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  1. That's a really bad path to walk down for a fantasy game of old. Everything has been done repeatedly... Plus, Vampires are awesome when done right (and I mean original 'Dracula' vampire stories), fast, hard to kill (Decapitation or it will eventually regenerate). For reference; Dracula was as Strong as 20 men, really fast, has hypnosis/telepahy and can defy gravity a little (not fly out right mind).
  2. ? We like realism but we accept that realism can be based upon a different set of rules and designs and if something can be explained logically we don't mind something vastly different and physically impossible in the 'real world'.
  3. Wizards in plate are protected from certain degrees of damage, A fighter gets up close and personal then they don't stand a chance once there shield is gone (if they had one).
  4. There is nothing better than a game of Penguinopoly! Also movie wise - the 3D isn't as bad as it use to be when it's filmed in 3D and not converted into it afterthoughts. I know several of my friends go see 2D films over 3D films unless it was filmed in it just because of headaches and stuff and it doesn't look 'right'. (This is digital 3D and IMAX 3D) In games though, the few Stereoscopic games I've had the opportunity to play (on fantastic gaming rigs btw) haven't looked that impressive and imho have distracted from the actual game and on two of the three occasions resulted in a migraine. TBH - It doesn't really matter because I quite simply wouldn't turn it on. What would worry me is that they spend time and effort making it 3D when it really doesn't need to be.
  5. I don't see why a wizzard/sorcerer/mage CAN'T wear plate. Most lore requires casters to concentrate to be able to use spells. Why can't they concentrate in in heavy armour? I'm pretty sure Fighters concentrate to swing and block blows... But still, I'd love to see battelmages again, heavy armour, throwing spells, deflecting arrows and then getting slammed to the floor by a Barbarian with a giant hammer....
  6. If I could draw even half decently (and then had a scanner) I would attempt to draw how I envisioned it but the art style isn't "as" important as the play style. I started a playthrough of IWD2 last night and for the love of god I can't remember how to play it - it has been what 10 years. But it got me thinking more about this in how it could work. Skill wise it could have a decent stealth or move fast amount as a base stat with melee damage being rather low but pistol damage being rather high. And useable abilities would be base around how to use the pistols, such as mages learn spells perhaps this person can learn pistol abilities from other pistol users throughout the world OR that he/she was taught by their father etc... Examples would be, Point Blank Shot (Requires 1 fully loaded pistol and X distance*close*) - Shatters mage shields - If no shield exists does dmg based on area hit (dice role) eg rolling 2 would count as a graze where as 12 would be full on blast to the chest (penetrates lvl 1 or 2 armour but level 3 reinforced plate deflects half the damage) and does bleeding damage for X amount until a heal is used or enemy dies. Distraction Shot (Requires 1 fully loaded pistol and XtoY distance*close to medium*) - Fire quickly at the face of the enemy - Chance to cause damage greatly reduced due to accuracy but the blast of gun powder and pellets cause the target to cover their face (reduces armour/defense/misses a turn etc.) Scatter Shot (Requires 3 fully loaded pistols and XtoY distance*close to medium*) - Fires one shot directly in front and then pulls out the other two pistols and fires slightly to the left and right of the original target to cover a 45 degree angle. - Chance to cause dmg/bleeding on higher rolls otherwise causes minor dmg/shatters shields and minor distraction shot on other roles to other targets. Double Whammy/Some awesome PE based name (Requires 2 fully loaded pistol and dagger/sword and within x amount of range of the character) - The character lunges with their *bladed weapon* causing X amount of dmg based on roll leaving the blade stuck in the enemy momentarily before pulling out both pistols for a double Point Blank Shot before then pulling out the blade. (3 separate dmg rolls required?) Now these all sound like big damage dealing and good debuff/crowd control attacks that could be classed as overpowered BUT I would say that the pistols would then need to be reloaded out of combat and that takes about 5 seconds per pistol and require the character to stand still. And the character can only ever equip a sword/dagger OR a shield if using any pistols as they always need 1 hand free to pull out a pistol / put away Sword quickly ro pull out the other pistols. Heh, I would LOVE to play that type of class you would really have to use your shots wisely because you only get 3 then your down to just your sword and your speed to stay out of the fight.
  7. I like individual encounters in set areas that only happen once. Random (pokemon long grass) encounters annoy me because you don't see them coming.
  8. I really hate that argument. 1, it's a game. 2, it's set in a fantasy world and 3, it's not real life! Saying that however. I didn't say live with it I was just making a suggestion, one of many suggestions on how to possibly handle it to suit everyone. Some people don't want it - Others do, so try and find a solution in the middle that won't break the game? As for if someone were to receive a skill point through a skill book or something. Then that wouldn't apply because the player didn't choose it.
  9. I never did play that BUT having looked at some screen shots it does seem to look similar to what I had in mind visually.
  10. 3d games are a horrible horrible thing. That and they give me migraines... Urghh. Dear Obsidian, Please don't do this! Regards
  11. Why not remove the ability to respec completely from the game but create an option where you can undo the last attribute change infinitely so. That way, you have your point you spend it and you can undo that point UNTIL you place another point. That way you can undo a mistake / change your mind a little easily.
  12. There have been lots of threads on mechanics, ideas, the classes and so on and I'd like to share an idea with everyone if not for the fact - It could potentially be cool to have in PE but at the same time I just wonder what people think in general. Class applied to Rogues (Pirates). In a lot of lore the idea for pistols comes into play as a means to breach a wizards shields more than it does to kill your foes at range as you would in an FPS - There not accurate in my imagined fantasy world but there deadly up close and shatter mage/wizard shields outright (unless it's very strong). Based on the era/lore of most fantasy yarghhPG's (see what I did there) they would be single shot, black powder based pistols with a slow reload and in a fight a one shot thing. What I'm thinking is that as one of the above class builds you can carry; A sword/dagger sheath Hip holster for dual pistols Underarm dual pistol holster Class would be suited for light armour with abilities that use the sword and during a fight they can pull out and use each pistol to destroy mages shields or do massive damage up close but to reload they are required to stand still and properly clear out the pistol, reload the powder, ball bearings and this isn't something you can do running around. I'm thinking an up close and personal anti-mage/wizard style build but equally deadly against single targets. In a team fight he would be the one zeroing in on the mages/wizards/priests to take them out of the fight and maybe unloading into the lighter defended enemies. Not sure how ball bearings would hold up against full plate etc.. (worth a look) but I do quite like the variation of the standards 'rogue' class without falling away from the single target, disruption stereotypes. Thoughts, opinions, flames? ps. Sorry to the regulars of the forums - Not sure if this is the right place to post this or whether or not this ideas come up before or even if posting this type of thing is frowned upon. (still a forum newbie)
  13. I've played BG and many others which you roll and can reallocate, which is perfectly fine if not annoying but it allows you to assign numbers and for those who like the random aspect of it then it suits them as well as those of us who do not like our character creation to be random. I was just stating that in some games you can't reallocate - which as I said, takes away my choice and plays to dumb luck. I remember one old game - Can't remember what it was called - Text based where it was random and you had 3 rerolls. I remember restarting the cartridge 4 times because my 'Wizzard' rolled Strength and Dexterity 9 times in a row. I'm happy either way in terms of the OP with set stats or growing. What I would hate would be if it was a random roll of the stats and I had no choice - But from what I've read from Josh he feels similarly in that - rolling for starting stats is just dumb luck and hopefully this means it won't be set that way. edit - I'm not saying that PE will even go that way - Just my opinion on rolling for stats.
  14. A weapon that is built to look and act like a gun but is used to focus magical energies rather than pull a trigger to fire a projectile you cast a spell and channel it into a gun. Think any form of casting with your hands to create a ball of energy that you then propel but instead the magical crystal of zagamuffin which is inside of the gun feeds on your magical powers - charges and then unleashes when it reaches a certain power level. Magical Gun!
  15. I don't mind questGPS because most companies have gotten lazy with their quest compilation and do not explain or give you enough information about where you need to go and what you're looking for. Eg. Bob Buzzard has stolen my mechanical rabbit! Get it back!! NOW!!! Ok, where and who is Mr Buzzard? Why can't I now talk to you to ask more information on who this mysterious feller is? Though if the journals at least have a decent referencing system to the area where the quest is then atleast I can find the right town and go from there.
  16. Rolling for attributes annoys the hell out of me on the grounds that. You allow me to choose my class/role - Thus allowing me to take an educated risk in that by playing this way I will bring x,y and Zebra to a party. You allow me to choose my starting skills/weapon choices/armour etc.. - Again allowing me to take a risk that through my game I will be able to best use my abilities. And then you take away my choice to finalise my character creation by spreading attributes that would benefit the above choices and put them into other areas making the above choices potentially defunct and extremely underpowered for the entire game even with increasing attributes. I once rolled a 6 for my Strength attribute (out of 25) for my Barbarian. Needless to say he was useless as a damage dealer making my skill choices/armour choices null and void - I quit the game and left my friends to play on. I don't mind set attributes. I don't mind increasing attributes. I'm happy with either way but for the love of god don't make my starting attributes random! I want to make my character not pray for dumb luck on the roll of the dice!
  17. This is probably not going to make much sense but i'll do my best to explain what I mean. For me it depends on the game/genre. As this is a fantasy RPG where magic exists and the laws of Physics as we know it doesn't fully apply. So out right "realism" isn't something I 'overly' care for. Saying that however. Years and years of RPG's, Books, Films and my imagination have had Fireballs blowing things up, Lightning shocking and stunning people. Swords swinging and chopping people and big dirty hammers crushing things. So to some sense I expect realism in terms of I want my people to walk/talk. I want four legged beasts to run, buildings to look like buildings that suit the environment and level of technology/magical sensibility and fighting styles/magic to be how we imagine it to be. Saying that however(again).. I have no issues with things being different because it suits the lore. I have no issue with exaggerated sword fighting (think Whirlwind Warrior with a 2h sword that weighs an impossible amount) or Mages wearing plate armour (that doesn't make them suffer diminishing returns on their casting ability). TLDR: So in a general sense - Realism matters in some things but doesn't in others. It all depends on the lore and whether it's a fighting style, armour or environment.
  18. If it was me designing it (imagine Paint skills ingame) I would have some form Overlord/Fable/Assassains Creed/FallOut cross breed treasure room system where it would; Fill with chests depending on my money situation. (Overlord/Fable) Have customizable decor from the local 'furnishings store' where you could choose from several themes. (FallOut) Have weapon/armour racks of any/all/several discovered/picked up weaponry/armour - OR - ^^ OR - Trophies from fallen bosses/elite beasts/rare animals - Tokens of thanks But that would just be me. I like seeing my "home instance" change as I progress. Rewards, reminders and so on. Makes me feel like I'm making at least some changes to the world around me.
  19. Hope the birth goes nice and smoothly for the mother and congratulations the news of becoming a Dad! I don't have anything useful to add to the post on Armour but I would like to thank you for the update, it's hugely appreciated.
  20. For me this particular issue will all boil down to how the character creation and explanation of the skills are handled. If it is well done and it's blatantly obvious that if you want to do x,y and a hint of Zeebra then you need to put your attribute points into 'these areas'. Your starting skill will do this 'insert decent description' and your race will cause you problems when you meet 'insert enemy race'. In situations like this I have nothing against starting over again or sticking it out until the end. Though I see no reason why the "introductory quest chain with the how to play your character" allows you to respect (Elder Scrolls Style) cannot work here. If it turns out however that it will be impossible to fully explain what everything will do and a lot will come down to "you have to find out" then some form of skill reinvestment system should be included. As much as I want to have a challenging game I don't want to find myself 30 hours into a 170 hour total play time game and realise I royally screwed up with points because something wasn't explained and have to live with it. Yes you can't respec in RL however this ISN'T real life.
  21. I look at my stats and think: Stuff I can cast magic with Stuff that makes my big numbers hurt more Thing that causes me to die if it hits zero Number of stuff left to fire/shoot/throw Etc... Though I can understand the point of having names that properly describe something, I don't think it really matters in the end. It had a meaning and it's explained HOW it applies. That will suit me.
  22. Won't it all depend on how they do the story? I mean if the story is about you being in the wrong place at the wrong time(right time for us gamers) starting of as an everyman/woman. Throw in the leveling system. And you are in a position where you're character probably knows "something" So, gaining proficiency at another weapon/magics etc.. as you also gain the occasional new sill ability sounds like it could be an obvious choice for the way the game plays. But thats just my opinion. I think weapon proficiency is a good idea (edler scrolls style - where you retain the general knowledge of each weapon/skill type) Throwing it out there : Fable style weapons???
  23. I have concerns with the ability for your NPC companions to bugger off and they are; 1) In most games where this system has been introduced it's almost impossible to build a group composition of certain class/types because of the inherent differences those characters portray. So even if you loved char a&b and did everything they wanted 1 is good and 1 is evil so 1 will leave you because you're either good or bad. or 1 will leave you because he/she hates another member of your party and so on. and 2) You spend a small fortune on them giving them amazing gear and then part 1) rears it's head and you're left with nothing despite doing a lot.
  24. The reason people like Bioware/Bethesda/MS etc.. Brought in the whole "Angry/Nice" markers for the chat is because when you read something you do not automatically apply the correct pretense to the conversation. There are huge huge huge amounts of studies that have been carried out on the "misinterpretation of written communication" more formally known as "lost in translation" (hint: Google the air quotes") that prove it is a very VERY common thing to do. Now throw in a game where your decision matters. You just finished a 8 hour mega quest chasing down the evil villain. You finally confront him face to face and he says something to you and you're given three chat options A) B) and C) now because you have invested time and effort and the story is fantastic. You are ANGRY, you're not just angry your livid so you sit there reading options A B and C and you apply Angry intentions to the writing and click on what you think is something clever and SARCASTIC but will result in you chopping his head off.... BUT it wasn't clever and certainly wasn't sarcastic... You were being honest and nice. So you spare the guy and he runs off......... You are now insanely pissed off - and most likely vent at the makers for making a flawed chat system. How we're you suppose to know it wasn't a sarcastic response.... after all " it read like one ". I'm all for the option to turn off the chat hints but I for one will never be doing that again. Too many times have I miss read a response and ruined a part of the game - EDIT. Now throw in the fact you want to RP with your character. Your character is some gigantic beast of a man who is a well known killer.... Why shouldn't he be able to intimidate someone? Or if you're a genius/charmer you should be able to tell if someone is lying or work out how to best butter someone up. Afterall in real life a good salesman is just that a salesmen. Just like we have people who can lead, or teach.
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