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  1. Definitely not going to dismiss rogue if it's viable! Between Hours of St Rumbalt and Tidefall, which do you think brings more survivability? I guess it's a matter of the prone CC vs the life drain? Should I lean towards Tidefall assuming that I'll be able to get decent CC from the rest of my party? Oh and are defensive talents something I should be looking at? Or is it sort've a 'best defense is a good offense' type situation, where I'm better off focusing on killing things faster than they can kill me?
  2. Never played farther than Defiance Bay before, and I've never played PoE2 at all, but the teaser for Avowed got me in the mood to try this game again. This may be a bad idea, but I'm sort of infatuated with the idea of a rogue in medium armor and swinging a greatsword, mainly because that's not usually a thing in other RPGs. Although I've never played a cipher and they seem fairly tempting too, so I could easily be persuaded towards one of them. I'm wondering if anybody has any good builds they could point me towards to make a rogue or cipher that's tough enough to frontline with Eder tan
  3. Hey guys, I've only been playing a few days so I'm still a huge noob, but I'm wondering if a frontline rogue is possible or if they're too squishy. I've been looking over these boards and it seems the consensus is that rogues suck and any builds for them are total glass cannons or ranged, which isn't really what I'd like. Any tips/advice for me here?
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