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  1. Thank you everyone, I am honored to be introduced as a Moderator for the forum and am excited to get to work updating the FAQ and helping out our fellow users. I very much appreciate this.
  2. Thinking back I haven't owned a pivot capable monitor in a long time, and now seeing the price difference in the ones that do include it I can see why. Though that is no reason for them to be expensive its an odd parity. Didn't much expect that.
  3. Turns out its actually somewhat difficult to find a pivot monitor these days that isnt insanely expensive. That said, on the 'cheaper' side of those is this guy (not sure what country your in, but at the least to see the monitor): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824001807 SAMSUNG S24C750P I love samsung screens myself, they are one of the top display makers out there, some of their post proc/engine work is not as good as sony, but pure display is hard to beat. I have a 27" 1080p syncmaster as my secondary and the picture quality is excellent +. If you can
  4. Just finished up TWD:400 Days, was a gift from a friend, short but that was expected. Otherwise great story telling and seeing only small small bits of these peoples stories was great. I really enjoyed it, can't wait for S2 of TWD from Tell Tale. They do an excellent job with narration, and the control schema is quite refreshing to step into. Otherwise playing some ai war, and monster hunter ultimate
  5. Kevin Conroy from batman's animated adventures is the only one I can think of when I hear batman mentioned. Internal intone for the win! -Secondarily, This is the end was hilarious, the wife and I loved it, highly recommend if anyone wants to see a fun funny movie and watch a lot of actors 'die' as 'themselves'.
  6. It is a little complicated to do it for all folders simultaneously. The way w8 works is it assigns folder templates based on the contents of the folder. Folder view settings (eg list/details/etc) are set for only that template and not just folders in general. So, either you change it per template (open up the main set of folders in your library for instance to get pictures, docs, videos, etc) and or, force all folders to be a specific template (overriding their normal template, and only having one). Theres a couple walkthroughs and how to do this: http://www.eightforums.com/tut
  7. Just wanted to say, from what I've narrowed it down from, in many Ways Win8 builds on Win7 and SHOULD (should being the key word) be just as compatible with programs as Win7. MS seems to have introduced some weird protocols (anti-piracy or something) that actually prevents some programs from running right, even with compatibility on. I have NO idea who the idiot at MS was that thought such a move was such a good idea. Even worse, unless you hack their program (which WILL invalidate their agreement with you if I read right) and disable the way they made the items (if you try to shut it down
  8. top middle you get a hand icon, click and drag to the bottom to go back to start, upper left corner goes to desktop, bottom left start screen, upper right/bottom right charm sidebar
  9. agreed, that is quite vexing
  10. When was windows 7 ever hated? The only reaction I ever saw to W7 is that it was Vista done right. Apart from a select few who still preferred XP, in any circle I frequent, W7 has always been praised. From day 1. Praised, and scorned: http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2009/06/windows-7-reality-check-it-can-still-suck-big-time/ the comments mostly are what to pay attention to. Its easy to forget after 4-5 years and a new OS that generates a lot of hate. w7 was no different than any of the other OS launches, loved, hated, defended, thrown away. Some more examples from the fun time
  11. At first I really didnt enjoy windows 8, however ive become quite fond of it, minus the searching. Searching is flat broken for anything beyond installed 'apps' really. With minor tweaks you can make it into a more than capable desktop OS and never lay eyes on metro *unless you use snapping, which can actually be real handy* One very simple addition that I really really like is the monitor spanning task bar with monitor specific program icon placement. Its actually super helpful for highly multi-tasked environments and sanity. Drivers originally were quite an issue but at this point ar
  12. Some upgrades coming soon, try to sit 1-2 generations behind cutting edge for budget Main Rig: Gigabyte P67A-D3-B3 i5 2500 g-skill ripjaws 8gb ddr3 1600 GTX 460 OC SB Recon3D PCIe for DDL gaming - opti out to denon avr *ddl is insane* + analog to headphones for music (JVC HARX900) Movies/Shows routed through gtx460 hdmi -> denon avr1713 5.1 (Polk center fr/fl - onkyo sub/rr/rl) Sony Bravia 42" primary monitor Samsung syncmaster 27" 1080p secondary OS Windows 8 Pro OS drive Mushkin 120gb-DX SSD Storage1: WD Black 1TB Storage2: WD Green 1.5TB Storage3: WD Passport 1TB
  13. If you remember the KS finish line party it shouldn't be that hard to imagine
  14. it looks like the sites back up, and i removed the spam, and banned the bot.. thats about all I can do at the moment =/
  15. I think it would be interesting if the stronghold was under the purview of the mega city, and as such you were able to become a city councilor and have influence regarding certain "laws" and other things regarding the city. That could be an interesting dynamic and alternative. I would not like it to be within the city either, so this is a nice middle ground I think. It could be a neat 2 way street, eg, You are a council member, and also, with a stronghold are tasked with coming to the aid of the city 'prelate' or whatever, if called upon. The city is attacked by XYZ, and you can go
  16. This was one of the things that I think, more or less, happened in Fallout 1/2. Some of the overworld map encounters were simple fights, but others were effectively short stories, and it is something I always loved. One of the things, I think, that really sets a good 'world' setting apart from a fantastic one, is how much detail is placed on the detail to tertiary story/historical potentials. This is often over looked in many games, or done in a very clumsy, clunky way. EG, you need to head to Brackentorch to gain the spectral sphere which will help defeat the mighty olden grakh. Upon
  17. There aren't any such places in Skyrim. The only one I can think of is Blackreach, but you're spoiling the related quest, not the location itself. You know, if it were that easy. To be serious, I just thought maybe you guys found a way, like choosing a entirely different class/character than usual or just... something. Something to take away that aching pain of not-knowing without replacing it with spoiling. Hey, I never said I'm a rational person. :D @Ieo, well that's something, thanks May be a good start. I should drink a few glasses of Talisker while playing, maybe I'll forg
  18. In Finnish defence forces sexual relationships in mixed units between comrades are common place things and some times this relationships continue even after service. And even in full male units soldiers it's commonplace thing to go strip bars and see girlfriends on free time and even constantly calling for them in service hours. And of course it should be also remebered that in Finnish defece forces most of the soldiers are in service only for compulsory 6-12 months. And war brides are some what common thing in long wars. So romantic relationships can flourish in middle of misery and dead.
  19. I'm for the variety arguement. Though the trend of the bikini armor, has become quite silly. It is not something that makes me want to buy a game more. Story and mechanics do. More realistic armor on BOTH sides is fine with me.
  20. Well the unity engine is a very small cost (which you can find on their website). It's 1500$/development seat for the interface so however many people they require to attach the various objects/integration. Beyond that there isn't much cost wise we would see really if you get down to it. - of course they would likely subdivide salaries based on objective goals, but again this would really equal out to peoples pay, so.. It's an in house IP so no fees there, all game assets would really be covered within employee salaries, though its possible they make a separate breakdown for each objec
  21. I think it is not a good idea, and doubt it would happen on advice from their legal department. The reason I think it is not a good idea is mainly because, it's boring. The only reason these figures sound appealing is that it's for a videogame we helped fund. Beyond that its reams of numbers. Would you appreciate it if you worked for a company, who took in some money, and with no obligation posted your salary to the world? I sure wouldn't, nor is it fair or appropriate to ask them to. -We as backers are in the unique position of having only donated money for a project. We are not s
  22. The 'only' real -argument- I could see against it is for 'realism' breaking reasons. However, the easy counter to that is, its SP, and those that CARE about that aspect would come up with something theme appropriate, so in reality... It shouldn't much matter imo.
  23. So much angst in these threads. It's like watching a companion romance gone wrong. In all seriousness, though futile an argument to make... Romance is a viable thought option for comrades who go through life changing, and world shattering events. If you have a super close friend, male or female of the opposite sex, or not depending on orientation, sexual tension is OFTEN a factor in the relationship. Whether acted on or not. To ignore something so very real is pretty silly and unrealistic. I always found that the most jarring of 'companion' characters in a lot of older cRPGs, the lack
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