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  1. On one hand, yes, it's a little forehead-smacking to read a preview of a game like this that doesn't know about pausing. But everyone has to start somewhere. And if you're starting from, say, Diablo (which at a quick glance PoE looks like) then the concept of pausing to control things is foreign to you and PoE is just going to slaughter you and you're going to say 'wtf is with this game, it's impossible'. This guy's feedback is actually useful. If this is how a new player greets the game, then a gently-ramping (and hopefully skippable for us) tutorial would be very helpful. Now, that s
  2. To be snarky, most people use 'realistic' to mean 'things I like' and 'unrealistic' to mean 'things that I don't like'. To actually address your point, there's a certain suspension of disbelief that's important. We're willing to suspend disbelief more when the foreign thing is more alien and mysterious. That is to say, we don't actually know what a Wizard can do. If you present in a internally consistent way, most people will give it a pass. It's magic, it's part of the agreement we made when we picked up a book with an orc riding a unicorn on the cover. If you violate something that we kn
  3. Normally I do a playthrough right away because I can't wait, and then wait for a beefy patch to do it again. However, this time I'm leaving on vacation a day before it comes out, so here's hoping for some awesome week 1 and 2 patches!
  4. I don't think the IE games really work well with the MMO-style 'tank, dps, controller, healer' approach. Aggro wasn't a hate meter that you have to keep maxed with aggro-gaining attacks, it was generally just some (potentially crappy) script. If you really want the only one person to be attacked (like with the Shield of Balduran and beholders) I generally only sent that character out into battle. It's more like 'Dps, controller, healer', if anything. You want to start fights by disabling as many enemies as you can (usually with your wizard or priest). Fighters and Paladins aren't really ta
  5. Normal arrows you shouldn't have to track. It's just tedious. But you can have infinite normal arrows and still have special fire/polymorph/danceparty arrows as well, no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  6. I think there is real enjoyment and fun to be had from crawling through some long dungeon and then finding an awesome item at the end that does cool stuff that no other weapon does and makes you noticeably more powerful. But there is a definite risk of magic inflation. As much as I like BG2, the items were getting a bit ridiculous in the end. I don't know the solution to this, but I hope it's not just 'you got a long sword +1! woo!'
  7. I agree with this. I'm okay with having every priest get a free heal/restore/whatever spell (since I think new people would be too prone to screw themselves over without it), but I'd rather pick spells than have them all dumped on me.
  8. Thank you! Deleting the corrupt files took some effort but once I got rid of them, suddenly I could start the game. Much appreciated!
  9. I have windows 8.1 and an intel cpu and nvidia graphics card, having the same issue. Also have a creative sound card, maybe that's the problem?
  10. I'm not saying the current system doesn't need tweaks, but just because something is not D&D does not make it bad. It's new, it's something you have to learn as opposed to having it already known, but change can be a good thing. Plus D&D stats were never particularly balanced or sensible, it's just inertia that has kept them around, imho.
  11. I backed the kickstarter and do not have the green-k badge. Thanks!
  12. Yep, I'm having the same problem, posted here http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67315-crash-on-new-game/ . No solution that I know of, unfortunately.
  13. Tried a few more times with various setup options after repairing the data files in Steam, still nothing.
  14. Launch game. Click new game. Wait for 'Obsidian Entertainment Presents' to fade away. I start hearing crickets and birdcalls, see a mouse pointer that I can freely move around. Screen is 100% black. Game has crashed. I have tried three times (once in Windowed mode at a lower resolution, twice at my normal desktop resolution in full screen), each time the same result. Dxdialog and one of the crash report folders (zipped) attached. dxdiag.txt 2014-08-19_175414.zip
  15. I feel minigames like that fit better in a single-person game: you're the one doing the lockpicking, so you have to actually perform the actions. In a party game, a plain skillcheck is fine by me.
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