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  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Josh! Btw guys what was the name of the book that he wrote ?
  2. Actually we thank you too, it will be our pleasure to play your new master-tailored CRPG (just one exception: cipher should've been the sorceror type class )
  3. It doesn't function like chain lightning. Yeah, I can honestly say that the classes aren't going to be made boring to play for the sake of balance. Their Focus mechanic wasn't ARPG-inspired at all. It was inspired by the common A/D&D power point resource that a lot of psionics-oriented classes have and the melee flavor of the soulknife class. too much melee flavor Cant we have a version of Cipher which is more 'Psion/Wilder' oriented ? is it possible ?
  4. The Sad Panda song for you Mr. Josh :'( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDCLjNsWpHY
  5. Yeah, it sounds a little too similar to the Monk class. Yeah, it sounds a little too similar to the Monk class. I hope this isn't a mechanic for all classes. It would stink to have to make my mage stab people to power up his spells. I feel you guys .. Really i was expecting a psionic mage/sorceror type. Monk-Wound good idea, Melee-Focus for a caster oriented class turns me off besides dont we have already a priest class ? ( which you can play as offensive hybrid melee/caster as well ) Could u guys at least allow us to specialize in pure caster Cipher ? which we can choose from the start for example Pysche Cipher ( Pure caster ) or Soul Cipher ( The hybrid -.-' ) Othwerwise we got only wizard ( since there is no sorceror ) Conclusion : :'(
  6. -KRAAAAAAA -Welcome to the dungeon! -Ha ha whatever sucker I dont remember how many times i wathced this but i'm still laughin ^^ Thanks for the great update Mr.Josh Well i cant say anyhthing about others but i'll accept any mechanic without questioning if you are going to present it this way ) After a tiresome week this felt good ^^
  7. Man i didnt like the idea of '' Weakest Solo Class'' for ciphers but for the Paladins .. - i'm just kidding btw .. No pun intented for Paladin fans... - am i ?
  8. http://www.d20pfsrd.com/psionics-unleashed <---- Simplifies all i expect from the Cipher Class
  9. The Ugly, from the movie Shandra, Amon Jerro- NWN2 Mazzy, Sarevok, Edwin- BG2 Mandalore and the Old guy from KOTOR1 No one- KOTOR2 No one- NWN 1
  10. - ''will do that or I wont do that '' options for quests when i'm replaying the game, instead of clicking 1,2,1,1... vs Someguys might like this except the writer team
  11. It would be cool for monk fans if they could channel their fist power to their weapons ( i mean the + bonuses, if their weapon bonuses lower then their fists + ) Just an idea for high-level monk mechanics..If u guys didnt already do that Beware the Trollonks!
  12. Thanks Mr. Josh, i believe the new system will bring more on the table.. And i have to admit i really like all the innovations you are bringing to this game even tho we may ask little tweaks for some aspects -Sorry for the Double Post. Would a mighty moderator can delete the abomination above ?
  13. Thanks Mr. Josh, i believe the new system will bring more on the table.. And i have to admit i really like all the innovations you are bringing to this game even tho we may ask little tweaks for some aspects
  14. Obisidian is already improving the criticized parts of BG.. I think i miss the part where ''BG'' is untouchable, perfect build game where no one even dare to criticize it a bit And these guys have enough experience and wisdom to pick the ''ill advices'' easily. Afterall, these guys involved at making epic games not us
  15. The really brief version is to imagine a normal attack in AD&D, but if you miss, you inflict half minimum damage. Math and values can get shoved all over the place, but that's the fundamental mechanic. Whether you like the concept is separate from how well it works in practice (which really comes down to math/value specifics). And this means a good geared lvl 2 fighter can tear up a lvl 8 decent geared fighter with his mighty minimum damage. Yup..Get ready to grind guys!! PE: Eternal Grindfest! >=) Edit: Sorry i'm really looking from a narrow POV . And that was just a misunderstanding... right ? hmm.. so if minimum damage doesnt scale that much does that mean problem solved or .. ?
  16. How about a long clear wall of text explaining the advantages and disadvantages with detalied mathematical examples of this new system ? Instead of getting more paranoid whenever Mr. Josh replies a post
  17. Sorry for the edit.. Me and grammar not really good friends Edit from beyond : OOPS!
  18. At some point high level melee characters shouldn't even take ( or really small amount of ) stamina damage. Parry, Block, Dodge should really be in game. So might we say that '' A very old man whos about to die can still shoot a throwing dagger and hit a running Orlan monk or can he still hit that Orlan monk with a warhammer when he is running around him while chuckling maniacly ? ''.. Somekind of miss system should be in PE, Mr Josh Please dont make the game heavily gear dependant which will be needed to implement new system I'm %100 sure that you guys will make an epic game but please dont underestimate the critics of your fans when implementing '' the new stuff '' And i really appreciate ( probably others too ) your fast and explanatory answers about the conficts of fans on different subjects
  19. Soulles : The Dawnfall The Soulles : Dawnfall Dawnfall : The Soulles Dawn of The Souls hmm i dont know which one is grammatical, sorry ^^
  20. The "dual-bar" or two resource system allows the player to have separate tactical and strategic resources for their characters' survivability in combat. In most versions of A/D&D, you have hit points that determine how much damage a character can take before he or she can no longer perform actions in combat. If you're playing in a more forgiving edition, you also have "Death's Door" rules that allow the character to dip into negative hit point values without being killed outright. Many A/D&D adventures have an expectation of periodic healing, so if your party members have a rough fight, the party cleric, druid, or maybe paladin has to spend resources to make you viable for the next fight. This leads to the "healing battery" expectation, where someone in the party has to devote strategic resources to healing between fights -- or you're stuck walking back to a resting location with high frequency. Neither of those options are particularly enjoyable for many players. With Stamina and Health, Stamina represents short term damage (shock, impact trauma, initial pain) and Health represents "the bad stuff" (burns, cuts, bruised ribs, etc.). When you take damage, you lose Stamina, but you also lose Health at a fixed ratio to the amount of Stamina damage you took. Currently it's at 1:4 Health:Stamina. When you run out of Stamina, your character gets knocked out, just like hitting 0 hit points in most editions of A/D&D. You're effectively out of the fight and you're not going to get back up without outside assistance. If you're conscious, Stamina will regenerate quickly. "How quickly, Josh?" I don't know, man, but... pretty fast. It's the thing you're most likely to run out of in combat, but you'll probably get most or all of it back before you start another fight. You can also recover Stamina through the use of spells or class abilities, so it's something you can choose to tactically manage in combat. Between fights, it's really not an issue. No one has to cast ten healing spells in a row to get characters back into fighting shape because the Stamina will return in short order. Health damage doesn't regenerate and you can't get it back with magic. You have to rest to recover Health. If your Health hits zero, you'll either enter some form of maimed/critically injured (and unconscious) state or, optionally (and all the time in Expert mode), be killed outright. If you explore far away from rest locations and keep getting your faces pounded in, you can have characters with very low Health and high Stamina. That's a dangerous circumstance to be in because even one or two blows could lead to a character being maimed or killed. Ultimately, the mechanics are present to allow "hit points" and unconsciousness to be a real threat in individual combats without necessitating the presence of a healer or resting to allow for more exploration. I have to say i really liked the sound of dual-bar system which will bring more realistic and more tactical combat on the table. I would like to see more of the Sawyer-effect on PE in the future. Even tho he is always calm ( at least from my POV) he got the clever spark on his eyes. Keep up the good work guys.. This game has the potential to overshadow BG series
  21. Well.. I've never liked the player crafting option. Things that effected my decision - While you are gathering the necessary parts of an item, you can always have better from loot. And sometimes it doesnt even worth the big sum of coin to spend just to know you are going to replace it soon - It's really annoying sometimes, why cant i just pay a blacksmith to make things, afterall this is his profession..I can accept the fact that if he needs ''unique'' parts that i can provide ( In order to get that unique part you generally end up killing a big bad thing which gives you better loot anyway...) Truth be told i only liked the '' Kotor 2 '' upgrading / crafting system. I didnt even bother with BG2's craftable items
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