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  1. I believe Farudan had a similar sentiment earlier today on IRC as well. Though this is just my recolection, I could be wrong If that is so, Kymriana donated the required amount (actually a bit more) on Paypal as well so List makers, if this gets "confirmed" from on high please add her to the list. Kymriana Dragon Lady of the Obsidian Order
  2. I'm glad you think so, but I still think I screwed up. If I had donated that additional 8$ via Kickstarter, it would have gone towards making their Kickstarter record for video games even greater. That's nitpicking, but I'm a nitpicky sort of person. I'm sorry, brethren of the Obsidian Order. Nothing to worry about, all is forgiven, in my non official forgiving capacity!
  3. The only thing I really regret is not getting a signed hardcover, I love to collect signed material from my favorite artists (pretty much any genre, VGs, magic, etc). So I'm pretty bummed I couldnt get up to the 500$ tier myself, but I am excited to see what the 350 bag includes. Maybe I can snag the signed hardcover on ebay or something :D
  4. As many others have said, Thank you Obsidian. Thank you for daring to make a game that a lot of us want, but is harder and harder to get. Thank you for all of the brilliance, and fun, and sorrow from the myriad adventures you have created here, and elsewhere. Thank you for shaping the kind of gamer, and person I became. Thank you.
  5. I also would like to again welcome everyone, and say a hearty thank you to all of my fellow brothers and sisters in the Obsidian Order of Eternity. What a wild ride this KS has been, filled with a lot of laughs. I am very proud to stand beside you all for the coming of PE. With that I was inspired to write a little something here at work, been a while but I think it came out alright. I want to thank all of those who have worked so hard to create this guild that formed around the inception of an idea, of a game, of a group of people. This is truly remarkable, I would love to volunteer to as
  6. Bloodlines is in my top 3 favorite games of all time. I recently (past 3 months) had a play through actually. The writing was amazing, the mechanics were solid (for period games). The art direction and animation was phenominal and pitch percect. The story was.. a masterpiece. I truly loved every second of that game. Some of my favorite moments in any game were playing as my Malkavian. The dialogue was inspired, comical, and so oddly touching.
  7. Kickstarter over. Awesome. Can't wait for the AMD Loot bag!

  8. Me too! $350 tier club high five! I wonder if we will get totally different loot from each other. I also had to snag one of the $350 packs... *high fives Gensou* It's great that so many people in the order were able to be among the 30 lucky ones. If I had a lower pledge I 'might' have gone for it, but I wasn't going to downgrade mine that much for it. 'Grats to those who did get it tough. I was contemplating the 500, but it was just a bit to much of a stretch so this was perfect! Glad you were able to snag a higher level one! I really wanted that dev team signed harcove
  9. Me too! $350 tier club high five! I wonder if we will get totally different loot from each other. I also had to snag one of the $350 packs... woo 350 club for the win!
  10. Me too! $350 tier club high five! I wonder if we will get totally different loot from each other. I think that it might actually be a bit random, but thats cool! /emote High Fives Blazing Hero
  11. congrats and welcome to everyone! had to go for that 350$ pack earlier myself :D
  12. The only expectation should be that we receive a video game at some point, provided we paid for one. Beyond that there is little we should expect. I was sad to see some of the cheap shots and name calling, but I think given some time the issue will drop as the attention to it passes. In that vein, I hope that those with cooler heads can keep them, and all should be fine. Forums get rowdy fast, and calm just as quickly. Its a cycle that unfortunately will (in my opinion) probably always exist. We all just need to remember, its just a game, its a group of developers we love, and good or bad,
  13. I agree with this, as I said in another thread, it is very early, and lots of things are just ideas right now. I trust that without exterior machinations a quality, old school feel, extremely well written game will be produced. Beyond that. Welcome to everyone! :D
  14. I think that would be really cool to watch, but I feel like that wouldn't happen much. Mainly because in the end they will likely still have projects, and deals that require working with publishers in general. You don't taint your pool so to speak haha.
  15. This has been something else to watch unfold. Couldn't be happier about the project, or people making it!
  16. I think that it is way to early to make many assumptions or assertions either way. One point I would make, is that in my opinion, FO:NV is a bad example to use for this current project. My reasoning is pretty simple. Bethesda created the engine, and more than likely, determined quite a lot of How the game had to work. If the game was a huge and massive departure from FO:3 mechanically, it would be easy to 'lose' current players who are dissalusioned with the new vein. I think that while Obsidian was clearly inherent in cleaning up a lot of the mechanics and engine issues that plagued FO:3,
  17. Grrr... Found a loophole did 'ya? **** in my armor? A brick in my wall? (Wait... What? ) Shiver me timbers, 'Ya scheming landlover! I'll make you walk the plank for this, arr! (Or will as soon as I find a plank... not to mention a ship... Water would be good too, but not necessary, me thinks ) Totottoro, TRUE Vanguard of the Obsidian Order of Eternity! Oh, and welcome to the Order! I would imagine that the OO would engage in multiple 'actions' so theres plenty of vanguard to go around! Maybe the Venom Vanguard, as I wanted is a subset of The (almighty) Vanguard :D
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