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  1. Another problem with the slow magic: Any kind of melee wiz or even melee cipher will be a chore to play. Strange choice for a game that had those character concepts as a big selling point.
  2. Yeah, well. This does nothing. Just do what Katarack21 mentioned,- cut the useless extra layer. Much clearer.
  3. Yep. This health / injury system just sucks. Fight - rest, fight ,- rest. Gets annoying really fast.
  4. Pro: -Game looks great overall. -And fast loading areas. -New dialog portraits work better than expected, It's ok actually. -Character creation great. (Hair looks bad/buggy sometimes. Missing/misplaced text on some panels). Con: -New penetration mechanic feels waaaay too strong atm. -Too much focus on multiclass. -Combat is a mess. (Same for Poe1 beta, so I'm confident this will be adressed). -I absolutely hate the new health and injury.
  5. First off: Be level 11+ (At least for Alpine) 2: Let your tank approach, to take the brunt of the starting aoe. Keep tank alive.(Revive if necessary). 3: Keep rest of crew away from dragon at the start. Distract the minions with summons, then kill them with aoe/ranged attacks. 4: Buff yourself to the max accuracy (always bring a priest to dragon parties ) Debuff dragon. 5: Prone is very good against dragons. 6: Dragons have different strenghts and weaknesses, and immunities (Elemental dr and afflictions). Figure out what these are. I found Alpine to be easier than Adra for some reason.
  6. 1. Ultima 7 2. Baldurs Gate 2 3. Baldurs Gate 4. Dragon Age Origins 5. Planescape Torment
  7. And all of these are immersion-breakers. But as long as I can opt out,- then ok. Personally, I think it's a waste of money.
  8. Yes, perfectly doable. I'm playing one right now. In most situations, you don't even need a shield. Ok to DW in plate. Statwise, put points into CON. Leave RES at base,- your deflection will never be high enough, anyway. Go for DR: In plate, and with a DR enhancing item. (blunting belt perhaps). Healing boots from the Knights (Need good might for this). Use companions that can enable sneak attacks for you. (Fighter knockdown, Wiz slicken). Most things will be dead long before they can really hurt you. Try not to get surrounded, you will still die for sure. (Especially on POTD).
  9. Yes, just attack him. After, when you talk to Osric,- choose the second dialog option. You still get access to the shop. I always do this. Decent armor for when you get it.
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