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  1. im gonna say im partial to how they did morrowinds map. U get 2 maps, ones an overlaying outline of the region and then u get a map that is blank except the areas u actually walk over.
  2. however they decide to creat what foundation, setting, tone, and structure of the game, I have faith that no matter how it turns out weither its a depressing story or a barbaric story of hack and slash, it will be of the highest quality. Remember this is a rpg that they wanted to creat, not someone telling them to creat it, but something they wanted to do. With that motivation behind the project, I expect that it will go higher than our realist expectataions. So to answer ur question, I dont really care one way or another. If its an intizing story, then I will enjoy it.
  3. Id be nice if they played it like fonv in warning ya. Like when we first hear or discover the dungeon, we have npcs telling us that we to noobish to even think about going there. Like they could say "ive seen partys better equiped and better experienced than you never come back from there". And they could tell us when we are semi ready with dialogue, and they could tell us when we are ready or overkill for that ace. Have it to where the enemys are basically scaled to a grp of levels for example, the top 4 floors are scaled for level 18, the mid of the dungeon scaled towards 21, and the end scaled more towards level 25. Maming to where we go in at the mid level and the beginning easy for us and the end is a doable challenge for us.
  4. Yes, but please like the person posted, dont let it be "quest failed" but give us experience and a different path.
  5. Eh it was putting 2 and 2 together of constantly seeing layoffs, projects continually being cancelled. The lack of games being released dwindling down each year. Maybe it was on the verge of being shutdown or downsized, but the company has hit some hard patches in the road recently.
  6. Im gonna be honest here. Ive never played any of the games they talked about in their qoute. Recently I played fo1 & 2 and they are good storys but didnt like the gameplay so much. Why did I even fund them for a game style im not familar with or problemly dont like? Simple, Chris and josh have impressed me sooooooooo much with their work in fonv, that I heard they were on the verge of going under...well I felt it was my duty as a fan of their quality of work to keep on going. What free me in wasnt the games they mentioned, but the quality of their work has made me a diehard fan and I wanted to part of and contribute to them hopefully getting back on their feet and staying together. Also before I get flamed, I am planning on remedying my situation with the older games with gog.com,, its just im broke lol and I gotta wait til I get some money and for me to finally complete morrowind and its expansion storylines lol.
  7. The dont like it, dont use it isnt a very good arguement. Look how its done in skyrim....shudders. If they decide to multiple exits/entrances, then it needs to be done in a way we are not forced to self gimp ourselves but be challenged still by game design, not our own rules and such.
  8. Choice and consequence then. If u chose to hoard everything, then the consequence would be the run back to the entrance. I think respawning could work because they say strong souls have a permanent residence in that place. The souls could latch onto dead or skeletal remains of the workers or past explorers. We destroy the body they inhabit, but we dont destroy the soul. It dosent respawn while we are in there, but if we leave, the souls come outta hiding so to say and relatch or recreat bodys in which to house their souls into. if they went with the backtracking towards entrance, they could work it a couple of ways. One would be that the focus of the megadungeon be more on story and curiosity and less on loot. Another would be to have the loot in chests or stockpiles that dont respawn so if u venture in again, u can just take the direct route towards the previous level u was at and not have to worry about exoring every bit again because the loot is gone and we could still just battle it up if we so chose. Maybe have less spawns if we cleared like if we did one level and it had 20 spawns scattered about on the level, then when we come back theres only 5 or 6 spawns scattered about. Also if we clear a place, chances are it wont take no time at all to leave, maybe just a few minutes tranversing our way back out since most of our time will be progressing forward by figuring out where to go and enemys to face. If we need to go back, we already know the route back and if we cleared the enemys then no fighting on the way back. We leave, then a few enemys within reason respawn.
  9. Well u know what they when u try to make everyone happy...nobody ends up happy. This dungeon gonna be designed catering to a certain crowd more than others. Ow Wells, they know what they gonna do with it and in the end I gave them money so that they can make the game the way they want to. Yes I have my preferences on what I believe would make me the most happiest, but in the end even if they dont cater to my way, thats fine. Im sure they will make it very enjoyable and whatever they make it ill at least give them a chance and not just write it off and not even comete it at least once on the sole fact it wasnt catered to my specifications. However it turns out, even if its not what u would have wanted it to turn out like, we should all give the end result at least one unbias complete go thru and reserve our judgements there. We shouldnt be if theres an exit on every level im not gonna do it or if theres on the one exit im not gonna do it, we should all give the end result at least one complete unbias playthru and reserve judgements until then.
  10. also the permanent residence also has the feel that they are talking about many strong people have found permanent residence because they are dead. The souls have been trapped or stayed there. Man I need to find that part where josh talks about necromancy and he goes into how the dead and souls feature
  11. Sorry, was typing and forgot to type all my thoughts into that paragraph. Yes I know the da: tower wasnt mega, but it was huge and I was must imagining a much bigger somewhat more diverse version of it per se. Not the actual tower but what it had in it and the mechanics they used. Hell so far the only "mega" dungeons I have experience with are the ones from old school ff where there was 12 levels+ with no exits besides the one at the end, being mazes, combat at every few feet, and if ya needed to get out u had to fight ur way back to the entrance. If its a meva dungeon, then I say give us a mega dungeon. We will have an entire game filled with story, rp, options, etc etc galore, why not have this for the people who want a hardcore dungeon thats suited to people who want just somewhere that has mystery, exploration, and with enough guts and blood some kickass reward and killer baddie at the end? Also im not oppksed to there being maybe 2 exits, as long as they are exits and not entrances and the place respawns if we leave besides minibosses. As far as logic why so few exits....the place is made with magic and cursed, why couldnt they have not cared about the workers who made it and had their exit the way they came in?
  12. I would like a mash up between a bigger mage tower from da:o mixed with all the aspects of dead money dlc from fonv.
  13. my impression when they said megadungeon, the first thing that popped inyo my head was the mage tower in da:o. That thing was massive if u chose to explore every part of it and it locked u in for a couple of hours. It was fun and there was no going back. There were no vendors and the damn thing was what 9 to 10 levels when we added in the demon world aspect of it also? Im kinda with the "dont like it, dont play it" group. Reason? Im looking at dead money. Its one of my favorite dlcs, its almost similar to what this dungeon is trying to creat. It locked u in, it was challenging, it was dark, and it forced people to play differently. It got and still gets so much hate because of the direction it took that was some what different than the vanilla game, but tbh it just really inforced in an almost hardcore way ur spec and charector creation choices. If they had tried to appease everyone, it would noy have been nowhere as good as a dlc it is. It wasnt for everyone, but if people actually tried to adapt to it against their playstyle or preferences, they were rewarded with some of the nest damn story and charectors I have ever seen in a game. So no, I dont believe it would deprive people of 30% of content, I think people would deprive themselves that by not taking the chance and taking that leap and trying and adapting to the scenario. Because if obsidian has shown us anything, if theres a risk theres always a justifiable reward at the end that may not be just an item but incredible story and atmosphere.
  14. If they go with exits every 5 levels, then they should be exits only and not entrances, only exits. also I feel that if u retrace ur steps out of the dungeon, things would stay dead UNTIL u exited the dungeon, then the magic and souls of the place would reinhabit and recreat all the enemy npcs we defeated so when we come back in on the 1st floor and work our way down, the enemys have reappeared because we exited.
  15. I would like the dungeon to have only the one entrance and one exit. When we are adventuring down into it, what we clear dosent respawn while we are in there. That means if we need to head out or being to much for us, we can just backtrack out. But! I think there should be a little twist. I would like it that we can only enter the dungeon on a night on a certain day, meaning the castle we can enter at anytime but the caves below are locked and only open at a certain time. When we leave, the cave locks and the magic that protects or inhabits that dungeon, recreats the enemys we defeated and we would have to go thru the enemys minus the minibosses to get to where we went to. Maybe have the time we can enter the caves a certain night on a certain day of the month, like only when theres a full moon out or something.
  16. The only traders I want to see in this deep and dangerous dugeon is npcs who wanna trade blood for blood and sweat for sweat, their chance to loot my dead body or my chance to loot theres. Please, I want this to be an optional place that will challenge me and not be for thw feight of hearts or will. I want to be challenge by playing the game how its meany to be played, no more self gimping,, BRING ON THE BLOOD and TEARS!
  17. Im quite certain they can met the deadline. Delay if they need to, do not rush but dont daddle. Also for gods sake, do not post pone the release til November or early December or it will look very strangly that u only backed it up to hit the holiday crowd. Im just saying that they would need to release it between Apr thru sept because Nov thru march makes it look like its only gonna postpone for either hiday crowd or to boost their opening quater for the year. I dont believe they would do this, im just saying for them to watch out when they release the game if they have to push it back because it can look like the reason for being pushed back was not for poliah but more for more money oppertunity. Not saying they would, but they need to be careful to preserve their image.
  18. Does anyone remember ruby weapon from ff7? I want when I comete this dungeon to feel like an achievement when I finish it, I want to feel that same feeling of accomplishment when I first and only time I ever took that ruby weapon down. I havent played bg or iwd which I plan to soon remedy when I actually get some back since I blew all my money on project eternity, so ill use the ff series as a crutch for my examples. Mind u the old sprite ff games in the old ff games was riddled with massive deep dungeons that only had an entrance and ending, no shortcuts. You manned up and grinded ur way thru and hopefully there was save points nearby or else u had to go thru levels again. I believe some of the newer ff games gave u scrolls that teleported u to Towns but u had to start the dungeon ALL over again with the exceptions of the mini bosses. Thats what I want. I want my old massive dungeons that felt like an accomplishment when u finished them. The dungeons in tes never gave me that feeling because there was always shortcuts, and if theres a shortcut, yes its up to us to use them but u also gotta think that if theres shortcuts then the devs are gonna plan and develope with those shortcuts in mind. Dammit im tired of selfgimping myself for a challenge, I want to play the game likes its meant to be played and be challenged without having to self gimp myself and take away from my enjoyment. Yes ruby weapon was a bitch but it was totally optional. There was no shortcuts or anything, it was a situation u had to man up and conquer or be conquered. Yes it was difficult to where I only was able to do it once, but dammit that gold chocobo and the feeling I had when I conquered something that pushed me to my limits was ****ing awesome to where I look back with fond memorys today. Thats why I want the dungeon to be a massive dungeon amd feel like a massive dungeon. Because cmon, some of the greatest moments in the old games was stuff that not everyone was able to do, they didnt cater to the masses, no it challenged the masses to learn and adapt.
  19. Ok heres my 2 cents. I see the adventure hall being a guild of some sorts for adventurers that join that guild as a place of getting contracts. Just like every other guilds in games I have played, we pay a fee to "borrow" or "own" said npc. There are different prices for different level and spec mercenaries. Meaning we could pay a small amount of fee for a mercenarie that we would have to go out and level ourselves or pay more money for a npc thats already exstablished itself with experience. Also I would love to pay for fees because remember these npcs can die, and it adds to choice and consequences if we have to keep paying gold for highly experienced npc or time to go out and level cheap npcs. So basically it really only becomes a money sink by basically replacing dead mercenaries uve hired or creating new mercenaries. I love the fact that theirs a price to pay for these new mercenaries instead of just being given freely to you to swap out whenever one dies with no reprocussions. Helps people get attached to npcs when they know they can die and theirs a price to replace them.
  20. Mmm so they said the obsidian order will be in the game, I wonder what its gonna be like or what it will be? A group of raving lunatics talking about wimpy marshmellows and the dangera of a legendary beast named fergasaurous? Mmm I wonder lol
  21. ellos everyone, finally got my sign in to work. Wanna say I pledged 8 extra dollars to be part of the order. Redneckdevil, the psycho hillbilly of the Obsidian Order.
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