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  1. In Baldurs Gate we had a calendar, a month count, but it actually didnt matter. What if we have a calendar with seasons, harvest, festivals and quests to do and so? Is it too hard or out-of-lore? I want my cold-focused Mage to be stronger during winter, and my druid more powerful during summer.... Is it possible? *** We could even get a "bad name" for promising resolving something and totally forget after exploring some unknown ruins.
  2. This is a minor suggestion to embellish and give a deeper dimension to characters and companions and also making players get more art related to the game. Since we will be playing this game for lots of hours and my characters will probably face months or even years in "game hour", i would like the possibility to make them register their journeys and i could get those registrations. This could be a very funny way and a great excuse to players to get fine desktop wallpaper, epic poems, cool songs, all made by the great artists that will be part of the making of Project Eternity. W
  3. How about no! Not in the main quest line. I don't want another unsolved "Gnome Half-Ogre Breeding Conspiracy". Leaving those raped and kidnapped woman helpless was heartbreaking for my paladin-like character.
  4. It is not exactly apocryphal, the quote comes from Heisterbach, a writer contemporary of the massacres. Although he could have "invented" the saying, the other font, the Pope itself, wrote about the massacres: "within the space of two or three hours they crossed the ditches and the walls of Beziers was taken. Our men spared no one, irrespective of rank, sex or age, and put to the sword almost 20,000 people. After this great slaughter the whole city was despoiled and burnt, as Divine vengeance miraculously...[iN: Costen, The Cathars and the Albigensian Crusade, pag 139-140]. *** I
  5. I liked the mixed system, tending to BG one, but as suggested by Mikaw it was funny to rest for 8 hours, kill a boss, rest another 8 hours just 30 minutes after... I would like something like this: - Inn quality influences in how much and how fast you can approach. - Tent and sleeping sacks could also be important and lootable items to have. I remember an adventure I played where a powerful mage made a cursed "Sack of Endless Sleep", where anyone sleeping in that bag would never wake up, unless someone took him completely out of the bag and did a Remove Curse spell. In the same wa
  6. Wow, guys, thanks a lot for the great answers! I didn't think this post would get any much attention... *** What i meant is this: good and evil are historically and culturally defined, depending on the culture and moral grounds you take perspective from, a good thing can be a really bad one. In most religious wars are like that, like the Albigensian Crusade when catholic christian, in the name of the Lord, massacred thousands of cathars in France. A Franciscan Monk finds money accumulation and usury a vile crime, while it is for many protestant schools of Christianity a form of wo
  7. Can we please not reduce the plot of this amazing project into "Super Devil wants to dominate the world and creates an eternal dictatorship and we have to stop them"? I have great rejection to plots based on shallow "good vs. evil" line. Maybe it is my history major, summed up with the reading of my old dusty books from AD&D, stuff like Complete Book of Villains, Dungeon Master Guide, specially the part of story creation and motivation, or my many years of DM-ing... well, i just don't like to be caught into moral presumptions of a eternal battle of good vs. evil. It is very annoyin
  8. It might be weird but hardly in a negative way. If my companion starts to act in a way authentic to who the companion is I will applause because he is supposed to be driven by his own purposes and goals, if I suddenly lose control of a companion because he wants to do what he wants to do, I'll gladly sit back and enjoy the show. It gives a sense of feeling that they are alive. Playing Baldur's Gate in Multiplayer with friends, your friends characters are "companions" and they all serve their own purpose and you have little control except advice and suggestions through "Skype" or other "Voice-T
  9. To me that's just rehashing the age-old binary distinction between a STR tank and a DEX tank. We have to go deeper than that to solve these issues in my opinion. Personally the last thing I want is to have to level up armor. Not necessarily, IMHO strength only influences how heavy can your armour be. If we get a Skill like "Armour Using" (STR based), heavy and intricated armour, complicated ones, would be harder to wear, requiring more practice, it will generate lots of penalties for one not skill in. For example, historically a full plate was made specifically for a single knight, a
  10. Oh, right. Well, that's completely impossible on a technological level. The 3D rendered backgrounds are being individually hand-painted for a 2D iso look. There are no tiles (unless Obsidian decides to use them, which I think is doubtful). Yep, as i thought. Either we would get really boring and repetitive maps or a huge pile of cost just to add few extra areas...
  11. If i can make some humble suggestions here, we can first take the problem into two branches. 1. Armour - the equipment itself, dedicated to lessen the damage impact on you. It is based purely in equipment, skin (such as D&D barbarians) and magic that absorb damage. 2. Defense - the capacity of avoiding hits, based on dexterity, deflection (from weapon and shield), parry skill (a form of deflection). Example: An Iron Golem, a massive metal "automaton", has high Armour but low defense, as it is easy to hit it with your weapon but it is hard to make any damage. A asian-lik
  12. The problem is actually not about the tagging, it is about if they matter and will change something in the game, or not. Example: If you are in a party in company of a Paladin, he/she might not like if you bluff or intimidate fragile ones. you still can do it, but in a good rpg, the paladin would intervene preventing it, allowing the threatened NPC to flee. Example II: A druid would refuse to attack wilderness creatures, specially when the party is invading their territory. He/she could even side with the creatures. Or if you lie and someone perceive it, you would be known
  13. For me it depends on "how random". I'd still rather have themed wilderness areas where a particular ecosystem is at play and there are some NPCs with specific motivations. Just trekking through the woods in search of monsters to kill has long since lost its luster. As i stated, "randomly generated according to region on map" (geography and lore).
  14. I've just see a topic with this discussion! My bad, OP can delete it!
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