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  1. I voted #1, because what I REALLY wanted were the goodies. I probably wouldn't even put the DVD in my drive. I could even go without the disc really It's additional cost for Obsidian, while to me it has only sentimental value. Of course people did pay for that, so it can't be considered an option #3 at all, those are just my feelings about this. I must say, I am pretty excited about the release
  2. Crusader_bin, Since you do not have any of the badges, I suspect you have not completed the Pledge process. Once you have done so - the badges will be visible. Does this make sense? I thought I already did this, as I was getting an "ok" in my status, and was previously asked what is my extra 20$ for (payed 160 for collectors edition with added shipping). Now I completed the steps again. For some reason payment is red in "none" but maybe it needs some time to update? Dunno. Will see if the badges will be applied though EDIT: Yep! Works!
  3. I wonder, how the priests will turn out? Some kind of twist would be welcome The only memorable priest in all of video games to me is Viconia from BG.
  4. As others have said, the pool mixed two different things. I want full (or almost full) controll of anyone in the group, witch could be enchanced with ready or custom made scripts for AI (if you want this at all) BUT at the same time I want them to be VERY idependant story-wise. Best characters in BG for me were Viconia, Edwin, Minsk, Xzar. They are all excentric, very different from most characters and not at all "copied-pasted" like in other bland games. Hell, three out of those 4 are not even completely sane, with the fourth one - if applied the mental state to human - would be most insane o
  5. Comparing number of locations to sandbox 3D environment games like Fallout 3 or Skyrim is a little pointless. I think the more locations, the better. After all we expect some kind of quality too. Obviously the real ammount depends on Obsidian, and the most obvious choice is: the most they think they can make. I voted 80 - 100, but would gladly see more If possible. Also number of locations counted only shows places on maps and those don't reflect real locations. BG2 had more locations, especially those interresting ones. BG1 had many empty or almost empty pieces of wilderness that hardly count
  6. What you described is essentially a bug. 15 people on the pool likes bugs, huh... I don't even like the looped quests, ie. for every bandit scalp you get gold, or things like that. I am a completionist and I like to do every quests I can with current build, hanging quests are an eyesore for me. That is I might accept one of those quests, as long as they are intentional and - let's say - are not a fetch quests. I just find it hard to imagine what it could be... Even the quest like the above with the mug should have SOME sort of a way to complete it. Like roasting the barkeeper with a fi
  7. Soloing is one thing, temporary party member as a part of a quest is other. I think whatever makes the quests more interesting is always a good thing. I don't see how it should make anyone upset, unless the forced party member ate your companions brains at the campsite that is...
  8. It's not like they need to make animations for the horse. They could do it similar to Fallout's 2 car travel: you simply move faster on the overworld. It doesn't have to show the actual horses moving. That's the best idea. Introducing stables, and shortening travel times at world map via horses. Stable is place that shows up at least twice in any good fantasy book after all lol Plus the possibility to store items in the saddles.
  9. Good? Bad? I'm the guy with the Melf's minute meteor!

  10. I think that if we talk about mules or other storage animals I wouldn't like to see them walking around the map or worse yet manage it on top of my characters. It would be better if they were stationary I think, on map entry. Than again, a caravan of merchants or some crazy hermit offering you a trade would not be such a happy occurance if you normally had a mule everywhere anyway. I know I didn't like mule in Dungeon Siege. But speaking of animals, I'd rather see horses, stables, etc. Not active riding mind you, but seeing them in stables and allowing long travel and affecting the speed on wo
  11. I hope for quite the opposite regarding the cities. I really do hope that a lot of quests will focus on several connections between the two cities. Whether it would be war or alliance, trade or criminal activity (my favorite). Nothing would make me as happy as having the same kind of thieves guild as in BG2 I also think that two big cities operating in some proximity should influence each other a lot and should not be a seperate expirience. Than again, it is easily imaginable that during the second half of the game you are kidnapped or just need to travel very far to a faraway land. That woul
  12. What it has to do with the pack animals? But back to topic, I think that the idea of composite armor is a good one. But should it come in "sets" or just be joined any time at inventory screen. If it came in premade sets (or upgrade screen) it could reflect the quality of the item. Not just the materials of the plate mail, but also what comes under it, the whole package. That could really be both simple and elegant solution, as opposed to "Adamentium full plate shield studded with diamond +10". Although I still want talking sword +20 :D Doing everything in inventory screen would add a lot
  13. Yes, that is one way to go at it, but that's sad a bit for me. I'm a fan of old-style garbage collection. I kept pouches of gems in Baldurs Gate just for the sake of having pouches of gems in my inventory (doh) I don't like finding chest with 500 gold as much as I enjoy selling Crappy Leather Armors of Uslessness -10 for 1 gb at a time... There is nothing elegant about hoarding. It's a disease, ask any dragon. But I just like managing equipment. New games neglect that, like Dragon Age 2, but there are new games like Skyrim where you could just carry 100 apples and a bucket if you want.
  14. I agree with many here, there are people who are afraid of technology, yet computers are still not banned. And although unrealistic, I really like the idea of spiders. Every hack and slash or good rpg in history had Spider Forest in them after all Call it lack of imagination. I'd say the same can be said about your car. It either runs on benzine or oil. Sooo mainstream Sure there are electric cars, but they are not too succesfull, you know Just look how awesome is bug crushing here (Revenant game) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zo6Snanp0Ik
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