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  1. Hah, exactly what you are saying, You could call it the paper doll syndrome. A lot of modern have a really in depth character creation and cool items to make your character look fancy. I say that a good roleplaying game doesn't require a good "paper doll" system.
  2. I saw IGN's review they gave it a score of 9 which is awesome but they also had one negative point in the summary. That the art style was dated. I understand that the graphics might not be the best but the art style has really invoked that feeling of tabletop roleplay and as a roleplayer that is more than awesome and fits the setting perfectly. What are your thoughts on the art style in the game?
  3. Can't stay awake much longer....wake me up when the keys are here!
  4. I would have gone to sleep by now but I'm to invested in witnessing the moment when that happens.
  5. First of all, you don't have all the facts. Maybe there is some problem that they didn't foresee and they are doing all they can or maybe they are the boogie man and sitting on their throne laughing at us for backing the game, one seems more plausible than the other but I'll leave you to decide. But on another point I for one have never really gotten on the bandwagon for using white knight as a derogatory term. How is standing up for someone that you feel has been wronged a bad thing? Seriously a white knight is a big guy in full plate, white of course, and preferably wielding an awesome swor
  6. Now to be fair. Installing the game a day or two in advance will allow some people to actually play the game on the 26th otherwise they would have to wait and maybe not being able to play it until a day or two after release. Which would ruin their weekend plans I presume.
  7. I'm a backer too, so out of respect I'll allow him to get his pitchfork too, then we can have a pitchfork duel. That makes me think...why aren't pitchforks an in-game weapon? I demand a delay so they can be implemented . Now seriously, it would be funny if every backer-insipired npc get a pitchfork in their inventory in a future update.
  8. rage begets rage, it's how we operate. It's also hard to contain yourself when you are so near to the oasis after having spent years in the desert. It's been a long time since we've got a proper fantasy cRPG of this caliber. Also I have nothing better to do right now than press f5.
  9. Still the fact of the matter is that we have no idea why it's taking them so long. So maybe reserve judgement until the cards are on the table? It could be the 74,000 kickstarter backers, as a start. For comparison, Kingdom Come: Deliverance had half that. It could also be dragons, never rule out dragons!
  10. Still the fact of the matter is that we have no idea why it's taking them so long. So maybe reserve judgement until the cards are on the table?
  11. Maybe it is taking so long because there will be a surprise for all of us, because they actually love us. Even though we can be impatient and sometimes rude.
  12. Obsidian why you being so quiet? I know loose lips sink ships but the war is won!
  13. I personally love the endurance health system. There is a lot less save scumming involved if someone drops during a fight for one. And you can continue going even after a though fight. It has to be said that the protagonist of other IE games were borderline narcoleptic considering how much they rested.
  14. I hope that there is an alternative way of solving some of the quests in an evil way. Since you don't get experience by killing monsters like in the IE games. Otherwise it would penalize you for not doing all the quests and helping all the people.
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