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  1. For anyone just lurking, make sure you check out the latest update! http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/61912-update-28-what-were-up-to/
  2. Hmm considering I may die from ingesting said tuna sandwich, I cannot back this campaign.
  3. I think that the argument on its face is, questionable, clearly. There is no evidence of soulds period beyond faith and blind speculation. Combined, this is a made up universe, which is made up, and still being made up. Beyond that, this quote immediately struck me as WoT. This is a central theme to the series, really, while most people arent affected by their..past selves, clearly these 'select' few are, and in Rand's case, to maddening effect. Is this system any more logical than another metaphysical, theological system? Nope. As long as it is consistent, and follows it's own int
  4. Thats probably true, while not terribly awesome, for some reason my friends any I could not put these down hah.
  5. Getting back to the OP, for those disinclined to wade through 220 pages of Feargus' comments, the one in question can be found here. Some nice analysis, and while it saddens me to see a publisher sinking so low (effectively panhandling), it doesn't surprise me either. I wouldnt be surprised, I wouldnt be surprised if they had actually approached them to do the battlechess franchise as it seems to be one of the few remaining with any 'nostalgic' feel for anyone. Would be a quick thing to do for an Obsidian and I would imagine could be leveraged smartly to get enough to limp to another
  6. If you put in the extra 8 at any point, you simply need to ask for the title. The 'new membership' is closed if you HAVE NOT donated the extra 8 on top of your tier/addons. - If you have, then you are 'in' just need to make yourself known
  7. Deities are often a difficult thing to tackle while designing a world, whatever the end use is. I think that often people over utilize, or create Deities in some mental attempt to make the world seem more grandiose. Really, I find that the world needs to be grandiose on its own, which explains your Deities, or lack thereof. In my opinion, while less overtly interesting, it's a much more difficult but ultimately rewarding exercise to create a diety/dieties who are nearly imperceptible. These kinds of discussions remind me of the futurama episode with bender where he meets 'God', who
  8. No you don't get it. It's difficult to 'get' you, when you like so much to only post images. Not that I particularly want to 'get' you or anything. Yet you keep making asinine posts in response to mine. But really, whats the price of cheese in chicago? No seriously, I have no idea if its different there..
  9. I was actually kind of going for a washed out look on the shieldface/region in general, At the actual size it looks a bit wonky, but 50% and lower it really makes the area pop pretty nice i think.. eg: http://farm9.staticf..._5a20f3d2f8.jpg Looks nice, good job! Only the bottom of the scroll looks a bit too soft, the lettering with the title is a little bit blurred. Yeah I was thinking about that too, ill probably change it tomorrow hehe Thanks!
  10. I was actually kind of going for a washed out look on the shieldface/region in general, At the actual size it looks a bit wonky, but 50% and lower it really makes the area pop pretty nice i think.. eg: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8056/8107319862_5a20f3d2f8.jpg
  11. Can I get everyones opinion, I took the shield template and did some tweaking, which one do you guys like more? 1. Has the border the same color as the PE logo, rusty color: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8184/8107228943_faa0611bd9.jpg 2. Has LC's original metallic style: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8330/8107238722_52f8834f12.jpg 3. For final total comparison, his original default: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8334/8107252344_7c8833f0c0.jpg any thoughts are appreciated
  12. it is not, and the second link is not finished yet and technically in a beta state.
  13. I wonder how much the problem is the result of having a large team of developers with each working on, say, different parts of the map or aspects of the game world? It's much harder to maintain consistency that way. The larger the setting grows, the worse the problem becomes. I think that again goes into structure and proper planning. If you have a large team, the initial setup of all systems to keep everyone on the same page, from a logic consistency page could be large, but it becomes a joke when this isnt even remotely attempted. One of the things that I saw from Obsidian as
  14. Hehe, I've so much to play atm, I don't know where to start.....(XCOM, Dishonored, PST, Divinity Anthology,....) Just ordered that set, wooo. thanks for posting that pic, never would have known about that otherwise Xcom was amazing, really amazing.
  15. I don't see how there is zero risk. Read this. But I want to talk about the part of your post that I bolded. Have you even participated in the Project Eternity Kickstarter campaign, or any Kickstarter campaign for that matter? Check it out - any pledge of 25$ or more (or 20$ but those were limited) has the game itself as a reward for the backer. No I have not participated and I won´t in the future either. Nice that in this campaign the backer will get the game, if it will be released which as your own link proves is not guarantied. Also there is no monetary risk for the developers, an
  16. Just to point out that the same was said about Facebook. Mind you, it was also said about MySpace, which turned out to be largely correct. Plus the sorts of things as Prodigy and Compuserve competing with AOL. Or direct publishing for eBooks, which led to things such as the Kindle and Nook. Not all of them survived, and Kickstarter itself might not either. But I'm fairly sure that the concept of crowdfunding and even crowdsourcing is one that is only going to grow, not shrink. Because Facebock stocks are doing so well. Facebook is the WoW of social networks. By a little skill and pure
  17. Beyond pre-prod, how many of those guilds were for a singleplayer game? hehe 2, actually. XD But that was a long time ago and it was as much just a 'story-line trade' and 'if we did a table top in this setting what would...' thing. Haha awesome, reminds me of a couple i was in for things like VTM -> VTMB etc, ah the memories!
  18. Thats basically all Bethesda games ever. Actually, it's not. Before Oblivion every guild had a set of primary skills and attributes which you had to develop to advance in ranks. Yes, you can join the Mages Guild, but you'll stay a journeyman forever and stop receiving quests if you don't train your magic skills. Morrowind had three great houses of which you could join only one. Fighters Guild and Thieves Guild conflicted with each other (if you completed an early quest for Eydis Fire-Eye, you couldn't join the thieves anymore). Not to mention the guilds you didn't discover in your first
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