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  1. He was self-taught. He's been sculpting and doing design work for 30 years or so. He's been working with some of the most famous prop/model gurus so he likely learned refinement from them. If you're really interested, I can get you pictures of other size/styles he makes - just PM me and I'll get you details. He's done blanket and hope chests before so they're nothing too difficult.
  2. Yep, I getcha. I don't drink much either but it's so darn pretty. This was a customer commissioned order - the guy said 'Build me a big ole wine box' and Dave (my hubby) sketched it up. He gave me a jewelry box with a stained-glass inlaid lid and it's very handy since it's a HUGE freakin' box. It's also nice that we have dvd and bookshelves which are made to specification for our house. Saves a lot of time searching at Ikea. I need to prod him back onto making a replica of the Endless Paths already...
  3. I realize this may be dangerously close to the 'Advertise' clause of forum guidelines. If it's felt that is the case, Mods are welcome to remove with my apologies. But I did want to show off the pretty.
  4. Kinda. The custom stuff is mostly order only but the company takes general furniture and a single bottle wine-chest to various faires or re-enactment events. And here it is showing off the storage capacity. (BTW - Oak, Ash, & Thorn is an aesome homebrewery making coridals and meads).
  5. So y'all may remember I mentioned in the Kickstarter threads that my husband is an awesome craftsman and does RL woodwork and art design. I'm gonna back that claim up with this - a custom made 5 bottle wine chest with hand-carved top. http://preview.tinyurl.com/brfzgjp
  6. I mentioned in the P.E. Kickstarter threads that my husband is an artist and crafter RL, at what you'd call a 'Master' level. I think I should back that boast up... This is a custom made 5-Bottle winechest with an infinity celtic knot on the top. I wanted to show off his amazing work to y'all... BTW - these are hand-made to order and Yes, you can buy one if you're interested by PMing me... Also if anyone at Obsidian wants to buy one with a company logo engraved, you're welcome to PM me too. :D
  7. I hope they incorporate this! Trophies from boss kills or rare finds would be lovely to have on display somewhere.
  8. I love decoratable player housing. I had so much fun in Star Wars Galaxies displaying stuff in my house and arranging trophies so they were 'Just So!' But with isometric 2d I don't know how practical it would be.
  9. So I was thinking back to classic Civilization which had customizable 'throne rooms' or in the case of Overlord, a customizable stronghold. With certain achievements unlocked or sections of the game passed, you were able to add on to your trophy room or castle with a selection of pre-set styles that best fit your vision. This gave you a sense of accomplishment at seeing how your personal rooms have grown and changed and it also gave you a portion of control to make it entirely suitable to your style of gameplay and reward. I was thinking such an option for player houses and the eventual stronghold would be a nice way to allow the player the freedom to customize without going against world theme or style. You create a new section of Keep or build your house, and all the decor is loaded based on your preference of style. It's pre-set so you can't change the drape color or move the animal head from one wall to the other - but it gives you a personalized style. I had 5 ideas in mind to suit every taste. 1. Martial - Military style. Maps of campaigns, heavy stone, heavy wood, suits of armor, weapons on the wall, spikes, torture devices. Your classic dungeon theme. 2. Mystical - Mage based. Glowing light sources, skulls with candles, ravens, arcane tomes on heavy bookshelves, alchemy tables, arcane diagrams on the walls. Your high magic theme 3. Romantic - Softer and gentler - flowers in vases, paintings of forest landscapes, flowing drapes, light pine tables, woven rugs, lighter pallet, canopy beds. Gentle without being "girly" 4. Rustic - Hunting lodge style - Tudor style walls, antlers & animal heads on the walls, hunting horns and crossbows, roaring fireplaces, bear-skin rugs. "I use antlers in all of my DECORATING!" 5. Regal - Palace style decor - statues, paintings of ancestors, marble floors, velvet curtains, gilded accessories, suits of armor, coats of arms... Your classic "Royal Palace" look. I think these would basically suit every player style and give the designers a chance to give us some creative control without turning it into the Sims and letting people place every stick of furniture.
  10. I've run into this on SW:TOR, where you are limited to one companion at a time but may have 3-4 in your pool of reserve. You tend to use your favorite of the lot for just about everything and fail to update the armor/weapons on the other 4. Then comes the time when SURPRISE - You MUST have companion So and So in this fight. While their XP is based on your own character's overall XP, their gear is limited to what you're remembered to equip. And with the gear comparison/viewer system being so difficult on the game, it makes it a problem. TL;DR version - don't pull the 'Surprise, companion you've failed to level up is essential to this part of the game' crap on us.
  11. Holy crap, *I* am Revan?! Oh wait, wrong game. Do I need to add a spoiler tag? :D I like being able to have a sort of background pre-defined so my choices will have gameplay influence. Maybe a quick history multiple choice selection type option so that if I pick a chanter who was shamed by their community for making up something it'll come back to haunt me in social interations. Or if I'm a noble it will have influence on my homelands and the people I deal with. Or a barbarian said to come from a savage land will automatically get reactions due to the stories of their people. Give me the bare bones and I'll mentally flesh out the rest. I don't need genealogies and a character's detailed life up until game-start -- just a 'here is who they are and what they're about'. And the game can run with that and give you a more personalized reaction which also lends to replay value.
  12. I was very disappointed with D3 and the lack of interaction between the Demon Hunter and the boy who had lost his family. Seeing as it had such a strong link to the DH's background and motivations, I had hoped I could have influenced the boy to become a DH as well or taken him on as an apprentice. The conversations between the two seemed to be leading up to that and I was totally let down when it was 'Okay, see ya kid, bye.' But I tend to play matrons or caregiver PCs (Yes, I'm a total Carebear) so maybe this was just my take on it.
  13. I would love an in-game place to find all the various lores I've collected. Once you unlock the keep, perhaps you can hire a 'scribe' who would staff a library with all the books, scrolls, or racial lores you've found during game-play. I'm terrible about keeping lore objects in my inventory simply because I like the writing or stories behind them.
  14. I'd like to see sometihng similar to the Overloard stype of decoration. "Here are your choices. Dark and Gritty, Elaborate and Fancy, Girly, Masculine, etc." Where you don't place every stick of furniture or select the individual color of your drapes or the wood grain on your table -- but a chance to at least personlize the fort from a set of pre-selected styles to better suit your character's persona.
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