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  1. The two projects I've backed at a higher tier is Pillars and Sui Generis, I think Sui Generis looks great and hope it lives up to the expectations. The physics is what made me back Sui Generis for sure, and sort of reminded me of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic that way. It's been a while since they launched the project, but lately they've been more active on steam with the prelude, so there's a light in the end of the tunnel. Eventually I'll be "designing" a weapon and a area in the final game, as a part of a backer reward. But I'm not sure this kind of physics would work with Pillars, atleast I can't picture it. The graphics in SG are amazing, but I think that about PoE's graphics too (although it's a more nostalgic style to it). SG's graphics looks like the one the new M&B game got, Bannerlord. It looks beautiful and I'm sure I'll enjoy SG alot when it finally drops.
  2. Man, all this "drama" lately is making me facepalm big time. There was a quest in Dragon Age: Origins that involved killing a child - and it was a damn good quest. Of course if this was real life it would be disgusting and horrible, but this kind of scenarios should be allowed to be told through a story, even a virtual story. It's art, it's not real. Quests like these makes people get emotional, angry or sad - and those are feelings that makes a good story.
  3. Currently having a custom party with these as companions But so many good pictures in this thread that I change them regulary.
  4. I've gotten alot of dialogue options based on my reputation, but I didn't get that many before I was nearing the end of Act 2.
  5. Some maps seem gigantic to me, while others can feel too small - Like Anslog's Compass, really love that place and wish it was more to see. But one map I felt like took forever to explore was Raedric's Hold - loved that place as well
  6. Sagani - Love her, but usually keep her at the stronghold because I'm a ranger myself...too many cooks. Grieving Mother - Don't like all her interruptions, but for some reason I'm having a hard time going against her opinions. I'm trying to be a cruel little dwarf, but when she has an opinion about something she usually bends my will. Aloth - Used to like him
  7. Sorry for uploading mostly women, having a hard time finding many male portraits that I like Most of them look the same IMO
  8. The link is broken.... How did you find this treasure trove? I'd like to locate it if possible. The samples you post are great. I'm afraid the owner deleted the album Will try to find another source. Think I found the link via deviantart, can remember which post, wish I bookmarked it now. Might be a stupid question, but - When I add a custom portrait, do I need both a big (210x330) and a small (73x86) picture, or does it work to add just that big one? I'm kinda paranoid about messing my game up
  9. It's a bug I belive, think it was said somewhere that it's actually shipped - but it still says shipping soon.
  10. Nice good job, still 0% (according to steam achievements) that has been able to solo the game.
  11. Make a party with all those classes, then you can partially play them all
  12. No, atleast I haven't seen any options to do so. But there's different animal companions you can chose when creating a ranger.
  13. Haven't tried it yet, but thinking of giving it a shot later with a ranger with stealth, fast speed and high intellect (for longer effects) - then maybe try to kite enemies while using rooting effects to keep them away. I'm probably going to use my own bow (Borresaine - got a root effect to it) then maybe enchant it further with additional rooting effects if that's possible.
  14. Usually I tend to turn off the music volume in games and turn on spotify instead, but Pillars of Eternity turned out to be one of the few games I've kept it on in. I'm 30 hours into the game and still haven't touched any of the sound options.
  15. I don't feel like it's outdated, but that it's trying to be different. When some people see graphics that looks like paintings it seems like they mistake it for bad/old graphics. I guess it could have been better, but so could anything, I'm really enjoying the art and the graphics myself.
  16. The game dosn't show up on my profile under "last played" but it seems like I'm getting achievements, atleast I got 4 so far. I just view them from the PoE store page, but yea - a fix would be nice.
  17. Just have to say - I'm extremly satisfied with what Obsidian has delivered! Before pledging to the kickstarter I was unsure wether or not I should back such a high tier, because there was so many previous projects I had put money in that didn't deliver, or just didn't live up to the expectation. But I'm so glad I did pick this tier, and reading about my bow just made me so happy - seeing how you made such a beautiful story out of it. Having my own item in a game has been a dream since I was a kid, and to have it in a game that (at the moment) has 92 metacritic is just insane. Thank you! My face right now:
  18. That is crazy! Good crazy! So awesome that a old school rpg like this can knock down GTA from the number one spot!
  19. An invite to the launch party was one of the backer rewards at kickstarter, so might only be for certain people.
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