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  1. Damn, I thought I was doing something wrong when fighting fampyrs when this was happening to me. There is actually a much nastier fampyr fight than the cave on the island to the north and I've basically given up on ever winning it while this bug persists. As far as I can tell, literally any targeted ability (but not AoE) will trigger the dominate gaze and it seems to work extremely reliably, perhaps 100% of the time but I can't be sure. Auto attacks don't seem to have the same problem so perhaps I can come back at higher level and just steamroll this fight with auto-attacks...
  2. I was quite disappointed when I saw the default UI. This mod looks like a great start but until I can have my party portraits vertically I won't be truly happy. Here's the thing, my screen is wider than it is high & I suspect I'm not alone in this. Therefore I'm more willing to give up space at the sides than I am space at the top or bottom. I'm an avid WoW player and love the mod community and awesome customisability of the interface that has come out of that. I don't want this game to be like WoW but I'd love it's interface to have some of that flexibility. I also fondly remember
  3. Missing string on Ranger class creation screen when selecting special ability
  4. But at the same time, completionists or "OCD players," will feel the need to complete every little quest, which can be tedious and lead to the player feeing "overstimulated" with the bombardment of quests they have accrued. Some people enjoy doing this, other's do not. For instance, when I go into a town, and this doesn't just go for BG2, I'm gonna pick up every quest I can, unless it really conflicts with my morals. I don't pick up these quests necessarily because I enjoy doing every last one, but because I don't wanna go further into the game and find out that I missed out on something a
  5. Side note; I'd love to see the option for the "old friend" at the adventurer's hall that you don't have to pay for but you also get no choice in their customisation and get an entirely randomly generated character. You could limit it to just one per playthrough so you can't still max out your party size too early.
  6. The health/stamina system is PoE's THAC0. It's not complicated per-sé but it is not intuitive. I fully expect there to be a short tutorial built into the final release of the game that explains it better but right now (build 278) I'm finding myself suffering somewhat from information overload in combat.
  7. The problem I find is two-fold. First, each character finishes their "turn" asynchronously. Second, each character has "abilities" that require player input. What you end up with is a battle that takes 20s in-game but about 20 minutes IRL due to having to pause every 0.8s for each character's next instruction. Possible solutions 1. Ability queues such as in KOTOR. 2. Build characters with as few player-input decisions as possible (auto-attackers). 3. Complete overhaul of the combat system.
  8. Please, put the party portraits down the side, not along the bottom. We all play on widescreen these days, screen real estate is much more forgiving like that. Obviously the UI isn't finished regarding the feedback it gives but the layout is a much more fundemental element. Regarding feedback though, it would be great if the selected character portrait grew very slightly (~10%) when selected.
  9. Oh, a side-note, this is a problem with the Unity 4.2.0 engine (which PoE runs on) and is not the fault of the PoE developers.
  10. Windows 8 won't allow you to gain access to the fonts folder as described above but it's actually even easier; Hit the start button and type "cmd" then right-click cmd.exe and run as administrator. It should now show "C:\Windows\System32\" Type "cd .." (without quotation marks) Now type "cd fonts" Now type "del UNCL.ttf" Just worked for me
  11. [Description of the issue] Game launches & gets to main menu. I choose "New game" then choose difficulty option (Normal). The game then crashes to desktop. Tried in full-screen and windowed mode. [Expected behaviour] I was kinda hoping to get a bit further than this! [Files] dxdiag & Crashdump attached DxDiag.txt 2014-08-21_031520.zip
  12. I know this thought might come as anathema to some but why is this such a bad thing in a game? The world isn't fair, we all know it. I know that a woman in the UK is less likely to attain the top jobs in corporate business and black people in New York are more likely to be the subject of police brutality. I know that I as a white male in my late twenties have many invisible advantages afforded me by the society in which I live whether I want it or not. The game is not set in a utopia and as such there will be those who have more and those who have less. The trick with regards to ga
  13. It depends on how it is done. Dragon Age 2 (rightly) received a lot of criticism for the absurd re-use of areas. Some of them were using the same designed area twice to represent two different areas and hoping the player wouldn't notice/care and some were actually the same location at different points in time. Either way, it wasn't well received. On the other hand, going back to a location that has people who have moved on in their life since the death of their son or the loss of their business or since getting married gives the world a real life and a sense of time passing. Or per
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