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  1. If I can take back my thread for a moment... What sorts of items should I be aiming to get for my chanter?
  2. Update: Since I only have about an hour or so free each night to play, it's taken me a bit of time to play this new, revised build. That said, though I'm still level 4 (again, hehe) I discovered how great this chanter build can be. At Anslog's Compass, I beat up some guls and noticed their bodies were nice and clumped together. So I put my party behind them and then with the Fine Arbalest found on a corpse nearby, I (as the chanter) hit one of the xaurips in the northeast camp, aggroing the whole camp. I then ran back to where my party waited. Meanwhile, "Come, Come" started plinking away
  3. Awesome. That's exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. Thank you! For the record, I had taken Ancient Memory but not any of the others. I had gib effects on because I've always loved the IE games' pink mist effect, but with something like "White Worms" I can see why it would be better having that off. So how's this instead: MIG 18 CON 10 DEX 4 PER 16 INT 20 (including +1 Old Vailia) RES 10 What I'm hearing from your reply is that I can basically forget about contributing via weapon attacks and just focus on being a chanting machine. That works for me. Thank you!
  4. Preface: I'm still pretty new to this game. As a huge fan of support characters in general and bards in particular, I figured playing a chanter would fit that bill for me closely enough that I wouldn't notice a difference. I was wrong, and the longer I play, the more apparent that is becoming. At this point I realize I'm probably doing something wrong. I had read around the forums for a bit and saw chanters could dump Dex for practically no penalty. So going with what the game was suggesting, I made this: I feel like after 4 levels I should have seen some sort of improvement in my
  5. This week, I came back to this game after a year and a half break. I want to have a go as a chanter, and the idea of a gunslinger seemed very interesting. How would this build change if you considered that I'm going to play on normal and with a full party?
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