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  1. I do like the Obsidian's approach to Paladin Class. Well, may be this time there'll be a Paladin in my group!.. My vote for the WH 40 K warrior-priest type Paladin!
  2. Re-read those links... Well that was exactly the thing I was worried about. It could replace wizard and cleric in most important their fields (damage dealing, buffing, cleaning negative statuses, resurrecting), has different, much less rest-dependent mechanics, avoids common save throws and resistances (ability to add more power for higher saving throws, or no throw at all, pure and energy damage), has many non-standard (exploitable) crippling effects... More so, in non-combat situations also: environment awareness, any interaction with living creatures, transportation, lore checks, stealth even. So, psionic could not only substitute both wizard and cleric but excel them in most situations. Not to forget, that sole counter for psionic is another psionic. So he is the deadliest and the most useful member of party, others are mere shades on his greatness. And the most effective team is the team of psionics. Don't want a class "more and better of everything" to be in PE, I'd want to vague on who I want to play, not to be forced to choose the overpowered one to be effective. But cant tell how exactly to cripple the psionic for it stays itself and not stays OP. More restrictive cast mechanic and less psi-kinetic manifestations mb? you're over thinking it... A Psion doesn't get all these powers and *poof* is suddenly better than all the other character classes. The Psion is empowered and limited by which discipline(s) it specializes in. In essence having all those disciplines and powers available to the Psion class only means he has the option to develop along one or 2 of those paths, not all of them. TL;DR - having more options as a class doesn't mean you GET all options as the class. Pretty much. What it does have is ease of use, in the sense that it's MUCH easier to use a Psion than, say, a Sorcerer. That is because of the mechanics being compared to the standard D&D/Pathfinder spellcasting system though. I definitely don't expect to see them apply Cipher-magic using a system completely different from other spellcasters, considering how much extra work that would be. If they do adopt the point/augment system for everything though, people might like it. ^ thats what i'm hoping for Have you been reading my mind, sir ?
  3. Thank you Somna for being kind and helpful The major difference with Psionics and Spellcasters is that they use their own mind and body as a power source ( and they dont need materials to manifest an ability..)
  4. Just check Pazio's '' Psionics Unleashed '' then you will have good idea mate.. too long to explain for me ==>> http://www.d20pfsrd....onics-unleashed
  5. Errhmm guys.. How about sharing your opinions with us about the Cipher class ?
  6. if only Ciphers would some kind of ''Pazio : Psionics Unleashed '' psion :'( .. I should've narrowed that poll instead of giving fair deal of options
  7. Hi there all! So what do you want to see in this class? ( or vice versa ) Whether about the combat mechanics or the social status of Ciphers in the PE world. PS : I would really like read AGX-17's , Monte Carlo's, Karkarov's and Psyhcoblonde's opinions on this subject! (Seriously! .. )
  8. We certainly need new approach about potions, they should be really rare and have interesting side effects ... May be something like The Withcer potion system
  9. Agreed. A struggle for power among guilds or cities might be more compelling instead of saving the world...again
  10. A small difference might be adequate. For example spells from higher level casters may be visiualized more '' deep '' And higher level melee classess could have more attack animations.. Sounds good to me!!
  11. It shouldnt effect more than %30 combat effectiveness in my opinion. However PE should encourage you to build different party setups and builds which has bigger impact on replaying the game instead of ''grindin'' stuff
  12. Well i remember 4e D&D balancing classess and it didnt end well, you know
  13. Gear shouldnt have great effect on your character. I would like to see a maximum of %30 effectinevess should come from gear. And no stacking, which generally breaks games in many ways (: ...
  14. As for me, armor class effecting both chance to get hit and mitigating some damage could improve combat mechanics...Seems fair for me! And for the critical hits How about combat feats effecting how much of your damage will ignore your opponents damage resistance ? (:
  15. well having others that agreeing on humans shouldn't be the dull ''norm'' race really pleases me! (: (according to vote results at least!) which i didnt see at any other games that people having conversation about this in general. And i'm sure Obsidian will take some notice on this subject. A decent budget, lots of ideas and limited time.. Obsidian has enough tools and experience to make this game great. They dont need luck! >=)
  16. Aedelric xD i chuckled a bit after reading your comment. Nice point!
  17. ...meaning we are point zero on the scale to measure advantages and disadvantages in this particular context. Would feel kind of forced if humans had any advantages but quick learning or something like that. game: humans have +1 strength. random human: Well I don't feel very strong... game: humans have +1 dexterity. random human: Actually I'm kind of clumsy... game: humans have +1 intelligence. random human: Deeerrrp game: humans learn rather fast. random human: Uhm well we better DO, since we don't live as long as other races. I've never meant the ability score bonuses. Something that proves their ongoing survival and domination of the world. Such as soul resistance or a bonus based on their classes. How come humans good at whatever they are doing? Well i think you missed what i mean. It was never about balancing, Just something to approve their success instead of being the norm race like other games..
  18. "four extra skill points !" might be useful when playing with a DM.. (:
  19. 6. Stronghold shouldnt feel like empty. Some people and guards or some kind of milita should stay there too.
  20. I agree. It shouldnt feel like grinding fest but it would be better to have mini quests that integrated nicely in PE world.
  21. well it might be interesting to have real-time conversations at some points but not all the way! (:
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