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  1. My apologies if this was answered elsewhere, but after finishing my second walkthrough of PoE this question was stuck in my mind. In Hylea`s ending, when all the souls are returned to the Hollowborn children, what happened to the Wichts? Concerning the fact that they are children with transplanted animal souls, could it be that their souls were returned to their bodies? Because if it is true, it is really unsettling for me. The game counts them as monsters (as far as they attack almost everything that moves), and my Watcher slayed a lot of wichts. So, I hope it doesnt mean that she killed monsters, which were meant to become children again in Hylea`s ending. P.S. Sorry for mistakes, English is not my native language.
  2. My apologies if these have already been asked or answered elsewhere. (also, sorry for my bad English) Will be possible for me to set in the beginning of the game that I never met a certain ally in PoE1? (Pallegina in my cause)
  3. Just wanted to say that that quest made me upset too. This lack of choice really disturbed me - I kinda associate myself with my character. So, it really feels unconfortable when you don't have an appropriate option in solving the situation. I came across this old discussion and just wanted to say "hey, I know what you feel!" My Watcher never completed this quest - so, she never met Pallegina. Nevertheless, I don't regret, because the quest was really, uhm, uncomfortable for me. P.S. Sorry for my extremly bad English. P.P.S. I hope in the beginning of PoE2 I will have an option that my character never met Pallegina.
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