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  1. Beyond pre-prod, how many of those guilds were for a singleplayer game? hehe
  2. Great names. Are you also excited about the third Evangelion movie next month? I love me some NGE! Back when i was in the navy around 2004 I snagged the NGE:Perfect Collection at a gamestop for 10$ the box is a bit rough but hey... I havent really caught anything thats recently come out though. I should rewatch them and get the movies..
  3. Thats basically all Bethesda games ever. Clearly, there are just hidden schools of magic, like "muscle magic" and "speaking magic" and maybe "thieving magic" It always bugged me that there is absolutely 0 change in the world when you do become the master of XYZ. Its like playing a series of short stories that kind of sort of are in the same world but share no other ties. Im the Archmage of the Mages Guild. Thats nice, I'm a stupid highway robber, gimme 20 gold or die! ...... Seriously? lolwut?
  4. How do people who went bankrupt in the tech bubble collapse of the 90s feel? This is a snowball - that will become an avalanche, while even KS may die, crowdfunding is power, and there are literally billions of people on the planet. Setbacks, and sob stories will happen, but much like the stock market, while beaten up, it will endure, and attract more and more entities.
  5. This is really what the OP should mean, in my opinion. This is something many games fail at badly. So I posed this very line of question in an AMA for the devs and got a response. My question was akin to: In my campaign and text based mud design, I would always try to create a world in its entirty. From all possible angles. While a player may not see 80% of this, it adds a continuity to a world that makes everything sensical. Is this type of approach something that is used in your development/important? The answer was, yes, as you said most players wont see most of this it make
  6. What a sordid discussion this has turned into. I think, personally, that the comparison to a "Traditional, Big Budget" game for PE is not realistic, nor fair. There are many many many reasons, most of which have been enumerated in this thread, why 4m$ from KS is actually quite a bit more in relation to a big budget title. Mainly, stripping away things like Voice acting, etc. Some huge huge huge costs come into play with most engines. Even if the company themselves owns the engine, massive development and effort is typically thrown into the subsequent iterations of that engine,
  7. Welcome new members -On GoT- Excellent series, but GRRM suffers from character creep. The problem with his books is that he keeps adding more, and more, and more characters to focus on in the story, which, while I find neat/enjoy as a whole, think about the WRITING process of that. The cross story, timelines, etc. It has become a mountainous project beyond just the scope of his story in total. Excellent series, but beware the creepers! -On WoT- I have such a love/hate relationship with this one. I love it, I love the writing, the scope, the characters. I hate the half focus in many of
  8. I hate keytab files. :) Damn you KVNO mismatches!

  9. I think that more of a spiritual successor would be what they aim for now, if anything. Given the discussions, and reveals it feels like they want this to be a very clearly unique setting, does that allow for cross conceptual design? Sure. I feel that before the kickstarter, a lot of the people at obsidian wanted to make a cRPG, be it a PST successor, IWD, BG, etc etc etc, and likely the amalgamation of ideas and direction led to a decision that it would be best to simply create a new world, probably borrowing on facets of many others of theirs, or favorites. As they said, there wi
  10. no thank you. Consoles have plenty of RPGs and are fairly dominated by jRPG games. I think that while some may be intrigued, the amount of extra money, and effort to publicize this to console gamers, get publishing, distribution for now up to 5-6 formats, any other licensing fees, etc. Its not worth it. Make the game right, without constraint and a dual focus on, how can we make this awesome on the PC.. and oh yeah we need to worry about refactoring everything for a console, and gamepads, and accessibility that we normally wouldnt.. The split in development power, and focus for
  11. Ah!! The "I hope you have children just like you" curse! Excellent idea............wait a sec.....curse my parents!!!!! And they cursed theirs! the circle never ends!! oh the humanity!
  12. I am a bread fiend, I love the stuff.. soo good... craving delicious bread now.. dammit.
  13. You shouldn't ask things like that, you may just get an answer As for coffee.. I love making a fresh cup of esspresso on my bialetti yum.
  14. I thought it was obvious, well 2 ways it would work 1, you slay the pettite 2, you are pettite and are a [grim] reaper I guess you could also just be a state of perpetual pettite death, more like a conceptual state of being, than a physical identity.. I guess that didnt really help after all..
  15. It's my job to do vanguardy things, but with venom. Drink some venom, like a vanguard Kill some soldiers with venom, like a vanguard Drink some beer laced with venom, like a vanguard Propose to beautiful ladies with venom, like a vanguard ok, that was lame. I am sorry internets.
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