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Found 5 results

  1. It seems that party banter while travelling (not on ship) have suddenly ended to me. I had Parvati&Max banter, then after I recruited Ellie I had a couple of dialogs between her and Parvati as well. But after Felix has joined my party shortly after I had no banter at all. I nearly done Roseway now and I tried different companions, but there were no dialogs for any combination. I thought that elevator to SubLight on Groundbreaker usually triggers banter, but nothing happens:( Have someone experienced the same issue? Could it be some bug, or I have to wait? What can trigger the banter?
  2. Dears, I guess I'm not only one who find size of dialogues too small. I'm playing on TV and it's really painfull for my eyes to go throught text. May i kindly ask you do Obsidian indicate this problem as problem and when we could expect a patch which increase size of dialog interface and text? Thank you in advance,
  3. There is a text dialog scene where you strike with a mini Abydon's hammer. And while the group flees there is an option to cast a spell. So-o-o… I've chosen myself (a Watcher) as the one who will strike, but the game presented me an option to cast Repulsing Seal, but since I'm not with the rest of the party and nobody else can cast it I'm stuck on the next screen with "Consider who will cast" text. tl;dr: 1. Load save. 2. Strike the hammer. 3. Choose yourself (a Watcher). 4. Choose “Repulsing Seal.” 5. Enjoy your trip to Alt-F4. And the game still loses saves sometimes… Worse than that, it loses it if I saved just right after text scene and “Eyeless story ending screen” is shown without moving to another location (I've upgraded Kana's weapon to Legendary, though). Save, quit the game to desktop, reload a-a-and… no save I've just made. Moved to Stalwart, “talked” with a soul and saved. Still no save after quit & reload (but autosaved game is there). I have over 400 GB of free space, so that's not a problem. Debian 8 (jessie) AMD64 with 8 GB of RAM. Save: https://yadi.sk/d/lcoKx60EpyTud
  4. I would like to see a more explicit effect of skills in dialog making during the game, better than in Planescape for example. When i have to choose dialogue options i would like to see more options according to my intelligence, wisdom, charisma and even strength (intimidation), or even, to make many role playing skills very useful such (examples from D&D and AD&D): 1. Knowledge, Local History (Ancient History) 2. Knowledge, Occult/Arcana 3. Wilderness Lore 4. Intimitade 5. Diplomacy And in help of those that english is a secondary language, a parenthesis indicating the nature of your answer would be awesome, example: 1. (Rude) 2. (Polite) 3. (Sarcastic) 4. (Moronic) 5. (Lie) 6. (Sad) 7. (Happy) *** What do you think?
  5. I hope that our soul is not just a mere plotdevice and that it has a significant impact on gameplay mechanics. I think it has potential to offer a complete unique gaming experince. The perspective our devs have i hope is more on line with P:T and MotB. My thoughts about a "Soul" progression starts with "Soul Aspects" and a "Soul Map" Like this there could be beacons to show you on which path your soul is wandering. Imagine this, You start at the center of the "Journey" your soul takes Your actions, how you treat, talk to other NPC's in regard of those aspects will move your soul in the related areas. How near your soul moves to those aspects will grant your character bonuses even extra attributes. (Each aspect should reward you in some way) The NPC's would probably react to your "soul" some positive , some negative . It would depend on the NPC's character The downside is, this kind of a system renders alignment selection obselete, since you are determining who you are through your actions. Is this kind of a system a good idea? Would you like to see something like this? If yes, what Aspects and bonuses would you like to see?
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