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  1. Another problem with the slow magic: Any kind of melee wiz or even melee cipher will be a chore to play. Strange choice for a game that had those character concepts as a big selling point.
  2. Yeah, well. This does nothing. Just do what Katarack21 mentioned,- cut the useless extra layer. Much clearer.
  3. Yep. This health / injury system just sucks. Fight - rest, fight ,- rest. Gets annoying really fast.
  4. Pro: -Game looks great overall. -And fast loading areas. -New dialog portraits work better than expected, It's ok actually. -Character creation great. (Hair looks bad/buggy sometimes. Missing/misplaced text on some panels). Con: -New penetration mechanic feels waaaay too strong atm. -Too much focus on multiclass. -Combat is a mess. (Same for Poe1 beta, so I'm confident this will be adressed). -I absolutely hate the new health and injury.
  5. First off: Be level 11+ (At least for Alpine) 2: Let your tank approach, to take the brunt of the starting aoe. Keep tank alive.(Revive if necessary). 3: Keep rest of crew away from dragon at the start. Distract the minions with summons, then kill them with aoe/ranged attacks. 4: Buff yourself to the max accuracy (always bring a priest to dragon parties ) Debuff dragon. 5: Prone is very good against dragons. 6: Dragons have different strenghts and weaknesses, and immunities (Elemental dr and afflictions). Figure out what these are. I found Alpine to be easier than Adra for some
  6. 1. Ultima 7 2. Baldurs Gate 2 3. Baldurs Gate 4. Dragon Age Origins 5. Planescape Torment
  7. And all of these are immersion-breakers. But as long as I can opt out,- then ok. Personally, I think it's a waste of money.
  8. Yes, perfectly doable. I'm playing one right now. In most situations, you don't even need a shield. Ok to DW in plate. Statwise, put points into CON. Leave RES at base,- your deflection will never be high enough, anyway. Go for DR: In plate, and with a DR enhancing item. (blunting belt perhaps). Healing boots from the Knights (Need good might for this). Use companions that can enable sneak attacks for you. (Fighter knockdown, Wiz slicken). Most things will be dead long before they can really hurt you. Try not to get surrounded, you will still die for sure. (Especially on P
  9. Yes, just attack him. After, when you talk to Osric,- choose the second dialog option. You still get access to the shop. I always do this. Decent armor for when you get it.
  10. Well, the good thing is, this is as frustrated as you are going to get. (Dragons excluded). Fampyrs are the most annoying monsters in the game, the others that use domination tactics are much easier to take down. Use summons or figurines if you can, - it helps. And protect yourself, even if it's not full proof. And yes, engagement is a terribly implemented mechanic. Get the IE mod from the Pillars Nexus (Don't know if it's updated for this patch). Get rid.
  11. Yep. A terribly underdeveloped mechanic, still. Hopefully they will think of something better for Poe2.
  12. Fighters in POE have always been better suited as offtank dps, imo. (And not all people like monks )). This is a question about playstyle, for some. Also, people now have a reason to take Pallegina along.(Very few did before). I think they want all companions to be somewhat useful, you know? It is important to remember that changes are made for several different reasons. I just don't understand why they have to be the best at everything.
  13. Yeah when I restarted it it is not giving him the bonus anymore. Must be a bug. Sucks, Eder is my fav companion so far but I doubt I'll be using him much anymore because of this. Maybe deflection bonuses were a little overdone before but this seems like overkill in the other direction and makes the fighter class pretty useless. Eder is an excellent dps offtank, if you build him that way. Just sayin'. His stats are balanced. Best of the original companions statwise, IMO.
  14. A lot of encounters are harder, simply because enemies seem to use more of their powerful class abilities. This is excellent, IMO. (And....... the game is not really that hard, is it?) I do agree that the frontline should hold aggro a bit better, though. Pure tank builds seem almost pointless after patch 2.0,- I don't think that's ideal. Hybrid builds are way better now. I think we'll see more tweaks.
  15. Yeah, some of the fights on earlier levels are real bastards now.
  16. I like this suggestion. Mainly because traps are horribly ineffective currently. Mid-level talent / high mechanics skill ability perhaps?
  17. No, doing this quest is ok. Heads up: Doing the second faction quest for any of the groups will ruin your relationship with the others. Tip: You can gain access to all 3 faction shops by doing only the first quest for all of them. (Some useful items).
  18. No other class in this game is derailed as much by the presence of another as the Paladin. Chanter abilities, for example, stack with most of the priest buffs. And there isn't even that much of a difference between offensive and defensive potential between Chanter and Paladin, if we disregard Faith and Conviction, which, mind you, only applies to the PC. Agree on the chanter and paladin, actually. Chanter is a strange class, in that it seems it should be more of a caster class, and less sturdy than it is. Also totally redundant on normal/hard. Still I don't think the priest and the p
  19. Yes, chanters are way too slow. Currently only useful on Potd. But the crazy summons would be OP if used early in encounters. This class needs a complete rework, IMO. Good suggestions.
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