forcing them to move away) whenever something approaches them in melee? Because the engagement system is based on PnP, which is turn-based? Because it's stupid that you need to pause like a maniac when combat COUL
  6. Not only PoE, but Tyranny too. I'm not sure why tactics is an issue, the Infinity Engine games gave you a massive amount of tactical options even without the engagement system. Same for Neverwinter Nights 2 and even the more hack-and-slash ARPGs like Dungeon Siege 2 - pausing, positioning and careful planning was also critical to these games even without the extremely-slowed down combat system. Because it's not turn-based? When you make a non-turn based game it's heavily implied that combat is supposed to flow smoothly. Seriously, do a google search about Pillars of Eternity combat a
  7. I really, reaaaaaally want to know why the devs thought it was a good idea to implement PnP's engagement system to what is supposed to be a fast-paced RPG (and other gamers' thoughts about these mechanics and their implementation in cRPGs in general). There's a reason NWN1 has a deeply troubled combat mechanics history despite being a heavily modded/enjoyed game, and why sooooo many people heaved a collected sigh of relief when NWN2 moved away from that. Seriously, have the devs watched how people play the game on youtube? PnP engagament mechanics simply does not lend itself to non-turn
  8. Does this person even realize that a significant chunk of the PoE playerbase are veteran IE (and older) game players? Obviously a lot of people simply stopped playing because the challenge/appeal is gone. And thank you for pointing out that our last options are to play the game AGAIN tin casual/hard/PotD or Ironman Mode. Now if only someone could suggest an alternative game mode for players interested in having more options for replayability without the stress of losing progress due to whatever... oh wait.
  9. This is the modern era. Just about every game has aspects from other genres, hell good luck trying to pin down what kind of game Divinity: Original Sin actually is. Is it an RPG? Is it a turn-based RPG? Is it a hack-and-slash/action RPG? Is it a sandbox RPG? Why is it an RPG, again? Did you miss the part where I pointed out that I've played PotD too many times? At this point I can solo PotD pre-act 3 on mostly muscle memory, and that's probably because I come from the BG1/Fallout era when characters had this habit of dying all the time just from a stray crit. We simply had to up our
  10. You people act like Path of the Damned is anything special to hardcore ARPG players. Seriously, what's next after you've figured out all the ins and outs of what makes builds work in PotD? I don't claim to have played *every* build that works, but I sure know that it's stupid that I'm now doing the same general thing over and over again and the only challenge left is the "if you die once, it's game over" mode. And no, self-imposed handicaps are NOT the answer especially since PoE2 is in a unique position to help change how the presence Ironman Mode is becoming a trend in today's games, which i
  11. Ok I get it, hardcore/Trial of Iron mode makes playing games more "challenging" by introducing a mode that kills characters permanently. But really, deciding that this should a benchmark for ARPG games is stupid. So if I was a gamer who lived a hectic life (anything from pets to babies to vengeful in-laws and a stressful workplace) then that automatically makes me, my games and my builds "inferior" to those of people whose main advantage is that they can enjoy playing the game in relative peace? There is a very real "what the f***" aspect in that logic because really, that's what the d
  12. It doesn't work that way. The thing about the hollowborn is that they don't have souls in them, while a wicht does have a soul in it (an animal's). I imagine that if a child's soul tries to return to its body (and discovers that its body has been transformed into a wicht) then it will instead go to wherever souls go while waiting for some random couple to birth them a new body.
  13. Resolve is my go-to bonus because but I'm sure some of my parties could have benefited more from Might (aka kill them before they kill us) or survival. I prefer to err on the side of caution when it comes to static stats though. There are also situations where I'll pick specific bonuses for skill interactions, like mechanics. All of my characters have some points in Survival and Athletics/Lore (+0-2 other skills) so sometimes I end up just 1-2 points short of the required skill for interactions (particularly WM content). I also generally don't reroll for random items, so while things like
  14. That will happen if you ignore your deflection. If you really want to play a glass cannon DPS chanter then you should at least have a secondary panic button setup, like hatchet + shield and possibly the Weapon and Shield Style talent. My own chanter builds always start with dual-wielded hatchets + Cautious Attack talent or hatchet + shield setups on weapon switch to discourage attackers. While not particularly tanky by an stretch before you reach Caed Nua, their high defenses means that mobs mostly ignore them . This is important because, as I mentioned, you should be attacking (specifical
  15. The thing about animal companions is that they have scaling enemy damage reduction ignore, so by late game they can do massive damage against heavily armored opponents. This is offset by their relative squishiness, but there are ways to help with that.
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